Britney Spears’ standoff was because of deposition

January 8th, 2008 // 74 Comments

Britney Spears meltdown last Thursday was started because Britney felt the deposition she attended that day stripped her of time with her kids. She demanded “make-up time” which Kevin and his lawyer declined. She locked herself in the bedroom with Jayden which led to a police standoff. However, TMZ has the details of her deposition that show Britney wasn’t robbed of time:

First, the reason her depo was set for last Thursday was because she failed to show the day before. Second, Thursday’s depo was supposed to begin at 9:45 AM and go until 11:45 AM. She didn’t show until 11:32, so the depo lasted less than 15 minutes. We’ve learned she only had visitation rights that day between noon and 7 PM. The depo ended at 11:45 and her house was only 15 minutes away. So she really didn’t lose any time with the kids.

Well, it’s comforting to know that Britney Spears does really care about her kids and will go toe-to-toe with the police to spend time with them. Sure, maybe one of them was technically held hostage, but it’s the thought that counts. Hopefully they put this special moment in Jayden’s baby book. You know, next to all the ketchup packets.


  1. Marcela

    First!!! Primero yeah!

  2. Jack

    Ketchup packets. Perfect.

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  4. Rand

    Come on, let’s be honest. All moms hold their kids hostage. Britney’s just a little more literal about it.

  5. Wait never mind, cancel my comment on post #4, rather see more picture of Kevin Federline………ohhhhhhh he is a hottie.

  6. Racer X

    Britney trifecter in effect.

    /milk it baby!

  7. @4, 7, & 9 Isn’t time for you to go back to blowing your brother? I think he misses your tiny fish lips on his dick..

  8. Sorry everybody for talking to myself so much, but I guess Britney is wearing off on me. FISH PLEASE POST MORE OF KEVIN FEDERLINE.

  9. Awwww….Brit does love her kids!

  10. Vanessapinknipples

    Do us all a favor and just DIE, britney.

  11. Frist I’m imagining she’s you and that cell phone is my cock

  12. Wait FRIST, I am imagining that you are Kevin Federline, and my cock is his middle finger, that is my ass.

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  14. Melinda

    Frist and Jimbo, go cyber somewhere else. Losers.

  15. juniper

    Yeah, right, The Kids.

  16. Wendy

    I knew it!!! I said it to all my friends over the weekend. If a mother is driven to the edge like this, with people constantly making unfair accusations and threatening to take her kids just to steal more money, a mom who loves as much as Britney does will literally lose her mind. I hope to God that Kevin, that judge, the cops, and all the paps are gunned down, tonight. They deserve it!

  17. @18. Melinda. That is a fucking troll!!

  18. #18 Melinda, no, we want to cyber right here. Except, I just keep wishing FRIST was a man.

  19. woodhorse

    Hey! I happen to love that troll.

  20. #20 “unfair accusations”???

    Well you might have a point. When do we EVER get to hear HER side of the story? Some day I hope she writes a book and the pages don’t look like this:
    dkrngsekg.aehnf xldkmbx dlodrjbzg vlitpsyijtgln4wi509yw[45.l.5ygmvd d;rovdtiy’54eb f’;ogku’fc;lj,kdt”:p7oid;ty,dFR”DYpjulk

  21. J

    WTF does Britney need a Blackberry for? God forbid her scheduled snatch flashings interweave with her impromptu psycho ward/rehab/nearest gutter visits.

  22. jason

    ketchup packets! ROFL

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  24. Clem

    My butcher has nicer hands than her.

  25. Ted from LA

    This is bullshit. It was a big fight over who got the gummy bears.

  26. kramer

    note to superficial writers:

    the next time you post a britney news, if her disgusting hands are visible in the photo, could you please blur them? i love this magnificent website and come here frequently, but there’s a limit to how much i can throw up before the stomach acid burns a hole in my throat.

  27. ptprez


    that piece of white garbage could give 2 shits and a fuck about her kids… all that whore cares about is a cheeseburger, her dog and a pack of newports…

  28. Cliff Notes : #18 – you can tell the trolls by their links.
    ‘Frist’ – usually links to some woman in the Pacific NorthWest.
    ‘Jimbo’ – usually links to ..well..he did a basic ‘www’ thing for a while…ummm next question.
    ‘Bill Clinton’ – Just seems to link back to ‘Bill Clinton’
    And that dumbass ‘Binky’ usually links to something indicating – 9/11 was an Inside Job.
    Binky : I actually prefer ‘smartass’ .
    Or ‘asshole’ – if we’re trying to reach some sort of consensus here.

  29. 10pound

    I would rather fuck a retard (see post 20) with a mouth full of feces/shit/crap/doo-doo than Brit-Brit. I bet she fucks like a retard eating hot sauce.

  30. she is a poor mum, she is fighting against her predecessor hubby to get the chance to feed her children. single mums at feel pitiful for her… LOl she can write down her things there since she hasa proflie there..

  31. Twitney

    Get a manicure already would you?

  32. Did you watch those nibbled nails? ‘
    That will say it all!!

  33. Hang in there Brit.
    Binky : Look, Cliff, my NFL pool did quite well this year. But I caught a couple of ‘asides’ in ‘Charley Wilson’s War’ and was wondering the odds on the US election.
    Cliff Notes : Betting is for Cheaters – but my advice is check out this handy chart.

  34. Hang in there Brit.
    Binky: So, I’m like, surfing, and come across some sort of ‘People’ TV awards show. And that Queen woman, the MC is,like, there: talking to the crowd – and there’s no crowd. There’s no PEOPLE.
    So of course the frist thing I thought of was – where’s Dick Clark ?
    Then I thought – well I guess maybe we’re all in, like ’1984′ prison. (Let’s just pretend there’s ‘people’) Type thing …Etc….
    Public at LARGE : Believe me. If what you’re saying lately is the least bit TRUE. Tim Russert and Meet the Press etc, would be Right on it ! Just ask them !
    Binky : … and of course…..

  35. hairdresser to the stars

    Do you know what I love? I love the fact that even though she is batshit caarraaazzyy she always manages to put on lots and lots of cheap jewelry.

  36. I noticed that too ! #39
    ( And I noticed that Jon Stewart just had on as a guest – the wing nut Canadian David Frum – former Bush speechwriter, who bragged about making up the term ‘axis of evil’.
    Frum’s been the target of jokes and ridicule up in the hinterland for years Jon.
    I guess ‘Bottom’ meets ‘Barrel’.)
    But as #39 says ‘ I love the fact that even though he’s is batshit ‘… he can still get work…
    Cliff Notes : But then again….

  37. Hey Binky, actually I only link to my mySpace when I’m on my home computer. The myTroll was only #17. I still think she should write a book defending her actions. That way we can try to decipher her codewords..

    sjknfgakdjmc, skkmgadk kgmm = I thought I WAS wearing panties that day!

    kdsemf4itdvnm rgm5i cc, ldkmg= I like my hair short

    bmdfu7vjnjrgf= pills are fun, but not something I would ever do, unless I was holding my kid hostage and trying to kill myself or something WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO!!!!

  38. She needs: a manicure, a personal trainer, better drugs, a better diet… and, o yeah, to stay the hell away from children.

  39. Well Frist – I guess that just about settles it
    And I hit the link on #17 so my thesis still stands.

  40. vicky

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  41. tc

    Verbal interpretation of picture :

    $15 for a hand job
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    $70 for anal

  42. Well #45 K-fed – It’s good to see you’re still up on the ‘ins and outs’ of dating…

  43. She has lovely teeth…

  44. Robb

    Enough of these stories already! When the fuck is this bitch going to off herself? This is like watching Jerry Springer and just waiting for the bitches to start fighting, or even worse, watching the Matrix and wondering when anything remotely interesting is going to happen. Just do it Britney! Just do it!

  45. Bubbles

    Once again, no accountabilitiy. It’s someone else’s fault, or the circumstances are because of any other reason in this universe aside from her being a flake.

  46. Bubbles


    I wonder if it’s true that people can just SNAP. Yeah, she was buggin before they split up but from the time of the umbrella incident and head shaving, methinks the fact that her marriage ended (and I’m pretty sure it was ended by him) caused her to lose it.

    Imagine you’re Britney Spears and some guy you married to isn’t kissing your ass anymore, and you’re all “WHAT?! Ahm Britney, bitch!”

  47. Chezir

    Oh YEAH, RIGHT?!!!! Why does it seem that she always tries to release some post-apocolyptic excuse and rationalization for the Crazy? She wigged and it had nothing to do with the amount of time she had with the kids that day. Ugh, I’m so sick of this idiot I could scream and yet I can’t stop watching the Crazy, either.

  48. Nice… I just got this fucking Blackberry Curve and now I wanna downgrade to a can and string…

    Fuck you Brit… right between the titties…

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  50. Mal Reynolds

    turqoise jewelry!! How much more deranged can this bitch get??

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