Britney Spears slaps her mom


Britney Spears allegedly got into a “shocking slapfest” with her mom last month that “left Lynne shaken and Britney more determined than ever to cut her mother out of her life for good.” Star reports via The Scoop:

“Lynne barged into the house and insisted on taking the kids out to spend some private time with them,” an insider told the tab. “She didn’t ask or suggest, she demanded!” says the insider. “Then she began denigrating Britney’s mothering skills and losing her temper at the same time!”

It was because of the cat fight that Spears served the legal papers against her mother, but the buzz is that Lynne Spears is mulling a countersuit. But she doesn’t completely blame her daughter — she believes the Toxic star is suffering from depression.

“Despite their problems, Lynne cares deeply for Britney and wants to find a way to help her,” a “friend” told Star. “She thinks antidepressant drugs may be the answer. Lynne feels Britney has severe depression issues, and they are in large part the cause of her apparent manic behavior and past problems with alcohol.”

Keep in mind this is Star reporting, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true. This is Britney Spears we’re talking about. She could eat her kids with a knife and fork and it wouldn’t be surprising. Well, maybe except that she used utensils.