Britney Spears stains her shirt

April 5th, 2007 // 103 Comments

Britney Spears was spotted at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills yesterday night, and somehow stained her shirt. And, yeah, her shirt is sort of see-through and she isn’t wearing a bra, but I’m not willing to do the kind of squinting necessary to see her nipple. Ten years ago maybe, but now it’d be like crawling through a pile of scorpions to catch a glimpse of Rosie O’Donnell in her bikini.

britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-05-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-06-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-07-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-08-thumb.jpg britney-spears-ruths-chris-stain-09-thumb.jpg


  1. spongy

    Wow – first

  2. spongy

    Now, hopefully, I’ll be able to stop trolling this site multiple times per day…

  3. Ellie

    That’s not just a stain… it’s the waiters jizz. She wasn’t eating regular steak.. it was man-meat! Slut!

  4. Ellie

    BTW– where in the hell did her right hand that’s holding her purse go???

  5. mrlithium

    how is this important ?

  6. Sparkles13

    Does she even look in a mirror before she leaves?? Perhaps she’s going for “circus chic”.

    Can we get her into fashion rehab next?? Intervention anyone???

  7. Jimbo

    Look at the stupid smile on her face. I looks like she is being led from the hospital after her lobotomy operation.

  8. Charm

    i’m so over this train wreck

  9. Eyeballs

    It’s like she manicures her nails to look like that on purpose. Sick.

  10. whoneedsenemies

    That’s what happens when you are hopped up on crazy pills, trying to itch your wig, while eating a buttery steak and smiling for the camera….

  11. Gerald Tarrant

    Nice wig Sinead O’Trashy.

  12. HollyJ

    Looks like the final part of the divorce settlement was that Kev got to splooge all over her right tit.

  13. HollyJ

    Those fake-ass fluorescent blue contacts need to go.

  14. Manistoned

    May have seen a reflection, which induced spontaneous bile-spewing.

  15. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Well, we certainly know it’s not breast milk…. seeing as how one has to be a mother for that.

  16. Jimbo

    Holly J – Just so we don’t get into an argument, how big are Britney’s tits?

  17. upstart

    Uma: MILF
    Britney: Not so MILFy

  18. whoneedsenemies

    I’m surprised she didn’t swap shirts with the waitress in front of a security camera..

  19. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I bought a gallon of paint with this exact photo on the side! I thought it was a cute little dutch boy, but it turns out that it was really a picture of an aging bald slut. I’m never going back to the Home Depot again.

  20. DannyJames

    that shirt is hardly see thru. does anyone ever think about the flashes of the camera? half the time when we get these “see thru shirt” pics I think its just that the bright flashes allow the camera to pick up details you cant see with the naked eye(like a nipple for instance). That outfit however, is atrocious. That hat reminds me of Toad from Super Mario 2. Who remembers that? You could be the Princess! I remember reading Britney interviews where she says that her normal wordrobe was sweats and stuff, and I was like “ya right, you high maintenance bitch”. Little did I know it was all true.

  21. Donkey

    A stain on her shirt?
    And apparently she has a big black rectangle mark on her shirt too.

  22. dannielynn'sdaddy

    DEAR GOD! Her hideous brown bag has eaten her right hand!!!

    Poor bag.

  23. Donkey

    Stop wearing those stupid looking wigs.
    You cut your hair off bitch… Deal with it!

  24. whoneedsenemies

    My 3 year old niece takes care of her nails better than that!

  25. Assclown McSteamy

    Her nipples are HUGE! Like dinner plates! Except not as clean b/c there’s probably spooge on em.

  26. herbiefrog

    …hey babe : )

    …how bout getting back to work
    …how bout writing those thoughts as songs
    …how bout being the best us you can we can be…

    [thanks alanis]

  27. Yeah, a mom would have one of those dorky Tide cleanup pen things and that melted butter would come right off. But in her case, she eliminated the middleman and most likely just takes the shirt off. In a moment of desperation, she probably eats it.

    Hat: Circa 1989 –50 cents at a thrift store
    Blouse: ripped from an old woman while in rehab.
    Shorts–Stolen from a Catholic school gym teacher.

    Britney learning to dress herself again…priceless.

  28. crazyotto

    sorry about the stain Brit,I just could’nt hold back

  29. Lowlands

    She only needs a dummy in her mouth and a rattle to make this a childhoodtherapy-session.

  30. diplodufus

    She looks like a NYC cabbie taking a lobster for a walk.

  31. jamie

    I feel sorry for her, at this point she should be getting fashion tips from Lindsay Lohan

  32. #31 apparently she already is. you haven’t noticed?

    let’s look on the bright side, she’s back in the studio, she’s gotten out of rehab, she’s not flashing her thong (or her vajayay) so maybe this might be her year after all. who knows? superfish could post something about her actually GIVING a homeless guy a quarter…AND HE NEVER HAD TO ASK!

  33. N@ughty

    #28 hahahahahahahahaha! its funny you should say that…you put the SAME stain on MY shirt…u cheating on me with trailer trash?

  34. Zooni

    MILNF Mother I like not to F, unless Firestone makes full body condoms.

  35. itspat

    wow tough day for breasts

  36. upstart

    #35 – Indeed. Think I’m an ass man from now on…even tho Uma’s still MILF

  37. Alayney

    “Those fake-ass fluorescent blue contacts need to go.” — HollyJ

    No doubt! What’s with that string around her button??? Looks like a tag … ???

  38. malshag

    someone please get that girl a stylist!
    all that money and she dresses like an idiot.

  39. herbiefrog

    we still…

    wanna see…
    …her head
    …why hide it ?
    …its beautiful
    …and yet you are hiding it

    to someone
    in danger
    of losing
    that they learnt

    get a grip babe : )

  40. HollyJ

    @16 Jimbo LOL ..I’m a lovah, not a fighta

    I would call those a small C…wouldn’t you? -Only perkier cuz they’re filled with silicon, not flesh.. Notably, about half the total surface area is puffy purple areola that’s covered in overly-inflated Montgomery’s tubercles.

    Hold on. I’m so sick after visualizing her dirty UFO nipples that I need to go shit blood.

  41. Mandypants

    What’s the weird black wire wrapped around the top button of her shirt?

  42. TrimSpaBaby

    #20 Sorry, that shirt IS sorta see through, it’s not the flash. Since it has a pleated/ruffled front & cuffs you need a thin material to do that, otherwise it’ll be too stiff. You can tell by how the darts and seams show how thin it is.

  43. johnnywad

    I’d hit it.

  44. HollyJ

    I think maybe this ad was placed by Britney:

  45. TrimSpaBaby

    #44 No fucking way. It has words of over two syllables in it.

  46. culinaryprincess

    big deal, who doesnt spill drinks on their shirt at least once….she looks damn good!

  47. Rock Lobster

    What is with Brit’s affintity for absolutely atrocious hats? I understand that she’s using them to keep her cheap wigs in place, but must they be so ugly?

  48. TrimSpaBaby

    See, this is proof she has a drinking problem. Or a problem drinking. One of those.

  49. HollyJ

    37 & 41 – I think the little string is tied to that crinkled list of fuckers she wants dead.

  50. gatorgirl

    Yeah, I don’t care about the flash bulbs. Surely she KNEW there would be flashbulbs, so the fact that she won’t wear a bra must be because a. she can’t figure out how to hook it, or b. she figures she’s gonna get someone somewhere to give it to her in a bathroom, she may as well have one less article of clothing on.

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