Britney Spears still has black hair

June 23rd, 2006 // 174 Comments

  1. diddleysquat

    That kid is creepy.

  2. shankyouverymuch

    2nd… yes!

  3. Ha! thats the funniest headline ever!

  4. Brak

    I’m a sucker for dark hair…

    … and skanks.

  5. shankyouverymuch

    crap… I meant 3rd…

  6. EvilFiend

    the hair is black but the eyebrows are still blonde

  7. BriBri

    Why is that kid not wearing pants? She has money….

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Great, she goes from Louisiana trailer trendy to Joysy italian greaseball.

    Mama mia !!! where are’a my meatballs!!!

  9. shankyouverymuch

    fuck- I meant 6th…

  10. biatcho

    cankle-having, droopy-tittied, ugly-kid producing, fat dicksquirter. She’s a prize.
    I LOVE showing these pictures to male friends of mine who drooled over her all those years ago.

    You know she’s trash when she tries to match her shoes with her hair. idiot.

  11. shankyouverymuch

    I give up… 10th or 15th or 83rd or whatever the hell…

  12. jane's eyre

    She should have done brown hair, not black. It’s way too harsh on her.

    And put some friggin’ pants on the kid, already!

    Poor kid’s going to suffer some permanent eye damage from all those flashing bulbs. She could do him a favor and put him in a stroller, get him some sunglasses, and quit feeding him lard.

  13. biatcho

    stop fucking counting & say something mean already for fuck’s sake.

  14. shankyouverymuch


    Hey biacho go back to the Christina Aguilera string and look at posts 92 and 93 they

  15. snark

    that kid is a slack-jawed yokel

  16. shankyouverymuch


    Hey biacho go back to the Christina Aguilera string and look at posts 92 and 93 they

  17. LeslieH

    I guess Britney is just too damn busy eating fried chicken to wash her hair…

  18. katlady12

    I know she’s trying to conjure up her ‘Toxic’ days but why oh why is she still wearing wedge shoes and carrying her baby? Doesn’t she knew there may be cobblestones on the street and scary paparazzi.Plus any smart expectant mom knows better than to dye her hair during pregnancy. Humf. The girl will never learn. Where is her mama?

  19. Wow, that looks terrible. Here’s a tip for everyone, you can disagree with you want but I’m right: you look best with the natural color of your hair.

    Didn’t Britney start with sandy blond or brown? w/e, she’s kind of funny looking regardless.

  20. shankyouverymuch

    Oops *biatcho…

  21. jane's eyre

    Yes, I can also disagree with me.

  22. yuckyfresh

    OMG, she’s finally made the complete transition to hopeless, hippo housewife. ladies and gentlemen, may i present the mu’umu’u.

  23. imabeeatch

    Read this and tell me she’s not a cow. Or should I say elephant…

  24. LilRach

    Forgive me but in the second picture i think she looks nice – hair looks good, make-up looks good, legs look good – that’s all i’m saying – nice.

    Oh yeah and Sean-Preston is adorable!

  25. Tiffany

    What the hell is in that bottle?!? I hope it’s apple juice, but some little piece of me is screaming “corn likker.”

  26. cinnarose

    Britney, put some f’clothes on your kid. I know you’re “country” but when you live in the big city it’s customary to completely dress your crotchlings. Christ on a cracker.

  27. idntgiva_hOoT!

    Someone should sue her for being so damn UGLY! No matter what color she dyes her hair, she’ll still be ugly. What happen to
    her pooch lucky? I guess Kevin ate him.

  28. shankyouverymuch

    She is a glowing and beautiful mom, with a beautiful chubby little blond GERBER baby… and most of you are mean and wicked people… have you no shame, or sanctity for the preciousness of MOTHERHOOD !!! GEEEEZ

  29. shankyouverymuch

    Where is the MANNY?… I want the MANNY…

  30. Musa_ acuminata

    Your hatred is magnificent and pure. May it flow endlessly from the Mountain of Repugnance to the Sea of Disgust.

  31. Musa_ acuminata

    Megan Harris still has no personality

  32. lurkinggirl

    You know, maybe she wouldn’t drop the kid if she wore more suitable shoes when carrying around Sean-Rotundra. It does look like she dyed her hair with a box from the drugstore…goes along with the whole interview thing. She is starting to snap, just you wait.

  33. margot

    it looks like she dyed it herself. it’s really uneven & fake looking.
    i can’t help but feel slightly bad for her, she seems like she’s depressed or something. it’s crazy how even the rich and famous can be dumb girls and make the same kind of mistakes that REAL girls make, hooking up with losers that walk all over them. then they grow up a little & realize what they’ve done and how it’s too late to take most of it back. it’s too bad. she’s more of a real person than any other pop princess there ever has been & i think more highly of her now for being herself (in all her redneck glory) than when she was the hottest thing around…..

  34. Evangelia

    godDAMN that’s one fatass redneck kid. oh look, his momma dressed him in his daddy’s nascar tank top. how sweet.

  35. Jacq

    Holy shit, that poor baby looks SUNBURNED.

    Do you think she’s trying to send some dark, cryptic message by dying her hair black. I wish she would just send the message from beyond the grave already.

  36. biatcho

    shankyouverymuch – you’ve got issues. serious issues and that is saying something for me to say that to you.

  37. Italian Stallion

    Barbado, I can’t believe you let your black half get grip on you like that, it’s a shame. I hope at the least it was some good butter you were selling……

  38. PaisleyMoon

    Sean Preston looks sunburned and kinna sick. Hope he’s okay. Brit looks alright, not too glam, but, hey, she’s gotta bun in the oven. I hope she gets her fab figure back and makes all you mean Britney haters feel stupid. But I think maybe #33 is onto something. LOL @ #31.

  39. Jacq

    Asslee Simpson’s hair looked better and she did it herself in a hotel bathroom.
    Britney’s probably done it in a hotel bathroom, but I’m not talking hair color.

  40. endometriorama

    why does she insist on dragging her kid around everywhere? poor guy looks exhausted.

  41. dabitch

    Of course it’s uneven and fake – I’m suprised it’s not got slight tints of green in it since she was such a bleach blond. Black has a hard time sticking to that – I know from experience. Just wait until she washes it and the black starts to come off.

    And why is that kid never dressed? No hat, no pants, no socks? WTF? Does she not know how?

  42. Wild Rose

    Just ’cause Sean is a redneck kid *doesn’t* mean he has to be a “red-necked” kid….he is either very flushed in this pic, which means Britney should have left him in an air-conditioned hotel room while she parades around the city, or he is sun-burned from their vacation on the beach.

    You know, I just can’t help but wonder if Britney had just…a….little….class, the paparazzi would show her some respect, but honest to God, toting your baby around with just a tank top on (probably from her new collection) and no fuckin’ shorts….can you say “Backwoods Hick”???????? There’s such thing as being Down-to-Earth, and then there’s looking like you just don’t give a damn about anything.

  43. bigponie

    that’s it, I’m getting my m-16 airsoft rifle and I’m gonna shot that devil child.

  44. Iambananas


    That hair makes her look like a hag.

  45. Cat

    That baby is the Donald Duck of the celebrity baby world. I have never seen him wearing pants.

  46. jane's eyre

    I hated Britney back when she had a good figure; getting it back again isn’t going to change anything.

  47. Jacq

    Maybe we are asking too much with the stroller thing. The one time she was snapped with one, K-Fag was carrying SP. We ought to start begging for at least a shopping cart. I mean, she’s country and even people in Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning know how to put a baby in a shopping cart.

  48. rachie

    Why doesnt the baby ever wear pants?

  49. PaisleyMoon

    #44…you’re a sick pup.

    Yeah 47, I dunno, somtimes I feel so damn sorry for her, I think someone on here should be half decent to her. You know?

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