UPDATE: Britney Spears’ son rushed to hospital

November 10th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Britney Spears’ two-year-old son Jayden (above) was rushed to a Mississippi ER yesterday after reportedly suffering a seizure. Britney had just arrived in Louisiana on Friday to celebrate the holiday with her family marking the first time she was allowed to take the boys out of the state since Kevin Federline gained primary custody. That lasted 24 hours. The Daily Mail reports:

Jayden James was raced to the emergency ward after lapsing into a ‘vague and unresponsive’ state.
The toddler fell ill yesterday afternoon at the family home in Kentwood, Louisiana. The entire Spears clan made the 25-mile dash to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Centre, Mississippi.
Doctors were unable to pinpoint the problem straight away and kept the toddler in for overnight observation. Distraught Britney, 26, refused to leave his side and asked for a bed next to him in the ward.
Her ex-husband, rapper Kevin Federline, is now believed to be making plans to jet out of Los Angeles to be at Jayden’s bedside.

First off, in all seriousness, here’s hoping little Jayden’s okay. You can’t choose the vagina you fall out of. In the meantime, you know when the doctors said “We’re not quite sure what the problem is…” everyone in the hospital turned and looked at Britney – who pretended she wasn’t just trying to cook a hot dog with the defibrillator pads.

UPDATE: People is reporting Jayden is doing fine and doctors are chalking it up to an allergic reaction. “He had hives, was itchy and irritable,” according to a source. As to what caused the reaction, that’s anybody’s guess.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Tim

    #50 – yeah, well, your side lost big so suck it.

    It was humorous to watch the contortions of the right, as they blamed Clinton, then absolved Bush (things take time, Clinton did a lot of damage, the effects are never immediate and always delayed by a period of years, etc.), and then blamed the less than 2 year old Democratic majority congress (which suddenly could impact the country instantly, unlike the 10 years of Republican controlled congress and 8 years of President Bush).

    Meanwhile, a large majority of the country looked at the results of Republican leadership and decided it was time to go the other way. After all the analysis, it was a very simple election.

  2. Killthefetussparethemuderer

    It’s not just us, that lost you clown. It’s the whole country. Thanks, Thanks for nothing.

    BTW, the economy took a huge hit the last two years. The socialist heroes you worship are not blameless. WAKE UP and Smell the bullshit.

  3. Right Fury

    Oh yeah, just like you butt pirates sucked it, through 8 yrs of bush?


  4. Tim

    See? 8 years of faultless leadership by Bush (6 years with a Repub-majority congress), because the minority Dems interfered with what he was trying to do. Then, 2 years of powerful destruction of the country by the Dem congress. We can only conclude that the Dems are all-powerful and the Repubs are impotent limp noodles who can’t do anything even when they control the presidency, congress, the Supreme Court, a majority of federal judges, and a majority of governorships (2000-2006). You don’t need new Republican leaders, you need a great big jug of Viagra and testosterone pills. Seriously, dudes, don’t be so shriveled and weak. It looks like only truly “hard men” were Mark Foley and Larry Craig. Enjoy your dicksnacks.

  5. truth

    This wasn’t a minor election. It wasn’t a close vote. It wasn’t a defeat confined to the presidential race. More people registered as Democrats than ever before, more voted as Democrats than ever before, and they voted Democrat up and down the ballot in more states than ever before.

    Reagan’s revolution has finally ended, in the way all revolutions end: with corruption and weakness and strong public opposition to the incumbents (just look at Bush’s historically low approval ratings).

    This isn’t a 4-year change. In 2010, the Dems will retain control of Congressional seats. In 2012, Obama will be reelected, because the country will bounce back – of course it will, it always does – from the catastrophic damage that Bush and the Republicans caused, and Obama will get credit, rightfully or not. We’ll have learned that we can’t go back to the Republican deficit-based model of funding government, which held for Reagan and every Republican president since.

    MAYBE the Republicans can get their act together and get a new philosophy and attract some votes from the huge part of the country (especially in 2016) that’s not old and white. But, realistically, it’s going to be at least 12 years of Democrats in charge. The blacks and the latinos have learned how to follow through on voting and how to value economic concerns over religious/social concerns when voting for Democrats, and that’s not going to change any time soon – they’ll certainly do better under Democratic tax policies than they did under Republican tax policies. They’ll also be happy that Democrats are in charge when the massive layoffs happen at the end of this year through the first half of next year. The people complaining about “handouts” haven’t seen anything yet…

    Meanwhile, Republican voters are literally dying off. So get used to being the “minority” party (quite an irony).

  6. CPS


    How could this happen???????

  7. ivan

    I don’t care if she IS stupid AND a bad mother.
    I’d STILL tap that ass!!!

    Even after all these years, the little bitch is still fuckable.

  8. ummm...yeah

    Isn’t it ironic that the kid gets fucked up after being in Britneys care for one fucking day?
    Take them fucking kids away from that lunatic bitch before she fucking kills them!
    God haven’t they suffered enough?

  9. dementa

    Death to the anti-religious bigots and anybody who rambles on about politics. This is a FUCKING GOSSIP BLOG. Hell.

    As for the kid, it’s glaringly obvious what happened. Shitney left her little pills lying around because she hasn’t had to hide them for months and months due to selling her kids to her ex. JJ ate some, had a seizure, Shitney turned it into a circus about her and had her people put up an obviously fake story about him being allergic to something.

    I mean, his dad’s been taking care of him for the past half year with not a single problem. Then his mawmaw takes him out for a few days and he JUST HAPPENS to have a seizure then?! Come on, people, don’t assume that her lying cretinous “people” are telling the truth. They never have.

    Nobody takes a kid to the hospital for HIVES.

  10. dozer

    He listened to his mother’s new albums and had seizures as an allergic reaction to them. That junk would make anyone’s ears and brain bleed

  11. missywissy

    I can’t believe some of the comments toward the baby. He’s an innocent child for Christ’s sake.

    Everybody has their theories, and this is America. My first thought was he found her stash. Then I remembered when he fell out of the high chair and child services was called. I hope this baby is going to be okay. Screw Britney Spears and her career. Children are more important than celebrity and status.

  12. Stiles

    UPDATE: Nanny accidentally fed the kid something that wasn’t 99% made of Yellow 5 and the kid went through withdrawal.

  13. sapphire eyes

    Seizures in young children are very common and usually not a medical emergency, unless head trauma is the proximal cause. Many very young kids have “absence seizures” where they simply stare off and seem disconnected. They grow out of it as their brains grow up and mature. It has nothing to do with immunizations or the heralding the start of an autistic disorder.

    Taking a child to the ER for an allergic reaction for any symptom — hives, difficulty breathing, rashes — is perfectly appropriate AND a medical emergency. Allergic reactions can spring up out of nowhere sometimes; it could be something as simple as the difference in vegetation between Los Angeles and Louisiana.

    Allergic reactions can be life-threatening, and that poor child lives in the most polluted place in the country: Los Angeles, where you wake up to a layer of gray smog so thick it can choke the life out of you.

    I hope the little one is OK. He needs all the luck he can get with that morass of DNA he was born into.

  14. Ivana

    How could you wish something so horrible on a child? ….sucks to be a hater!!!!!! God is watching YOU.. GOD BLESS BRITNEY AND HER FAMILY*

  15. IWONKY

    Britney almost looks like a normal person sort of in one of these pics..almost

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