Britney Spears starts gang war

Following Britney Spears just got a lot more dangerous. NY Daily News is reporting that members of the Crips and Bloods are snatching up cameras and battling it out for shots of Britney. Several paps have complained about their new competition:

They claim rival agencies are arming the thugs with cameras and sending them out to do battle with the dozens of paps who rubberneck around Hollywood’s favorite train wreck.
Veteran snapper Nick Stern, who quit the Splash agency this month, said: “I’ve heard stories of fights, of car tires being slashed, cars being blocked in.”

I want to say this whole Britney situation has officially reached new levels of insanity, but at least these guys are off the streets and earning an honest living. Capitalism does work! Hold on there’s someone at the door. Hey, sorry, folks but there’s a nice young man here by the name of Fuk-U-Up who wants to pistol whip me in the street for crediting some photos wrong. But I won’t bore you with shop talk. Be right back. Say, buddy, can you go easy on the face? I just did a cucumber mask this morning. You’ll just shank me in the abdomen instead? Sounds fair to me. You’re an okay guy, Fuk-U-Up.

Photos: Flynet