UPDATE: Britney Spears’ son rushed to hospital

November 10th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Britney Spears’ two-year-old son Jayden (above) was rushed to a Mississippi ER yesterday after reportedly suffering a seizure. Britney had just arrived in Louisiana on Friday to celebrate the holiday with her family marking the first time she was allowed to take the boys out of the state since Kevin Federline gained primary custody. That lasted 24 hours. The Daily Mail reports:

Jayden James was raced to the emergency ward after lapsing into a ‘vague and unresponsive’ state.
The toddler fell ill yesterday afternoon at the family home in Kentwood, Louisiana. The entire Spears clan made the 25-mile dash to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Centre, Mississippi.
Doctors were unable to pinpoint the problem straight away and kept the toddler in for overnight observation. Distraught Britney, 26, refused to leave his side and asked for a bed next to him in the ward.
Her ex-husband, rapper Kevin Federline, is now believed to be making plans to jet out of Los Angeles to be at Jayden’s bedside.

First off, in all seriousness, here’s hoping little Jayden’s okay. You can’t choose the vagina you fall out of. In the meantime, you know when the doctors said “We’re not quite sure what the problem is…” everyone in the hospital turned and looked at Britney – who pretended she wasn’t just trying to cook a hot dog with the defibrillator pads.

UPDATE: People is reporting Jayden is doing fine and doctors are chalking it up to an allergic reaction. “He had hives, was itchy and irritable,” according to a source. As to what caused the reaction, that’s anybody’s guess.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Sirus

    Man that white trash DNA is coming up to haunt him

  2. Have a heart Sirus this is a fucking child we are talking about here.

  3. veggi

    Wow, if he suffered brain damage he’ll be even more retarded, if that’s possible.

  4. Jackson'shole

    Well Britney’s back in the headlines now. Booo.

  5. Sam

    Your life is truly hopeless if the man racing to your rescue is Kevin Federline.

  6. Remember when she dropped him on his head as a baby? Bingo.

  7. Didn’t take Jamie Spears long to rape his grandson into a coma.

  8. BunnyButt

    What holiday was the family gathering to celebrate? Veterans Day? Has that turned into a big festive occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas?

  9. Eric

    I know with Obama leading us now we’re all supposed to be bleeding hearts who want to give all our resources to the losers of the genetic lottery, but come on folks – early death is the best possible outcome for these two boys.

  10. Mandy

    Are we sure he was having a seizure? Maybe Britney was teaching him the dance moves to her new album.

  11. flashback

    Paramedic: Who put Cheetos in his mouth?

    Britney: Cheetos?

    Paramedic: You’re not supposed to do that.

  12. dork

    Kevin Federline is a rapper? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I needed a laugh this morning, thanks!

  13. #8, I’m watching you, and I hate you, you sick bastard..

    #7, that was actually pretty funny.

  14. George

    They were gathering to celebrate Festivus.

  15. supersex

    i’d like to bang this bitch but i wouldn’t reproduce with her

  16. Tim

    Most rednecks are missing multiple chromosomes. This should not be cause for alarm. Just sit him in front of a NASCAR race and all will be well….

  17. Marc


  18. Right Fury

    He probably got into mommies “magic” m&m’s. You know, the white ones.

    Somebody call Obama. He can fix it.

  19. John

    “Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Centre”

    Yew a jewboy? Or yew some type-a homersexual? We aint namin’ noplace a “centre”.

    It’s a typical Southern medical center – a few rusty instruments, bandaids, some long-expired medicine, a jug of moonshine, and weird old Doc Fingers doing his unnecessary prostate exams.

  20. Since she’s paying for the ticket, I would make him fly coach, with no less than two layovers.

  21. GWB

    Nah, I’m still president, call me – I’ll fix it Texas-style!!! (make it worse)

  22. doozie

    2 years old. Seizures. Hmmmm, when did he have his MMR vaccine? This is how Jenny McCarthy’s son reacted to his shots. And signaled the onset of autism.

    Please, dear God, don’t let this kid be autistic! His mom would have no idea what to do, much less make a frickin effort to help him.

  23. D

    Sounds like classic vaccine injury. He would have been due for the 2 yr shots…. These reactions are quite common at vaccine time unfortunately. Poor little guy. :-(

  24. D

    Sounds like classic vaccine injury. He would have been due for the 2 yr shots…. These reactions are quite common at vaccine time unfortunately. Poor little guy. :-(

  25. M.D.

    #23 – hopefully his mom doesn’t believe in your myth about autism.

  26. havoc

    Your mom is Britney Spears and your dad is Kevin Federline.

    Doesn’t this kid have enough problems?


  27. steve

    #23 (and 24, 25, obviously the same person) – hillbillies don’t do immunizations.

  28. Andy

    This time, Britney held his face against her pussy for too long.

  29. mimi

    Praying for Britney.

    Before you say anything… SHUT UP AMY… GOD can HEAR YOU!

  30. Fibral Seizure

    I’m thinking maybe fibral seizures….

  31. Me 2

    #4 and #10, have fun in hell.

    Hopefully he’s alright, that’s really scary and a real shame considering it seemed like Britney was doing so well recently. Even if she isn’t responsible for whatever happened to him, a seriously ill kid could definitely put you back over the edge.

  32. Jessica

    They forgot to tell him not to drink out of the toilet in Louisiana.

  33. Rick

    #32 – I totally agree with you, this little retard kid is fucking things up for Britney. Hopefully he’ll die.

  34. BigJim

    It is called a febrile seizure because it is the result of a rapid spike in fever, usually the result of a relatively harmless disease called Rosiola (baby measles).

    The kid will be fine. Well, from a purely physiological standpoint he will be fine. From a psychological one he’s fucked from the get go having parents like Britney and K-fag.

  35. Rebecca

    Wow, the only person adding value to the boards, besides the well wishers, is # 31. Febrile Seizure was the first thing I thought of. They are scary as hell and I wish the best for little Jayden and family.

  36. Will Neveracceptanigpres

    The doctors came out to talk to the Spears family in the waiting room and broke the bad news – Jayden’s heart was still beating but his brain was dead. Britney’s dad asked for a moment to get a handle on the news because “we’ve never had a liberal in the family before.”

  37. #36 – Rebecca the Sanctimonious – “adding value to the boards”??? What type of web site do you think this is – a place for worship and prayer for celebrities? Do you also go to porno sites and complain about the lack of clothing?

  38. GWB

    Hey, love me or hate me, I’ve killed a lot of arabs.

  39. Dr. Drew

    “febrile seizure” — jesus, you guys are a bunch of tards just like Britney’s boys. Jayden (gay name, btw, good for getting beaten up all the time in school) found mommy’s stash of amphetamines. She’s a fat pig without them. It’s also why she should never be allowed to have the boys overnight.

  40. CaptainMorgan

    The kid faked the whole thing. He was hoping to be put into child services…far away from his family. Even HE knows how much of a screw up it is.

  41. Alice

    He has a seizure disorder because of all of the camera flashes he’s been exposed to by the rabid army of paparazzi that follows Britney everywhere she goes. Of course, they’d be out of business except for rabble like you, who support them (and also the new breed of completely synthetic people, like Heidi and Spencer). If all of you died right now, the world would be a better place. This is my first and only visit here.

  42. Republicans are inbred and soon to be very poor

    I say we make the Repubs pay off our massive debt since they are the ones that voted in the policies we Dems disagreed with. Seems fair and balanced.

    Hey mimi, can God hear the screams of little children being beaten and molested? What about families screaming when their homes are being bulldozed over by thieving pirates?

    Nah, there is no God. Just demented clever evolved apes living in a world where the genius freaks at the extreme end of the gene pool have contrived devices that overly utilized resources that are finite to expediate non-sustainable luxuries.

    Just kidding. We worship a god that was a criminal in the eyes of the state that he was alive in at the time. And in his bible he was told to obey the laws of that state. Does this make any sense?

  43. fancy

    flashes cause seisures, so many cameras popping at this kid all his life probably are the cause (either that or an anxiety attack or perhaps a negative reaction to travel sedatives). poor kid. I think we should no longer publish pictures of brit’s kids, its clearly effecting their health. lets stop watching brittany too, let the whole spears saga evaporate, like a huge nightmare we’ve awoken from. like the 8 years of W, finally over.

  44. Harley

    flashes only cause seizures if you are epileptic. However. my friend went to georgia a couple years ago for about 6 months. He went to Talladega and had a seizure in the stands. That was the first in a series of siezures. and doctors dont know why. I tell ya they are puttin somethig in tha water there, thats different from whats in the water on the west coast, and people go there and this shit happens… i dunno but its wierd. hope the boy is all right. and if it turns out he is epileptic, i wonder if the pap will still flash him?

  45. bad robot

    He’s probably allergic to Serenity.

  46. joe m

    Britney and her family deserve our prayers.

  47. celebrity news stooge

    I’m shocked to discover that the initial news was wildly exaggerated.

  48. norton

    The little guy is allergic to stupidity, i.e. his “mother”.

    Recovery would include her staying as far away from him as possible for the rest of his life.

  49. Buck Farrack


    I say we hold the democratically controlled congress responsible for the shit they’ve done to us in the past 2 years.

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