Britney Spears’ standoff was because of deposition

Britney Spears meltdown last Thursday was started because Britney felt the deposition she attended that day stripped her of time with her kids. She demanded “make-up time” which Kevin and his lawyer declined. She locked herself in the bedroom with Jayden which led to a police standoff. However, TMZ has the details of her deposition that show Britney wasn’t robbed of time:

First, the reason her depo was set for last Thursday was because she failed to show the day before. Second, Thursday’s depo was supposed to begin at 9:45 AM and go until 11:45 AM. She didn’t show until 11:32, so the depo lasted less than 15 minutes. We’ve learned she only had visitation rights that day between noon and 7 PM. The depo ended at 11:45 and her house was only 15 minutes away. So she really didn’t lose any time with the kids.

Well, it’s comforting to know that Britney Spears does really care about her kids and will go toe-to-toe with the police to spend time with them. Sure, maybe one of them was technically held hostage, but it’s the thought that counts. Hopefully they put this special moment in Jayden’s baby book. You know, next to all the ketchup packets.