Britney Spears starving herself for British TV performance

Britney Spears (seen here in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday) is “crash dieting” to drop at least seven pounds before performing on X Factor this weekend, according to the Daily Mail:

A source said: ‘She goes to bed hungry and is dieting so hard she’s suffering from insomnia, anxiety, flushes and shakes. Her father and the people around her are trying to get her to eat more, but Britney is determined not to be criticised for having any extra bulk.’

Britney’s people reportedly became alarmed when she only ordered two Whoppers at Burger King last night as opposed to her usual five. (One for each hand, foot and mouth.) Her father Jamie wept for hours, cradling his knees in the corner and asking “Where’d my little girl go? Where’d she go?” He used to love kissing her forehead at night, the smell of pepperoni pizza still clinging in her hair. Not anymore, my friends. Not anymore…

Photos: Flynet