Britney Spears Smelly Feet

December 13th, 2004 // 3 Comments

The Sun “reports” that Britney Spears took her shoes off during a flight from Los Angeles to New York and the stench from her feet was so bad that an air stewardess had to ask her to put her shoes back on. Apparently Britney went red, laughed, obliged and blamed the stench on her shoes. Then she proceeded to break out in acne, get pregnant, and marry the biggest lameass on the planet.


  1. Just to add, I’m a Doctor and studied the effects of smelly feet and its bacteria before and what you can see her doing there is probably the reason why she had an acne problem.

    Smelly feet are packed full of bacteria and transfering them from your feet to your face is just a recipe for disaster. They will take refuge in your pores and block them causing acne.

  2. britneyfan

    despite being obviously not the prettiest, her feet nevertheless remain the most popular..

    here’s ultimate collection of Britney’s feet:

  3. alex junior

    i remember reading the story on the internet a few years back i still wonder if its true i think she has nice feet.

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