UPDATE: Britney Spears somehow not completely screwed in custody battle

Britney Spears surprisingly has one final opportunity to prevent Kevin Federline from gaining permanent custody of their children. Despite skipping yesterday’s deposition, if Britney shows up in court later this week and one more time at the end of the month, she’ll be able to gain some ground in her custody battle, according to a source for OK! Magazine. Britney will still have representation despite her lawyer filing to be withdrawn:

Turns out, explains another source close to the case, that the legal eagles at the firm of Trope & Trope will likely remain on the case Feb. 4, at which point the court will acknowledge Brit’s new lawyers. “Her lawyers can’t just leave Britney in a lurch,” explains the source. “They must remain on the case until she officially fires them and/or until she find new representation.”

However Kevin’s lawyers, along with most of the civilized world, expect Britney to blow off the hearing:

“If she fails to show up,” explains one case insider, “[Kevin’s lawyer] Mark Vincent Kaplan will likely ask the judge to award Kevin complete and permanent custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.”

Meanwhile, Britney Spears opens up her Bratz day planner and gets ready to pencil in her hearing. This time she’s going to actually show up and wow that judge. But wait, it looks like she’s got something else scheduled at that time. It’s written in pink magic marker: “Get super laid in a hotel. **Alert pap-pap’s be4 hands!! :)**” Damn, she can’t miss that….

UPDATE: Apparently Britney’s deposition hearing was today at Kevin’s lawyers office, and she just showed up for it, according to TMZ. Britney Spears actually attended a scheduled meeting. Armageddon is upon us!

UPDATE:: TMZ reports Britney Spears left the deposition after 15 minutes. She had showed up over two hours late, but Kevin’s lawyers managed to ask her a few questions and said she was cooperative. At least until she got distracted by a shiny penny then all bets were off.

Photo: Splash News