Britney Spears still has black hair

June 23rd, 2006 // 174 Comments

  1. Jacq

    #46 – Haha. After his first words, he’ll be Howard the Duck.

  2. Jacq

    #50 – Half decent? What? Oh, that’s right, we’re only 3% nice to her.

  3. useyournoggin

    damn, with all that money you’d think she could dress the lil fuker up. Talk about lazy and irresponsible. Lemme dye my hair and dress my own fatass up and just put a diaper and shirt on my kid! Besides….we’re country and that’s how my daddy used to dress me!! HAHAHA!

  4. TheRedInk

    aw, sean preston is cute. look at his cheeks.

  5. Puppy Kicker

    Poor Britney… where do you go from here? Postpartum depression? Celebrity Fit Club? Crystal meth?? It makes the mind wonder.

  6. WorldWideWendy

    Britany spears has a husband who is a rap person( artist or star seem wrong here) who wishes he was black. She has died her hair black- therefore , logic dictates, Britany is turning herself black bit by bit to support her husband.
    This is what people in love do for one another.It’s called love.If I knew any black people,and I fell in love with one- or for that matter, if I knew anyone who WANTED to be black- and I fell in love with them, and they asked me to, I would dye bits of myself too. It’s just a matter of trust, and there is not enough of it around.

  7. Depraved22

    Oh my eyes! She really screwed up her looks. If she’s going to be seen in public, she needs to clean up.

  8. ob1

    Aaaaahhh, he’s got his mother’s cheeks. Creepy little fucker.

  9. pixel killya

    #11 – You are as right as rain.

    Humbly speaking, my infant son is about 100 million times better looking than yours Britney. Guess money couldn’t buy you good genes (obviously).

  10. Fa Cube Itches

    Um, Britney dear, he’s a child. Not a prop for photo ops. Remember that once in a while, huh?

    Nice look in the kid’s vacant eyes, too. Somewhere in there, there’s an IQ just *waiting* to happen!

  11. esquared333

    Aren’t expectant mothers NOT supposed to be dyeing their hair when their pregnant…the baby hasn’t even popped out yet and she’s killing it!!!!!!

  12. esquared333

    Aren’t expectant mothers NOT supposed to be using harsh chemicals on their hair?!?!?!?! Jeebus! The baby hasn’t even popped out yet and she’s killing it!

  13. Chcknhippy

    I have that same bottle for my baby, it’s from walmart and she has the wrong top on it. It’s supposed to be blue not red….

  14. krisdylee

    I’m fairly sure I could seduce her.

  15. suzy

    why does her hair always look like it hasn’t been shampooed in 2 weeks?

  16. krisdylee

    sweet lord I pissed my drawers….

  17. She looks better with dark hair.

    SP is the ugliest, fattest baby I’ve ever seen.

  18. yuckyfresh

    c’mon, no takers on the mu’umu’u??

    she should just go back to the blond, miss piggy look. it suits her.

  19. aura

    i feel bad saying that her baby is ugly… i think he’d be cute if he wasn’t so fat… he’s huge. if he keeps growing at this rate, he’ll be one of those obese 100lb two year olds on maury.

    #8, i’m wondering the same question. yeah, he’s a baby, but BABIES WEAR CLOTHES TOO, BRITNEY! she’s such a moron. she has no common sense at all.

    i actually feel bad for britney… but not because everyone picks on her. i feel bad for her because she’s retarded.

  20. peanut

    I wander what happened to the little chihuahua that she once packed around everywhere. She probably lost it with little SPs cloths.

  21. cyndi48

    As she’s supposed to be coming out with a line of children’s clothing, shouldn’t she try to dress her own child better? A poster-child for fashion he isn’t…Unless the stale diaper look is the one she plans to market.

  22. dominocat

    #33 – “It does look like she dyed her hair with a box from the drugstore..”

    a box of *what* though? Her hair looks like it’s not seen any conditioner for months, and I guess it’s always difficult to repair the damage from constant bleaching, but a salon would have been able to advise her.

    Funny, when I saw her doing that Matt Lauer interview, I thought how nice she looked when her hair was light brown. I totally agree with #20 – natural is always better – especially when you’re fair.


  23. peanut

    That was some funny shit.

  24. Sliploco

    I’d bang that ass so hard now… Especially since she’s already impregnated by some other piece of shit.. I’d be a shoe-in.

  25. Genevieve

    She’s fried that poor kid to a crisp. All that money and she can’t afford sunblock – or comfy flats for her pregnant self to walk in?

  26. PrincessMuMu

    Definately an obese Maury baby waiting to happen.

  27. tarjamarja


    I think she dyed her hair by herself, too. I don’t think any self-respecting hairdresser would have agreed to dye her hair so dark and horribly unflattering.

    I can’t wait till she’s 9 months pregnant and STILL carrying SP around while wearing high heels. That’s going to be such a sight. And when the new kids pops out – wonder if she’ll try to carry them both around (while wearing high heels) or will manny carry the other one.

  28. IvyLeagueB*tch

    Ew. My boyfriend never thought she was hot, even when she was “hot” to America. He thought her face was ugly.

    My opinion: She was okay, but she has no talent whatsoever. Now she’s ugly, fat, still talentless, and looks 40 years old. Seriously, how can she look that old already? Yuck.

  29. Jolene

    Call me crazy, but I actually think black hair look kinda good on her… But the baby…Dear good, what’s with the Droopy cheeks?

  30. Jolene

    Dear *god… hahem

  31. SoupaSarah

    I still love Britney.

  32. Kershi

    I still love her, too;)

  33. ifsixwasnine

    If she wants to make a fashion choice that says ‘rebel’ AND show how much she’s ‘changed’, she should just get some Doc Martens so she can walk upright like the rest of us.
    But $4.99 for Nice N’ Easy vs. $84.99 for sensible boots – I guess she’s made her choice. With the money she saved she can always get a few bottles of Golden Glow, that way at least she can drink in an alley with the crust punks.
    Just like all the other little rich cunts who dye their hair black trying to be cooler than they are, buying cheap booze to make friends.
    Welcome to the nineties, Britney! Have you read Kurt Cobain’s poetry? He’s just too pure for this world….

  34. causewerecountry

    i really do think that she is getting ready to snap..i’m excited. people are always like-”aaw SP is so adorable..blah blah” seriosuly..that kid is fat and enormous..and i bet he smells like sour milk…not his’s cause of his mother. and i really thought i was going to like brit’s redneck ways…she’s just crossed the line.
    even us girls in west virginia aren’t THAT bad…

  35. ChickenScratch

    She looks like her mother…

    …he looks like an Oompa Loompa.

  36. frenchtoaststix

    Could be a wig, people. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

    Shitney, get a stroller. Why do you carry the kid with you everywhere like he’s an accessory? Leave him with the manny while you run to Starbucks for the venti triple-mocha latte. She brings so much of this shit on herself. And what is with the wedge shoes? I could barely walk when I was barefoot and pregnant, let alone with inappropriate shoes. Stupid backwoods hick. Please die now. And take K-Fuck with you.

  37. frenchtoaststix

    Y’all, I’m cuntry. My mamma used to haul ussens around on her hip all day while she washed the clothes in the crik and hid the moonshine still. I’m jes’ doin’ what mamma done. I don’t know no better. Even with eleventy-billion dollars like I got. Ya jes’ cain’t buy brains!

  38. Laffinmybuttoff

    at least shes wearing cloths in this picture. Almost normal cloths.

  39. Iambananas

    #82, 83. I love it when Whipper ‘splodes in my ass.

  40. Iambananas

    But I mostly love goats, … mostly.

  41. animated

    geez, someone please give her a brush. That hair would look bad no matter what color it is, if she keeps refusing to brush it.

  42. Don'tPanic

    The hair is bad, the shoes are bad, but I guess we should just be grateful she is even wearing shoes. The dress is okay, at least she’s covered up a bit!

    I know many people already said this but DAMN where are SP’s pants? My child has never been in public in just a diaper. She KNOWS that her photo will be taken where ever she goes and she doesn’t have the decency to dress her child? WTF? He does look sunburned as well.

    My doctor told me that you could dye your hair while pregnant in a well ventilated area. The no-dye rule was made back when dyes were much more harsh. It’s really the fumes from the dye that you have to worry about. Same thing with getting your nails done or painting.

  43. nichole

    Whatever happened to strollers??? It’s more comfortable for baby and for her, too. BTW, when she’s getting this late in the game (though she’s not sure if she’s due in three or four months), shouldn’t she be trying to carry the least amount as possible??? Isn’t having fatty Sean Preston sitting on her new baby bad for both herself AND the baby?? Oh and I can’t imagine that having those shoes on with that amount of weight on top of it is very comfortable…

    I really think she’s depressed. She needs help, bad. When you can’t control your crying in front of Matt Lauer, it’s time to get some therapy.

  44. nichole

    Oh and she should bring Kevin with her, too.

  45. tsarinaamanda

    That could quite possibly be THE ugliest child on Earth. Just looking at it makes me want to vomit, especially because not only is it ugly, it is most likely retarded, and will grow up to be another spoiled kid who thinks it deserves anything it wants because it’s momma is a washed-up, bloated ex-pop star. Basically, it will have NO redeeming qualities whatsoever, just like it’s momma and daddy! And that black hair is just hideous. You’d think with all that money she’d go get a PROFESSIONAL STYLIST to do it, or at the very least buy a good brand of dye, not the shit in the $2.99 sale bin at Wal-Mart. And I thunk I saw those EXACT shoes at Target a week ago. I wouldn’t even have bought them, I thought they looked too cheap and shoddily made. But I suppose that makes them PERFECT for the Queen of White Trailer Park Trash.

    Hi Jane, and the rest of you regulars, how have you guys been? I see the Lameass is STILL here, despite it saying that is was leaving for good….too bad.

  46. tsarinaamanda


  47. McRican

    Ive been lurking far too long on this site. I’ve decided to come out of my superficial closet. But furreal… I know she hasn’t done anything worth making money in a while, but you would think she had enough saved up to buy a god damned hair brush.

  48. biatcho

    The more I look at that child the more I notice that it might have that weird disease that the little girl from Poltergeist died of. I believe the uber-geek-technical term for it was “chipmunk cheeks” and it makes you bloaty & ugly, kind of like caffeine on a heavy-flow day. Except that goes away after a while and if you have this illness it doesn’t. and you die. sorry.

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