Britney Spears spends her birthday with Paris

Britney Spears stopped by the Scandinavian Style Mansion during her 26th birthday festivities Saturday night. After partygoers sang “Happy Birthday” to Britney, Paris Hilton arrived and I’ll assume a chill was felt in the air. OK! Magazine reports:

Swarmed by paparazzi and excited guests, the celebutante seemed to get more attention than Britney had received. “Paris drank in the attention,” one witness tells OK!. “Posing for the camera and eating it up.”

Britney and Paris ended up making nice and partied the rest of the night at the Four Seasons. Hey, awesome, these two are hanging out. Vagina season started already? Shit, this is like finding out Hitler is still alive. Except this time around, instead of invading Europe, he’s trying to throw acid in your eyes. And he’s really good at it. Like mad good. You could be sitting at home; minding your own business. Then, bam! Your eyeball just got an acid sandwich. Ooh, that sneaky Hitler!

NOTE: I’m pretty sure that’s the most accurate metaphor of seeing Britney Spears vagina anyone has ever written. Kevin Federline probably read this and wept. He’s been there, man. And I just made him relive it with my words. They should really name a state after me.

Photos: Pacific Coast News