Britney Spears started hitting the bottle at 13, says mom’s book

September 5th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Lynne Spears tell-all book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World is remarkably jam-packed with action for an evangelical book about parenting. Lynne reveals Britney started knocking back booze at 13 and, with her mom’s help, tricked Justin Timberlake into thinking she was a virgin when really Britney nailed a football player at 14. The best part is: Justin fell for it! Oh, man, these Disney kids are dumb. Although, that could just be the drink. NY Daily News has the details:

The pop icon took a liking to booze when she was a 13-year-old Mouseketeer and began experimenting with drugs at 15.

By age 16, Britney’s wild-child behavior stunned her family when she was caught with cocaine and marijuana on a private jet, Lynn Spears claims.

She admits she allowed her then 16-year-old daughter to sleep with Timberlake, her Mickey Mouse Club co-star, and went along with the hoax that Britney was a virgin. Lynne Spears reveals Timberlake was misled and that Britney lost her virginity to a Kentwood, La., high school football player.

I’m starting to think the title of the book should’ve been Through the Storm – of Shit that I Created Because I Have the Parenting Skills of a Lawnmower. I mean, Christ, what was the point of this thing? Other than to surprise us all that Britney hasn’t stripped naked and hijacked a school bus yet. That was the point? Well then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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  1. Sara

    As a mother, aren’t you supposed to protect your child from over exposure? I cannot believe that someone who supposedly loves her kids would write a tell all book just for profit. I honestly think Britney and Jamie Lynn never had a chance if this was their role model. I have nothing but pity and contempt for this woman and i hope she gets a slap in the face for putting her family’s personal life even more in the media spotlight. No wonder Britney is so messed up.

  2. bitingontinfoil

    This woman is a douchebag-and I don’t mean the purty “Summer’s Eve” variety either. I mean the desperate Pepsi-Cola(tm)/Aspirin(tm) kind. To sell out her kid(s) like that is incredulous! Thanks heavens Brit has her dad who seems to be actually *helping*.


  3. Jake

    What a low life pieces of thing for her mom to do. Lynne is so screwed up that she does not know all of that crap is her own fault for being a pathetic mom that allowed any thing. Britney should never say any thing to her again. I know why Jamie Lynn got knocked up so young.

  4. Virgodoll

    This bitch should be shot, how the hell does she know who britney lost her virginity to?

  5. craker

    hahahahaha! The ghost writer is a Craker!!! hahahahahahahaha!

  6. Rose

    “Through the Storm – of Shit that I Created Because I Have the Parenting Skills of a Lawnmower”

    Hilarious and frighteningly true!!!

  7. what a bitch now i feel sorry for britney no wonder shes all fucked up in the head i would to if my mother only saw me as a walking atm machine.

  8. what a bitch now i feel sorry for britney no wonder shes all fucked up in the head i would to if my mother only saw me as a walking atm machine.

  9. immmers

    Satan is readying a special circle of hell for ice-eyed stage moms who wring every last cent they can from prostituting their offspring.

    And wanna bet that White Oprah will trot out a tome of her own soon?

  10. herbiefrog

    …y o u g u y s : ) )

    w e

    d i d n ‘ t

    k n o w

    y o u

    l i k e d

    u s

    soooooooo m u c h : ) )


  11. KRB

    So Lynn Spears tries to top being a terrible mother to write a book that she was an even more terrible mother than we ever suspected? What in the world does she hope to accomplish from this other than the cash??

  12. Shockingpink


  13. dggf

    I am not surprised.. I mean, little Britney just didn’t walk into auditions for the Mickey Mouse club… This is a typical “stage Mom.”

  14. How can a mother talk like this about her own child?

  15. Pimpin' Ain't EZ

    She’s staring out the window thinkin’ “Where is that bitch with MY MONEY???”

  16. Jamie

    Her mom is a money hungry cunt she should burn in hell.. what mother sells out their own daughter.. no wonder there are so many problems when you have a white trash mother

  17. what a dumb bitch she should probably shut the fuck up cuz no one cares about her abortion of a family/life

  18. jelena

    Britney should get a good lawyer & sue her mom’s ass for defamation & then get a RESTRAINING ORDER on that psycho bitch. No wonder britney is a walking meltdown, having inherited these shitty genes

  19. Septemberain

    What I don’t understand is why make a book and say such things that make you look like a terrible parent. Yeah, there’s money involved, but no money in the world would make me wanna write and publish a book to make myself look like a terrible, stupid parent who’s just money hungry and willing to dish on my own children.

  20. Septemberain

    What I don’t understand is why make a book and say such things that make you look like a terrible parent. Yeah, there’s money involved, but no money in the world would make me wanna write and publish a book to make myself look like a terrible, stupid parent who’s just money hungry and willing to dish on my own children.

  21. pak31

    I think it was obvious BEFORE she wrote the book that she was an awful parent/role model but for her to publicly put it out there basically admitting it to the world shows exactly the type of person she is. What kind of mother gives permission for their young daughter to “sleep” with a boy?? I like the title you gave the book but maybe it should be renamed: How NOT to raise your children!! The only “good” that can come from this book, is that it will at least take some of the blame off Britney and Jamie Lynne. I mean, their mother enabled them and they grew up feeling it was ok to do things, then the public shuns them—no wonder Brit went a little coo-coo. This woman needs a psychologist.

  22. pdyck

    What kind of mother tries to make money on her daughters bad habits instead of trying to stop them?! Lynne, you are the worst parent ever and you’re sharing it with whole world!

  23. ummm...yeah

    Pure White Anglo Saxon Trailer Trash…nuff said…ummm…yeah

  24. sunshine

    Even the guy who she lost her virginity, Reg Jones, wouldn’t even say he took her virginity. What a southern Gentleman.

  25. Jen

    PLEEEASE America don’t make this book a bestseller!! Please don’t do this to the world!!! I’m more afraid of the fact that people actually buy this shit (next to the biography of uri geller) than I am of one woman who is just completely dumb and unhappy with her money valued life.

  26. BROOKE

    WHAT A COMPLETE LIE….The book, which I just finished reading said none of those things. It was a great book and very well written. It was really more about Lynne Spears herself than any of her children. It did have things in there about her children, but nothing like what it was said to of had. By actually reading the book you can clearly tell that Lynn loves her children and seemed to be a great mother to them. What happened with Britney was not Lynn or Jamie’s fault. It seems like young Britney was taken advantage of by individuals in the entertainment industry like producers ect. All the people that were trying to make money off of her and honestly I don’t think her family really made that much money off of her. By the time Britney really hit it big and was bringing in the big money, she was already grown. So, really whatever her parents did get out of Britney was what Britney gave them, not what they insisted she give them or took. Britney did build her mother a big house, but to me that was the least Brit could of done to repay her family for sacrificing their money, time, energy ect. to help her follow her dreams. From what the books says, it all started with Britney taking gymnastic, dance, and singing classes and then they started entering her in small local competitions, that lead to bigger competitions, which then lead to MMC. Lynne never really wanted Brit to be super famous or even expected it. It just sort of happened and happened fast. Being from a super small close knit community, when Britney got famous they (her parents) decided to leave it up the professionals because they thought the pro’s were more equipped to handle Brit’s career. When they turned everything over to the pro’s they lost their influence over their daughter. Which I’m sure they regret, but at the time they were very new and naive to how the business worked. They never pushed Britney to be famous. Anyone in their community can tell you that, Britney was adamant from a young age that she wanted to sing. All her family did was try to help her acheive her dreams and that is what parents should do. The only thing I can see that Lynne did wrong was letting the pro’s take over and not standing up and taking control of Brit’s career. She was clearly not a stage mom and was quite content being a southern housewife and teacher. After MMC ended, Britt moved back to Kentwood her hometown and started leading a normal life, which her mother was pleased with. She though Britt was happy doing this, until one day out of the blue Britt came up to her and told her that she wanted to start working on her career again. When Britney did start making a lot of money, Britney pretty much did what she wanted and her parents had no say in the matter, because Brit was grown and because if they made her mad at them she could and eventually did kick them out of her life. It is a heart wrenching story, that I would advise everyone to read before passing judgment on Lynne. Lynne certainly never said she was the perfect mother, agrees that she made mistakes (what mother doesn’t),

  27. This is the biggest pile of s*** I have ever heard. How could you do something so degrading to your own child Lynne? You know she is a vulnerable person so why put her under this sort of pressure? I don’t think you’re a bad mother, you just need to get your priorities straight.

    You could maybe start by apoligising to your child and what she has been through. Yes, it wasn’t all your fault she was taken advantage of by the big executives at the recording companies but you are her mother, made to protect your child from their rights being invaded.

    Also, a girl’s virginity is a very special thing to hold onto. If it’s true that you lied to Justin Timberlake then why? I suppose you pointed to the bed and mouthed “She’s a virgin! Go for it!” What sort of person does that? I don’t know. Say things went a different way, poor Britney probably wouldn’t have got into drugs or booze or have you-know-what with boys.

    Also, what about her poor kids? The way you treated Britney directly affects Britney’s behaviour towards them. This happens a lot to people have been treated badly by their parents. They feel worthless and become uncaring towards their children. It then turns into a vicious cycle.

    So please Lynne, if you’re reading this I urge you to apologise to Britney for airing her dirty laundery and her faults and misdeameanors. Nost of us got up to some pretty silly stuff when we were that age. And, I’m absoluteky sure that Britney must be thankful for you and her father entering her into thos local talent competitions and investing in her.

    And one more thing, what about poor Jamie Lynn? What about the situation you guys have put her in? So just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Listen to what i have to say.


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