Britney Spears stains her shirt


Britney Spears was spotted at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills yesterday night, and somehow stained her shirt. And, yeah, her shirt is sort of see-through and she isn’t wearing a bra, but I’m not willing to do the kind of squinting necessary to see her nipple. Ten years ago maybe, but now it’d be like crawling through a pile of scorpions to catch a glimpse of Rosie O’Donnell in her bikini.

britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-05-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-06-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-07-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-08-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-09-thumb.jpg