Britney Spears still doesn’t know how to drive

Britney Spears has once again demonstrated she’s a fucking terror behind the wheel. Us Magazine has obtained a video of Britney running three stop signs on Friday night:

Riding in her white Mercedes SL65 with her producer pal Sam Lutfi, the singer was on her way home from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills when she zoomed through two signs. As she approached a third stop sign, she slowed but didn’t stop.

Okay, maybe “a fucking terror behind the wheel” was a little dramatic. She pretty much “California-rolled” her way through the signs which, c’mon, we all do. Except for me. I generally accelerate then fire my cannon into oncoming traffic. You know, because I drive a tank everywhere. Even to the bathroom. Although my roommate got a little pissed the other night when I plowed through his bedroom and over his girlfriend. But, hey, maybe next time he’ll think twice about eating the last Pop Tart; that son of a bitch.