Britney Spears says ‘Hey, 2009, do you like nipples?’

January 5th, 2009 // 55 Comments

There are two major things that concern me in these photos of Britney Spears leaving a recording studio yesterday:

1. The lack of a bra. Whenever you’re able to see Britney’s nipples through her shirt, it’s pretty much a given the crazy switch has been set to “ARGH!” Don’t worry, pissing your pants is a perfectly natural reaction. Anyone got a mop?

2. The whistling. Only two types of people whistle: Serial killers and elves. That means one of these is the characteristic of the personality Britney is operating on. Or it could be both which explains why she just murdered a homeless person then tried to bake cookies in a tree.

Photos: Flynet

  1. picky

    Sadly she is a skin picker, many many people are, you can see it all over her chest and face.

  2. someguy


    Why are her nipples so close to her navel?


  3. Mia

    Britney’s girls need support and especially since she has heavy breast implants!

  4. picky

    …and yes I do, but not ones that sit that low. I’m actually obsessed with my husbands nipples. I could play with them all day.

  5. It’s one thing to go braless if you have great boobs, but when your nipples are staring down and at crazy angles, probably time to cover that sh!t up…

  6. Do i like nipples?

    not slinky nips no!

  7. me

    what is a skin picker?

    she doesn’t look very good in these photos. yikes!

  8. Who cares about her boobs being saggy, the real question is why is she allowed in a recording studio??

  9. Kelley

    She looks like boiled shit !

  10. AndrewMacCloud

    There are only two types of nipples in this world
    The ones that entertain and the ones that Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me

  11. titney

    hey buttstains – Me and my posse are totally sick of you assclowns remarking how “hot” Titney is – you people suck!! She is a pasty, mediocre looking trailer gal with an unremarkable body – get a life assmunches.

  12. Newdawn

    My son’s afterbirth looked better than this.

  13. 2009

    Yes, I do like nipples. I realy like Britneys nipples. They fit into my mouth just perfect.

    #11, if by posse you mean you and your inflatable love doll collection, I not only laugh at you, I fart in your general direction.

  14. sb

    Ha, I absolutely hate people who whistle. Most annoying public habit ever.

  15. Why are they looking down? Did they lose their puppy? Is her belly button pouting?

  16. Ted from Little Rock

    Why is her right tit facing west and her left tit south east?

  17. Tart

    to be fair she’s like a slap-and-a-half shy of down syndrome people! cut her some slack

  18. Jema

    16! Welcome back Ted from LA. Where have you been?

  19. 21/f/ohio

    well damn. i guess i’m a serial killer. who wants to be my first victim?

  20. AteIsEnough

    WTF? Does she have migrating nipples or what? ha-ha…that’s funny. Ever see those before and after pictures? You know, like the before make-up application and after make-up application? Perfect example of why you should have a chick scrub her face ( and vag area) before you take her home to fuck. Ugly is bone deep baby!!

  21. J_bryon1992

    Oddly pointing aside, her nipples are still HUGE! Is that good or bad? It doesn’t matter…they’re still HUGE!

  22. AteIsEnough

    @ 17… that’s frickin’ funny too! Are you suggesting that the family tree looks more like a pole? Agreed!! : )

  23. Wow. That is creepy low nipplage.

  24. IWONKY

    you can always tell when Britney had to dress herself…the great unwashed body, the disheveled hair, the no makeup, the scabies all over her, the clothes picked out from the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper, me feeling lucky that I don’t have smell-0-vision, but somehow the stench is still gettin’ through the screen – I’m sure her tits taste like armpit

  25. supersex

    i still want to fuck this bitch in the ass!!!

  26. quake

    They’re like looking at pimples on an asshole at this point.

  27. rikki

    She’s not whistling! She’s probably just making that face because she is shocked by the cold, hence the crazy nip! Whistling requires much more pursing. Gosh people!

  28. Nip-tastic

    Britney needs to get some Nippies ( ASAP! 35 styles, 4 shapes, 3 sizes- I am sure she could find a few styles that will prevent her from nipping out all over the place. That is so embarrassing! New silicone Nippies Natural would be perfect too- reusable, skin-like, and invisible under clothes.

  29. She’s not whistling, she’s trying to slurp up a potato chip she spotted next to the sewer drain.

  30. joe m

    Why are you staring at beautiful Britney’s chest?
    Are your wives/ girlfriends fat and ugly?

  31. lola richie

    makes me feel better about myself thanks

  32. oh no. i didn’t want to see this >.< xD

  33. Olya

    You people (not all of you) are sick….. I hate reading comments on this site, but sometimes I do and it’s just gross… Get your on life… You seem to have problems.. really..

  34. tom

    That left nipple is trying to escape.

  35. Schadenfreudelicious

    Looks like that left nip is making a run for the border…..

  36. nauticalgirl

    That huge mole on the left side of her neck has always been hideous. Can she not pick it off like she does the rest of her skin? She’d probably eat it after too. Heh.

  37. Sport

    Still a worthless train wreck.

  38. Aja ( the real )

    I agree with # 30, Joe….Sounds like a bunch of gays and jealous hags…Britney looks good overall. She had two children, so?

  39. Gen

    The implants are bolted on and too high, that’s what’s happening.

  40. Meredith

    I never thought she was a skin picker. I just thought her chest was broken out.

    But yeah, she should get a bra or at least some pasties.

  41. pinky

    she needs more airbrushing on those tits!

  42. peckerheaded stepchild

    Jesus H, time to upgrade the breasts to v2.0. Imagine those without clothing. Fuck, that’s nasty.

  43. britney's weave

    oh, that poor, poor chest skin…

    why ARE they so strange looking? surely it can’t be from breast-feeding two children? the nipples look like they’ve actually moved downward…

  44. Jim

    Hello, 27 Club!

  45. George W Bush

    I just set my penis on fire, as well as my eyeballs, which were no longer of any use to me after viewing those photos! Picturing her bare breasts may have impaired my future ability to achieve an erection. Thanks Britney!!!

  46. CORRECT, I like them.

  47. BIO

    gross.madonna is better look than u shitney

  48. pinky

    she needs alot of airbrushing on those tits!!

  49. pinky

    she needs alot of airbrushing on those tits!!

  50. Jones

    Talk about serious LOW BEAMS!

    Brit had better watch her knees!

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