UPDATE: Britney Spears somehow not completely screwed in custody battle

January 3rd, 2008 // 49 Comments

Britney Spears surprisingly has one final opportunity to prevent Kevin Federline from gaining permanent custody of their children. Despite skipping yesterday’s deposition, if Britney shows up in court later this week and one more time at the end of the month, she’ll be able to gain some ground in her custody battle, according to a source for OK! Magazine. Britney will still have representation despite her lawyer filing to be withdrawn:

Turns out, explains another source close to the case, that the legal eagles at the firm of Trope & Trope will likely remain on the case Feb. 4, at which point the court will acknowledge Brit’s new lawyers. “Her lawyers can’t just leave Britney in a lurch,” explains the source. “They must remain on the case until she officially fires them and/or until she find new representation.”

However Kevin’s lawyers, along with most of the civilized world, expect Britney to blow off the hearing:

“If she fails to show up,” explains one case insider, “[Kevin's lawyer] Mark Vincent Kaplan will likely ask the judge to award Kevin complete and permanent custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.”

Meanwhile, Britney Spears opens up her Bratz day planner and gets ready to pencil in her hearing. This time she’s going to actually show up and wow that judge. But wait, it looks like she’s got something else scheduled at that time. It’s written in pink magic marker: “Get super laid in a hotel. **Alert pap-pap’s be4 hands!! :)**” Damn, she can’t miss that….

UPDATE: Apparently Britney’s deposition hearing was today at Kevin’s lawyers office, and she just showed up for it, according to TMZ. Britney Spears actually attended a scheduled meeting. Armageddon is upon us!

UPDATE:: TMZ reports Britney Spears left the deposition after 15 minutes. She had showed up over two hours late, but Kevin’s lawyers managed to ask her a few questions and said she was cooperative. At least until she got distracted by a shiny penny then all bets were off.

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  1. veggi

    Good for her! Go Brit-Brit!

  2. JM

    Only one thing wrong with this post – it says she’d write in pencil. There’s no way she’d ever use anything other than crayon, and by write I mean color a wall mural with symbolic drawings. There’s no way this bitch knows how to read or write.

    Frist bitches

  3. veggi

    Oh, and please rush to be the FIRST! to lick my pus-covered dingleberries.

  4. phildo

    This girl can’t handle living or liquor, how can they expect her to handle her kids. Give them to the white boy!

  5. Susan

    Look at this picture – how can non-retarded people try to say she looks fat? Any thinner than that borders on anorexia.

  6. Ralph

    I will only believe when I see it. Most likely, the Brit Bitch will blow this chance too.

  7. Jim

    I’m glad they’re giving her a second chance. She deserves it.

  8. #7 funny.

    Ok, so that’s not entirely true. If a lawyer decides to fire their client all they have to do is file a Notice of Withdrawal. However, the opposing attorney can contest that, which I have seen done before. Why anyone would contest that, I don’t know.

    I mean what the fuck? Britney OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want her kids! Leave her alone then!

  9. RENEE...

    Who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares?!!! I’m so over this bitch and all her stupid ridiculousness….fricken has been! Just do your E! True Hollywood story and get outta my face already!

  10. And yes, the only reason I have a kid is because the druggie poking me didn’t file a Notice of Withdrawal.

  11. G Man

    Do ua all a favor Brit.. Release a Sex Tape.. Get in Playboy and get it overwith… Maybe Hugh can help you get back on track. and put a few bucks in your wallet

  12. #9 Renee, they already did. I had my boyfriend tivo it. It’s pretty funny. And #10 troll get bent already

  13. shanipie

    #5, susan, your kidding me right?
    Please say your joking?
    If not than you must be like 300lbs to consider brit on the verge of being anorexic…

    She should become anorexic though, it would help. Maybe we should print up a borchure on how to stop eating and how to start vomiting.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    I just read the update, so she actually attended to her legal obligations? That’s probably bullshit. I need to see where this attorney’s office is located. If it’s in a strip mall with a Carl Jr.’s and a Starbucks in it, Brit Brit just stopped on in because it was convenient at the time.

  15. druggie

    #10 bullshit. I was ramming it up Frist’s ass (her pref). It smells like rotten eggs, but there aren’t any eggs there. I aint the missing daddy.

  16. Actually that sounds really good right now. Is it lunch yet???

  17. Chastity

    SHAME on the Paparazzi and viciously cruel media! As for poor Britney, May the Lord gently lift her out of her current dark state of existance and bundle her up into His Loving and Protective Arms and fill her heart with warmth, love and the True Joy, which only He can bring to a persons heart and soul! Lord, rescue this lost soul and wrap your loving arms around her. May You grant her and her family the very best through Your intercession. Amen.

  18. Well that was perfect timing for my delayed comment. Thanks a lot #15!!!

  19. Bubba

    Nah…Britney is destined to be a suicide. Get the kids away from her so they don’t have to be the ones to find her wretched body when it’s over…

  20. Bubba

    Nah…Britney is destined to be a suicide. Get the kids away from her so they don’t have to be the ones to find her wretched body when it’s over…

  21. p0nk

    i heard she has a profile on mykidsarescrewed.com

  22. Auntie Kryst

    Nice try #17. Too obvious, I’m not falling for it.

  23. Xanthia

    Word has leaked as to how they got the nimrod to appear………. first, they placed flyers for free Vente Frappacino’s at the new Starbuck’s located at (address of depo) on her windshield; then they draped a big Starbucks sign over the name of the law firm …. when igit there went in for her free Frap – they had her!

    Should have done this three depo notices ago!

  24. The only way those kids will turn out ok is if she commits suicide while they’re with her and the cops find them fingering her still-warm pussy

  25. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    No, Britney! No! No-No-No-No-No! You can’t start going to the depositions. You keep this wretched behaior up, and, you’ll shatter the prophecy. Please don’t do that to me. I need the prophecy.

    Adolph Hitler told me via Ouiji board that you would lose complete custody of your children because of neglect. ‘Dolph also said that you were to go on a massive methamphetamines bender the week following your denial, culminating in your own death.

    Please don’t prove the Fuhrer wrong. He’s such a sweet guy. I wanna believe in Hitler. He’s Holy-ghost.

  26. MindRiot

    They should both just sell the kids off to slavery now and save everyone the legal hassle. Its only a matter of month before these poor kids impregnate someone of their own.

  27. JackBlack

    Why is everyone giving this has-been, used-up, put-away-wet skank as many breaks as she’s getting? I say she should have her arse thrown in jail and lose custody permanently! She’s obviously not only a BAD parent but a danger to her children!

  28. D. Richards (Atheist.)

    #17? Don’t you mean to say that the heavenly-father (homo) will pick Spears up in to his arms (Spike position) and, ‘fill Britney’s haggard cunt-flaps with his loving, caring warmth’?

  29. kellygrrrl

    right, she stayed for all of 45 minutes.
    I imagine it went something like this:
    I’m sure they agreed to put it off AGAIN until she has new lawyers.

    at this rate, SPF and JJ are going to have no inheritance.
    but Marc Vincent Kaplan’s kids will be set for life.

  30. Em

    Awwwww, yeahhhhhhhh – she showed up all right. For a whopping 45 minutes (my measley car accident deposition took me two hours), and – in true Britney fashion – she wore a backless hot pink dress and heels. That’s straight classy, my friends. She’s a delicate creature.

  31. LL

    Britney’s kids already have more sense than she does. You know how they always look kinda unhappy or pissed off? That’s because they know what a retard she is. They’re thinking of all the explanations they’re gonna have to come up with when their friends ask, “Who’s that fat blonde chick passed out in the front yard?”

  32. Gadeval

    I am forgivng person and i believe in giving many chances but britney spears already had many chances. She showed she obvously does not care for her children but instead cares only about herself. Maybe give her another chance when shes ready to grow up if she ever is but not now.

  33. Reggie Bush

    Bitch has proven she does not want those kids, stop giving bitch chances already she DOES NOT WANT THEM, especially the one with yellow teeth. Why doesn’t Kevin get the message already.

  34. pjfan281

    a mother’s rights = complete bs. so many judges will side with the mother, regardless of her situation. this is an extreme case. she should have lost these kids ages ago, but everyone keeps giving her chances. she doesnt want to judt give them up, b/c then she looks unfit, so instead she will try to have them taken from her, that way she can once again play victim and some of you idiots can feel sorry for her

  35. I am so tired of Britney! Every single time she gets photographed it is her driving somewhere or leaving court. Does she ever do anything else?? I feel so bad for her children.

  36. mcbeef

    give me cancer now god

  37. Pilatunes

    The judicial system failing us? Naaaaaaaaaaah

  38. jason

    i don’t think she is beautiful, but many friends from sugarmommymeet.com said she is good. for god sake i don’t know the reason, but i think they are reasonable for i know they are picky. you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….and they are beautiful and charming….

  39. Patricia Snyder

    Re: “Her lawyers can’t just leave Britney in a lurch,” explains the source. “They must remain on the case until she officially fires them and/or until she find new representation.” – I just need to clarify because this is incorrect information according to CA state law.

    As a certified CA family law paralegal, I can tell you that Brit Brit’s lawyers absolutely CAN leave her in a lurch. And I hope they do. It is the lawyers absolute right to fire the client for any reason they see fit. If they stay on the case until Feb. 4, it is their choice. And I think it’s a stupid choice.

  40. Britney’s just been rushed to the hospital! Stand off at her house!

  41. may

    I don’t like her ,because the scandals of her have never ceased,someone said she joined an online service sugarmommymeet. it is a site for rich men to date sexy women.. spoil and support them. what a fucking slur..

  42. FT

    Apparently she was taken to hospital by ambulance after the police were called to her house to help end a nearly 3 hour custody standoff involving SPF and JJ.

  43. Nick

    In light of this morning’s events, I’d say ‘competely screwed’ is back on the table.

  44. Give them a year or two, and perhaps Britney, Paris, and Lindsay can resurrect their popularity by poking fun at themselves (as so many successful celebrities have done).

    They should get together and create a group called “Three Dumb Blonds” and make pop songs with lyrics that talk about, and make fun their shenanigans in the past.


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  45. Harriet

    Britney Spears is a talented, attractive, wealthy, and hard working young woman. She does not deserve public humiliation. She needs the emotional support of the father of her young children in private. She also needs to stop being attracted to “USERS,” who only want her fame, money, or both.

  46. shane

    I believe Britney needs medication for her instability it seems needs needs some type of depression medication. She has been very successful in life and some of that has gone to her head and that she is above the law. I have really enjoyed her music but now i know she is really a trainwreck. If she cares about her kids she will show up for her court appointments and not miss them or arive 15 minutes before they are over. Apparantly she only cares about herself. Just remember brit what goes around comes around.

  47. Got news for you buddy, for the originator of this slam against will and Scientology. You ARE Darth Vader.

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