UPDATE: Britney Spears shows up for court – Gasp!

January 14th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Britney Spears actually showed up at the courthouse, according to TMZ. It’s a little after 12:30 p.m. PST. The court is in recess until 1:30 p.m. PST. Several witnesses have already given their testimony including first responders to Britney’s house the night of her meltdown. I’ll keep an eye on things and let you guys know if anything goes down in the next couple of hours. I’m just surprised she actually showed up. Britney does know “custody” is not a type of ice cream, right? Can we get confirmation on that? Do we have someone on the inside? No, not in the budget? Damn. What about Adnan? Get him on the phone. Tell him I’ll pay $4 and half a Twix for an interview. That’s my best offer, and he’d be wise to take it.

UPDATE: Britney left the courthouse after ten minutes, got in her SUV and drove home. That pop you just heard was Britney’s lawyer’s head exploding. Twice.


  1. Fashion Police

    It that what she is wearing to court. She needs one of those free personal shopper that anyone can get at the Big Chain stores. Homeless people dress with better class and dignity than her. Hookers also dress better for court.

  2. emmers

    i saw on tmz’s live feed that there was a cardboard sign advertising starbucks at the courthouse… my guess is that’s how they got her there. =)

  3. sluts rule

    does really think that dressing like a skank will impress the judge? even hicks have enough sense to wear pants to court.

  4. ph7

    #3 will now die sad.

  5. Fashion Police

    I’m finally FIRST on “The Superficial” – Thank God – Now I can die happy.


  6. moobs

    pathetic hag

  7. zz

    No, that’s a picture from the time at the mall she had a british accent.

  8. Chauncey Gardner

    That Iron Maiden fan behind her looks pretty fucking surprised, too. He looks like he just saw “Tubgirl” for the first time.

  9. boo

    It’s being reported that she wore the short white wedding dress to court. Take that Kevin,* shows YOU what you’re missing*

  10. The Beer Baron

    Iron Maiden rules. I guess I feel like a complete douche wearing a Scorpions tee.

  11. It’s not clear she actually STAYED at the courthouse. Maybe she will come back? Of course telling her to “show up” may make her think that she has done all she needs to do. Time for a Frappuccino!

  12. PunkA

    No way she dressed that hoochie to court. I mean, wow. That is just horrible. It screams unfit mother.

  13. Der…I’m pretty sure these pics are not from today..although I am super curious what she did end up wearing. During the police standoff she was only wearing panties. For three hours. No shirt at all. With cops right outside. They finally had to cover her up. You’d think she’d want to hide that beer gut of hers..

  14. woodhorse

    Since she gave up on a music career, maybe she could start writing self-help books.

    Also, Fish you are awesome and I really hate to say this but Britney’s fake British accent is better than yours.

  15. D. Richards (Stain.)

    ‘Yawhoo, Skeeter! I s’re d’ lughve m’ Dr. Peppurgh.’

    I like to walk around with the cap screwed off of my bottled drinks. Yeah, because I like the taste. Not so much the carbonation. Flat drinks are so much healthier for you too.

    I wanna bite a piece-of Britney’s face off like Robert Deniro does that woman in ‘Cape Fear’. And spit it hard on to the ground.

  16. TMZ now says that she got to the courthouse and then left. What a weirdo. If this doesn’t PROVE she loves being photographed, what does? She goes where she knows all of the paps are, gets out of the car, gets back in the car, and then leaves? Bitch loves the attention and LOVES pretending she’s a victim even more.

  17. The Office Whore

    16- I’ve done that too…. but it was a family reunion and I was blistered……. and nobody saw me… ok, so, it was nothing like this..

    FRIST!! Had a ‘painkiller’ from Cheddars today for lunch. Fucking wonderful coconut drink…. plus I met my daily fruit quota..

  18. K-fed

    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!
    Brit’s SUV just drove over a cliff and erupted into a massive fireball!

    If I type it enough times I’ll start to believe its true….then I’ll forget this cunt even stille exists.

  19. PunkA

    She just went on a Starbucks run for the judge and will be back by the time court is back in session. That judge loves a grande latte.

  20. Clem

    Where can I get odds of her being alive in ’09?

  21. jaybird

    So…why does anyone care? Brit Brit doesn’t want the babies. That’s obvious. I don’t understand why things happen and then people say “oh, maybe she still has a chance to keep the kids after all!”. All of these shenanigans are just so that she doesn’t have to deal with the kids.

    It’s my theory that people stop growing up the second they become famous. So Britney Spears stayed at about 16 and never truly matured emotionally. It’s all kind of sad.

  22. missywissy

    Hey folks, update your shit. She just married the pap.

  23. mimi

    dam u r sloooow with the “breaking news.”

    Go, back to bad.

  24. Tamara

    That’s really sweet. It seems people actually believed the prospect of regaining visitation rights with her kids would be motivation enough for Britney to brave the storm. If they were really smart, they’d have had someone standing at the entrance of the courthouse with a Venti, extra-whip Frappucino in one hand and a bag of Cheetos in the other. Britney might not be willing to face the crowds for the sake of her boys, but I think everyone knows she’d go to the ends of the earth for a Mocah frap….

  25. #17, WHORE, I could use a “painkiller” myself. Preferably oxycontin, but friuty coconutty drinks will do..

    God I hate Mondays..

  26. What happened to the rest of her jeans?


  27. meme


  28. Champ

    Shit, we wear the same outfits to court it appears.
    In fact, I also wear that same garb when going to job interviews. People seem to love the belly flab hanging out and also the furry boots.

  29. Ted from LA

    Those boots are a cry for help. Some people threaten suicide, some people wear winter boots with shorts. I love her her new pap smear boyfriend is now bossing the paps around and yelling at them to stand back and give them room. Ironic, isn’t it?

  30. Iowa Girl

    she showed up and left. She drove around the courthouse a few times too. this isn’t a pic of her at court.

    i am so tired of her, but i can’t quit talking sh!t about her. it’s almost turning into a game

  31. FRIST You just need a drink to fix the hang over.

  32. Jaffo

    2 things: First, yes Iron Maiden does in fact RULE! Second, man her feet must be so rank and sweaty in those boots. Gross…

  33. Sauron

    It’s clear stop.She isn’t interested anymore stop.No matter what the final decision will be stop.End.

  34. Yeah, there’s enough bottles of wine in this office, maybe one of them “disappears”..

  35. Lowlands

    Lawyers are a bunch of hyenas as well.Unless it’s my lawyer,because i received a christmas card.

  36. El-Coyote

    Can we bury her next to Kurt Cobain?
    He likes skanky blondes and Courtney went back on her promise….

  37. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but does her abdomen look a little more round than normal? Not in a I-drank-30-mocha-ventis kinda way, but more in an I-ate-a-baby kinda way?


  38. kelly

    No lawyer on earth could look bad after dealing with a client like this. Not even the ones who sleep through your death sentence appeal.

  39. Mama Pinkus

    Her judgement is way off if she thinks that is appropriate attire for a court appearance. Does she not have any advisors or close friends who can set her straight?

  40. Sadly she didn’t wear the shorts and tacky top when she did her courthouse drive-by but she did wear something just as inappropriate and nasty

    I really feel for her lawyers. I truly do.

  41. cookie monsta

    she’s skanky and she’s manky
    deliberately wanky,
    Why can’t she just fuck off?

  42. teehee

    Can you imagine the smell inside the boots?

  43. Puritan Assmilk

    dammit, enough with britney already…

  44. Mini

    Why does she always look like her snatch stinks ?!?!!?!?

  45. john

    Believe or not, Britney will still rock the year 2008. I am big Britney fan. Just saw her profile on millionaire dating site called WealthyRomance.com last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  46. Anonymous

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  47. Bruce L

    Good to see she dressed for the occasion.

  48. whatever

    Who’s that fat zombie walking behind her? Was there a film set nearby for a Dawn of the Dead sequel?

  49. whatever

    #44 – um, because her snatch probably does always stink?

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