Britney Spears still has black hair

June 23rd, 2006 // 174 Comments

  1. biatcho

    #79, Note: your boyfriend thought she was hot, chances are he still does. He just didn’t want to listen to you wine about it for the next 5 years so he took the easy route. sorry.

  2. makemybreaddoughboy

    i think britny is hot and her baby is beautiful you guys are all fucked up you guys are jealous bastards. why bring her sweet kid into this because ur all sad mutha fuckas

  3. biatcho

    yep, you got us #102. you’re onto us.
    what part of the south are you from again?

  4. makemybreaddoughboy

    australia mate put some more snaggers on the barbie

  5. biatcho

    oh! so you’re a criminal. okey dokey, makes sense.

  6. Lord Absu

    Honestly, this is the best I’ve seen Britney look in…a year? two? She should have gone brown, but what the heck. Imagine if she’d worn this much nicer dress in the Dateline interview.

  7. Kimberly

    Can’t she afford a bottle with a lid??!! How disgusting , her kid is gonna to get some disgusting disease.

  8. twzzlrgirl

    No wonder she almost trips with the kid, wearing shoes like that when she’s pregnant. And her hair is stringy and looks dirty — gross.

    I will say this — SP is kinda cute, but he looks burnt and orange. I know! She’s trying to get him to look like a cheeto!

  9. I see orange blush is making the rounds again. Because “coral” is such a natural color rouge.

  10. give_it_to_me_baby

    ok i have to give her credit she may carry that baby around everywhere but at least she is with the child so many celebs have babies and nanny’s raise them so good for her and the whole fat thing she had a baby and got prego again right after what else do u expect it takes time to lose the weight i think shes an ok mom she just needs a little guidance

  11. Stephanie12

    110- It would be a blessing if Brit Brit would leave that innocent little boy with a nanny, complete stranger, pedophile or whomever. It would be much safer & probably a little more rested than being slung around like a babydoll being carried by a 7 year old little girl, in her mommy’s high heels.

  12. FecalPellets

    That kid needs bloomers or some shit.

  13. Amanda

    She looks like Betty Rubble from the Flinstones with that blue dress and the black hair.

  14. Amanda – you hit it right on the head. She looks EXACTLY like Betty Rubble…

  15. BoognishRising

    Brit’s not the only one “glowing”. Looks like she left the kid in the car for too long. Either that, or she momentarily mistook him for a burrito and tried to bake him.

  16. mycuntisbetterthanurcunt

    haha I’m pretty sure S.P is going to end up going on the surreal life reality show just to make some money for him and his white trash momma. He wont even know who his wanna be rapper daddy is, he will just say i heard his name is k- fuck or somethin like that. I can’t wait for this kid to grow up.

  17. WorldWideWendy

    On the floor.
    You’ve made my day.

  18. vargas_grrl

    That little piece of shit looks like a carnival kewpie doll…barf.

  19. PaisleyMoon

    Anyone who’d trash a little baby is the lowest form of life. WTF is wrong with you people? I’m starting to think Britneys a friggin’ genius compared to most of you.

    And to that particular piece of anal rash who spouted that they have a baby bottle just like that from Wal-Mart and it’s the wrong bottle are beyond stupid. You are a pud sucking pustule of wet wall smacking lugie lard. Go die. In Wal-Mart.

  20. Nikk The Templar

    Wow. has such advanced technology, I can smell the stench of sour mash whiskey, stale Doral Light smoke and baby diarrhea from here! Thanks!

    1. I think she sewed that dress herself.

    2. I think she stole those shoes from Jamie-Lynn. She’s practically bursting out of them & I’m amazed that she could even mash her rank hooves into those things.

    3. I think Sean Preston’s dead…

    4. I think she’s auditioning for the lead role in a big screen adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ *Heaven*.

  21. the hair would look better on someone else. the shoes would look better wearing something else but, actually, i like her dress.

    some of you guys put quite a lot of thought into insulting her. she’s got black hair. so what? you sound like bitchy drag-queens. seriously.

  22. Vas Deferens

    At least she didn’t almost drop Sean Preston on his head again. You cannot drop anything but self-respect when wearing an aqua blue muumuu in public for the 198th time in the last two years.

    Aside from Michael Jackson, has there been a bigger implosion of a celebrity? I mean, this bitch has shown the world that money can make you rich, but that same money can’t hide your white trash roots. She is no different from your average multi-million dollar lottery winner; completely lucky and completely ill-prepared.

    I think it is the funniest thing ever that men around the world used to find this dumb, fugly skank attractive. Her ass is as big as 6 watermelons.

    Tom Cruise actually loves the cock even more when he sees Britney. That is how unattractive she has become.

    All you haters should not comment on Sean Preston

  23. plymouthrock

    Look at this cute pic of SP. And he even has pants on.

  24. PrincessMuMu

    I live in Australia and I have no idea what snaggers are.

  25. WitTeeQT

    I feel for that poor child. He’s already cracked his little skull, almost been dropped again (thanks to ‘mom’s’ stylish hooker shoes), been driven around with his head touching his diaper in a CONVERTABLE with no sunscreen or cotton in his ears, is changed in public on the FLOOR, is paraded around the world in his diaper…let me surmise the situation: This child will (probably already does) suffer from migrains, neck aches (there is such a thing as infant neck supports, irreversable sun damage, ear aches/infections, severe humilliation and God only knows what else. I’d hate to see his Psychiatric bill when he grows up…if he makes it that long. Brit REALLY needs to get a grip, live in the REAL world, and start CARING for her offspring!..we all know K-bum won’t. I think the most qualified out of the whole back-woods bunch is the damn Manny.

  26. biatcho

    119: You seem to love shopping at WalMart where I believe they are having a red dot special on sense’s of humor this week. Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. HughJorganthethird

    Why does SPF look like Carol O’Connor? cause he’s like dead and shit.

  28. HughJorganthethird

    Does she ever put this fucking child down? when does it sleep? poor bastard

  29. mycuntisbetterthanurcunt

    someone should buy little S.P a shirt that says “i would rather have different parents” now that i would love to see!

  30. Poor Britney – too many haters. Well, at least she is phtographed with her child unlike many of the other celebrity mom’s.

  31. ffordegroupie

    Yeah, but those other celebrities’ kids (and those of the “haters”) will actually live to see puberty, without the assurance that mommy is trying to kill them…

  32. PaisleyMoon

    Where do YOU shop biatcho? Just curious.

  33. DamnTheMan


  34. biatcho

    I don’t stop so don’t even try to go there.
    It’s called pushing the limits to see how incensed I can make the weak and maybe make them, or you, think about their, or your, ridiculous selves, or self. It’s a cheap hobby really.

  35. uni'tard

    everyone’s lambasting a baby… that’s cruel. it’s not her fault she’s trailer trash.

    but i actually feel sorry for SP, being so fugly and all.

  36. Binky

    Hey – the kid looks a bit thirsty for that bottle of Mountain Dew.
    Hit her baby – one more time.

  37. becca11

    even big and pregnany she is prettier in these pictures than that big nosed rat covered in paint (aguilera). she doesn’t have cankles… her calf is obviously bigger than her ankle… and atleast her legs look strong and not bowed and sickly like they are about to break.

  38. I’m glad I made out with her before she went black. Just kidding, she already had black hair when I made out with her. Or didn’t I?

  39. PaisleyMoon

    134…maybe you should get another hobby, because, so far, you kinna suck at this one. Maybe take up professional head flogging with your sticky underpants. Read the post I was originally refering to and tell me that’s not a tard.

  40. WorldWideWendy

    It’a 3:20 pm in Hong Kong- and although I no longer live in OZ- I did for 15 years, I too have NEVER heard of a ‘snagger’.
    Snag- yes, being sausage, or S.ensitive N.ew …or poofter, which is the latin for date puncher.

  41. YouWannaBMe

    In the first pic, you can finally see Brit’s next gig… Commercials for the McDonalds. That’s right, you pig hasbeen. You’ll be doin happy meal commercials with your lard ass kids in 2 yrs. Welcome to your future. What a joke she is already. Can’t someone pull a Mark David Chapman on her ass?

  42. biatcho

    139: do you like paisley? Cause only retards do. My guess is the answer is a resounding Yes!

    Oh & if you can’t bring anything better to the table when you’re attemtpting to make fun of me then give it up because you just make yourself sound like more of a loser than anything really.

  43. spanglish

    I think the black is better than the yellow/blonde look. Although, just about any color would be better than that. No one looks good with yellow hair. It makes your skin look pink and splotchy. She’s actually fairly modest looking here as well, however Sean Preston needs SOME PANTS! And maybe some socks! And possibly at hat.

    And she still has on the scary shoes that will cause her to trip and drop poor SP.

    And quite neccessarily – - a HELMET!

  44. imabeeatch

    @67 – OMFG That was LMFAO hilarious!

  45. strokesiteveryday

    i think the kid is creepy looking, and how come he is never crying? if any other kid was being screamed at by the paparazzi dont you think that would be a little frightening…

  46. cruzin333

    maybe she was trying to hide from the papparazzi by going black. since she wants her privacy now and all. especially after her trailer trash interview.

    did anyone watch that? i’m going to watch it soon on the web, haven’t had a chance to see just how bad she looked and sounded. it gives me joy.

  47. Spanishseñorita

    You’re calling Paisley a loser for making fun of you?! Then WTF does that make you? You sit in front of your computer all day long posting stupid ass messages talking shit about everybody, then wait like a fucking idiot for people to reply. I think that pretty much qualifies you for BIGGEST LOSER ON THE WWW. You’re just so sad…

  48. YouWannaBMe

    Oh, Jesus God, look at the ratty hair tie on her wrist. I thought they stopped making ones that look like that like 10 yrs ago? I think they sell infant clothing at Walmart, Brit. We all know you’re “CUNTry”, but even hicks dress their kids. How else are they supposed to run the farm?

  49. biatcho

    OH MY GAWD! I totally just won the award for biggest loser on the world wide web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting a looong time for this. Thanks, or should I say “gracias”.

  50. biatcho

    You say I’m sad, I say thank god I’m not spanish.

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