Britney Spears spends New Year’s Day with her paparazzi lover

January 2nd, 2008 // 51 Comments

Britney Spears spent New Year’s Day with her paparazzi fling Adnan Ghalib. The two were at a private beach property along with Sean, Jayden and a court-appointed monitor. This sounds pretty low-key except for one thing: Adnan is married, according to OK! Magazine.

Can’t Britney Spears do something as simple as have a sex-based relationship with a man without there being some form of drama? Of course she had to pick a member of the paparazzi who happens to married. Does there always have to be a spectacle? I bet Britney Spears makes a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich then robs a bank with it. Or at least she tries to, but then realizes, once again, she’s confused the bank with a tree in her backyard. You’d think all the ATM cards stuck in the bark would tip her off.

NOTE: For some reason OK! Magazine removed the article from their website, but it’s still listed in their Top 5. I have no clue.

Photo: Splash News

  1. D. Richards (Skank.)

    Paparazzi’s got an inside man. I hope he gets her pregnant. Oh god please!

  2. LadyJane

    There’s someone for everyone………
    His chin looks like a vagina.

  3. Now none of the other pooparazzi will let him play any reindeer games…

  4. Dave


  5. p0nk

    let’s play “how many things can you find wrong with this picture”

    1. vagina chin (good call janie)
    2. kid’s shoe hanging from mirror
    3. that damn bird hat again
    4. flossing/zit picking for camera

  6. D.Stowater

    Oh look there’s a bird on her hat.

    I’m sorry, i’m really really cold today.

  7. veggi

    I hope somebody rapes that guy while he’s bending over.

  8. Spazz

    Love the kids sneakers hanging from the rear view. Classy – but couldn’t they be fuzzier?

  9. Guy


    It looks like shes having a hushed conversation with the guy.

    Brit does need to find someone else however, but he seems to have calmed her down.

    I like the hat, its quirky and cute ^_^

  10. shallow val

    Of course he’s married. He’s of arab descent judging by the name and Arabs are not the most monogamous fellows. Ask any other Arab (‘specially a woman)

  11. LadyJane

    ? Thanks p0nk.

  12. Lady Zombie


    If I was his wife, I’d divorce his ass just for his demonstrated lack of taste by cheating with Britney.

  13. I’m absolutely FLABBERGASTED by this action!!
    Miraclous, yor actions become “CHEAPER” every hour!!

  14. mememe

    10–i wasn’t aware there was any particular race of men that ARE monogamous. point the women that way!

  15. Auntie Kryst

    @5 not sure if it’s wrong or just basic douchebaggery at work. I’m talking about the dumb-as-fuck fuck puka shell necklace that sand jockey and the fucktard behind him are wearing.

  16. minniememe

    he looks like a sleestack in the windshield reflection

  17. Auntie Kryst

    Wow, one of my better typos “dumb-as-fuck fuck”. It’s official, I’m still drunk-as-fuck fuck from New Years.

  18. sharpeidude

    He could pass for a mildly retarded brother to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. If you smell what the vag is cooking!

  19. Sheva

    If he’s married, where’s the interview with the wife?

  20. Heidi

    Happy New Year Britney! Tell your sister to take care herself and her baby! LOL…

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  21. I bet he grabbed her by the throat alot… he had to make up for the typically teeny arab peeny…

  22. Doomhammer

    This guy looks like one of the Mexican bad guys from the movie Training Day. But then, all those damn Mexicans look alike really.

  23. Doomhammer

    Dog the Bountyhunter says he aint never heard of a n**ger named Heidi

  24. anon

    Wow… *slow clap* She’s such a classy whore.

  25. Wouldn’t it be “paparazzo lover” …? Methinks the singular of paparazzi is paparazzo.

    That’s the grammar-check for the day.

  26. Ript1&0

    I’m gonna go with the tentative hypothesis that she does not care at all that he’s married.
    See, I don’t play like that. But I guess if you already know nobody is going to ACTUALLY like you for who you are, it’s ok.
    Or if the wife is a bitch. That is also acceptable.

  27. Anonymous

    Hey Heidi:

    Hi there, I’m a loser with no life. I’m paid $3.50 per hour to post idiotic drivel, directing you to some lame dating website that takes your money and gives you nothing in return. I have no job, so I sit around all day and post this garbage on as many websites as I can under many different aliases. I don’t have any friends, so I must rely on these moronic posts to make myself feel better about myself. My mother hates me and dropped me on my head as a child. You can find me at I’
    I heard Jamie Lynn Spears met her older man, I mean match, at this site.

  28. Guy


    I loll’d so much, win.

  29. lg

    pOnk: Ha! You noticed the baby shoe. What is that called again? Irony? (And yes, that goddamned hat… I don’t know which I hate more, her stupid hats or those boots she insists on wearing all the time!)

  30. He is married, I can’t wait for his wife to sell her story!

  31. D. Richards (frustrated homosexual)

    Hey #27 I couldn’t find the site. Are you fucking with us here?

  32. Anon

    So she had the kids for thanksgiving (which i’m told is important in america) christmas day and new years day. What has she done to deserve that amount of quality time with them?

    well apart from new years day. Who wants the kids around then but why doesn’t the primary career get them for those important days like single mothers do?

    Ah theres my answer, he’s a man and the courts are sexist.

  33. EuroNeckPain

    So… er… paparazzi are taking picture of a paparazzo, right ? Why don’t they dump Britney and take pictures of themselves, that would save them a lot of efforts. And maybe we’d rather see a bunch of paparazzi in a bathing suit than this boring girl.

  34. doomhammer

    Paparazzo? Is that the wop word for scumbag?
    Then that would make papparazzi the wop word for douchebag?

    Now Im getting it. Thanks.

  35. G

    His name is Muhammed and he is a prophet/faggot just like the original.

  36. Dental Hygienist

    I just hate it when people floss their teeth in public, it turns my stomach. Why can’t she floss in the bathroom after she brushes just like every other Normal person. Oh, I guess I just answered my own question…..

  37. The Dating Game

    People are starting to get tired of her and her pap boyfriend, so she needs to dump him and start humping her sister’s sperm donor boyfriend. And, when the pap no longer cares about this, then she should also get pregrant by her sister’s boyfriend, too. Why not….

  38. kellygrrrl

    please, friends, let’s NOT allow this idiot to become a cebutard a la KF^k or the others out there. Let’s draw the line and stand our ground. Refuse to acknowledge this Twat-Face pig.

    I bet OK! got an earful from Mama Spears and that’s why they pulled the story

  39. anotherBoy

    haha from one failed thing to the next, seriously pathetic

    it’s no wonder she deserves to be the most pathetic celeb!

  40. LL

    In a way, this hookup makes perfect sense. She’s a drama queen who has to be the center of attention at all times and he has a job where he follows people around all day to bring the world those oh so exciting pictures of celebrities getting in and out of their cars. They’ll probably put out a coffee table book together, titled “Britney 24/7.” It’ll be glorious full-color candid photos of Britney waking up, Britney taking a dump, Britney popping zits in the mirror, Britney having her regular breakfast of Pop Tarts, vodka and giant Frappuccino, Britney neglecting – er, taking care of – her kids, Britney clubbing, Britney driving, Britney sleeping. He may be her dream man. I hope they get married. Then she’ll screw around on him and he’ll do one of those “honor killing” things. Everybody wins. Let’s all cross our fingers for luck and wish real hard.

  41. redsonja1313

    WTF, she is gnawing on her her nails like a wild animal !! That is so gross I wonder if she washes her hands after changing the kids diapers…. god she is gross

  42. Crystal

    Once again she shows that she doesnt give a shit about her kids. Shes throwing in some random man they dont know and hes married. My God its liek shes trying to make sure she doesnt get those kids back. Why does everyone keep giving her chances anyways. It just makes me sick. Those that love and take car of there children seem to be the ones DSS harasses but then those that treat there kids like crap can do it in public and nothing happens to them.

  43. johnnyfive

    Britney you bitch ass traitor…thankyou for sleeping with the enemy. How low can you go….skipping the wiggles, beaners, and slants– straight down to the osoma dirt bags. Lets see what crying Chris Cocker thinks of you now. Britney hater 4 life.

  44. i luv bin laden

    Seriously you need counceling. Go meet an Arab. They’ll treat a whole lot btter than an obese, poor, redneck American.

    NOTE: I knew you were American by your ignorance asswhipe.

  45. Choocher

    Dig Britney tryin to floss the pubes out while Kashogi tells her he’ll call her later. Hope the Binaca kills the aftertaste of Adnan’s hummus-flavored hate paste.

  46. jaosn

    i don’t think she is beautiful, but many friends from said she is good. for god sake i don’t know the reason, but i think they are reasonable for i know they are picky. you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….and they are beautiful and charming….

  47. LaDrones

    Adnan Ghalib? Is that Scottish or something?

  48. tank

    Yes #47 i think its scottish!

  49. jimbo

    I bet the paparazi only use the moment to get more stories of Britney. Then he’d sell the news with high prices to media.

  50. I just searched his name up, and I got the results saying he was born in Afghanistan, and moved to the UK…

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