Britney Spears displays her coochie

October 11th, 2007 // 310 Comments

  1. britney spears

    Yes, that and Starbucks!!!!
    I see you have a bit of a void to fill as well- that’s okay!! We’ll fill that void together!!

  2. hausfrau

    Please note that I GOT the joke and responded in kind. Thank you. I know I would never find a lamp in Britney’s cooch. A flashlight, perhaps, but never a lamp.

  3. aqua6


  4. annoyed

    could you LAME ASSES please stop posting long posts, talking to Britney, talking about GOD OR PRAYING, or trying to fucking educate us about all kinds of mental illnesses she may or may not have.

    Maybe you should be working as a psychologist as you seem to be experts on personality and mental illneses. Including the amazing talent of being able to diagnose someone by a 3min video clip of them driving and are able to tell why she didn’t turn up for court even though you know fuck all about the situation.

    Although I laughed hard when I noticed one of the posters was DrFreudHimself

  5. Carly .

    It’s okay, 211, I know you got the joke. =)
    But you drew my attention back to it. I was just posting that follow up to save me explaining it in future as there seems to be a lot of retards on this site. Particularly the Britney pages…

  6. Jo

    Britney and Michael Jackson should date.

    If for no other reason, it would get them a lot of publicity and take freakiness to the extreme. Then they could do a suicide pact and seal their status as legends.

  7. Mindy

    For all you haters who think Britney’s health problems aren’t real:

    A Los Angeles reporter has filed a story documenting that Britney Spears told doctors at Promises that she is in fact bulimic and has been this way since she was 16 years old. The article reports that Britney tearfully told rehab staff – already treating her for drug and alcohol abuse – that she “pigs out” on junk food like burgers, sweets, biscuits and ice cream then makes herself vomit to avoid putting on weight. (Remember the trips to the burger joints and McDonalds drive-thrus in the past)

    On top of her alcohol and alleged cocaine use, the bulimia turned her into a “human wreck”, according to the source, who added: “When she came here she was shaking and baking. Her whole body was wracked by spasms and she was hot one minute, then freezing cold the next.

    “Her first week in detox was real hell. She was in a total mess but slowly she’s pulling through.”


    Go ahead and trash her after reading that. You’re all the scum of the earth anyway. Thank god you don’t have the courage to face anybody in real life.

  8. Megan

    How is she not GETTING THIS?! I would respect her more if she just came out like, “Yeah, I love vagina, love showing mine, I think it’s gorgeous and arty for some reason.” Cause that’s gross, but not as gross as pretending to be oblivious that there’s a breeze in your cooch.

  9. Megan

    P.S. Why is “Scum of the earth” MINDY reading this website anyways? Little Miss High and Mighty slummin’ it on The Superficial for her celeb gossip? Stick to honey.

  10. mindymandy


  11. Mindy

    #219 is a fat…

  12. Mandy


  13. i love idiots who try to sound smart

    #219 – take your own salt – and shove it up your ass, sugar. She spent a month at Promises the second time she checked in. What’s the matter, can’t count to two?

  14. Danni

    Yeah Brit chose Kevin Maybe but what if he chose her? you know she didn’t do the drugs till he came along. after all who video tapes talks when you or she was high and why is he not ever high could it be that he realized he could pay his child support to his first girl with the money he gets from Britney and now she has to take care of him too I just think people need to watch him a lot closer you know what they say about a snake watch out it will strike at any time.I think they should take the kids from all of them and let the legal system find a nice place for them and then Britney would make sure she got help and it would help both of them be better parents if they both took parenting classes. after all It’s NOT “these kids now a days.” It’s their parents not teaching them the right way. and as for Britney she just needs some-one to really love her for her not her money, her name or her career just her. that’s what she is looking for.

  15. Queen of Britain

    Hey I am bulimic too.
    I told my therapist when I was 16 too.
    But i’m not.
    I tell everyone i’m the queen of Britain too, but i’m not.

    It’s easy to make stuff up.
    Clearly mindy,mandi etc are the same posters.
    216 even if that was true not many people would feel sorry for her.
    The reason most people have no sympathy for her (and most celebrities) is because they are rich, have it all, have enough access to therapists, nutritionists, personal chefs, nannies, life coaches, motivators, endless pampering and massages, secluded villas, private beaches etc etc yet they are still a mess.
    They have the nerve to complain about life when they could easily sort it and the people reading this page have real problems and none of that when they click their fingers.

    That said, some people just don’t want help or are in denial. I don’t see why Britney Spears is any different in that respect.

  16. Lizzie

    what is it gonna take for you people to realize that Britney’s not well right now? she has some issues. and hopefully she can get it sorted out. but you losers have absolutly no compassion for the woman at all. and you all know perfectly well that if it were you in a situation like that then you would want some support and not stupid idiots talkin shit about you. Please leave her alone. How bout instead of being mean you pray for her and hope she gets her life back on track. that would be the nice thing to do. but people in the world today dont care about common curtosy. got a problem with what i said? solve it.

  17. Thanks!

    “It’s easy to make stuff up.”

    #224 you’re so intelligent!!! I can tell by how you lay out your key points in separate short sentences. Everything sounds so simple – sort of dumb, even – but when you lay it out like that, it REALLY makes an impact. Plus, genius appears in the cloak of simplicity. Or something like that. I dunno, I’m a moron, so I needed #224 to spell out the truth for me. Even the name was, like, awesome! Thanks!

  18. to lizzie

    got a problem with what the rest of us are saying? solve it
    It was funny seeing some bible basher trying to act all tough

    Can all you bible bashers please go to church and do some extra praying. You really shouldn’t be on the internet, there are far worse things on here than the “mean” people on this site. Why do you bother coming here, can’t you read? The title is the superficial

  19. Bethany

    I LOVE IT!!!

    Some good girls found this site and are pissing off the self-satisfied conceited people who live to criticize EVERYONE.


  20. Queen of Britain

    #226 I don’t know who you are or why you’re replying to me but i’m guessing you were one of the thick people I was aiming the post at and I got you all offended.
    It’s nice to see that you were able to follow along and even noticed the way I layed out my post.
    That was done on purpose. I went over the top on purpose.
    But good on you for noticing it.
    You must be really observant.
    It was really obvious, but well done.

    Oh and are you aware of the concept of paragraphs? I really did not expect someone like you to get the joke (as complex as it was..) Are you #216? Because that’s who my post was aimed at.

    Okay. Do you feel better now that you replied to me, bitching for no apparent reason? Or are you pissed again and will need to write another wannabe witty response?

    (PS-all these questions are rhetorical)

  21. King of Britain

    Somebody wake me when the bitch shuts up.

  22. El Sueno

    I’m a reasonably straight, hetero, non-gay guy. That’s disgusting.

  23. Hemlock Queen

    Brit just needs to do the hustler shoot already. We’re close enough but let’s get to the legitimate two finger spread. With ala ceasarian scar as an awesome bonus! On wait, let’s not forget the lopsided tits! hahahhaaha

    But really. Why the fuck can’t she wear a bra and panties and button her fucking dress??? You know, wear clothes that distinguish you from a lady and a street walker. Fuck.

  24. hey hemlock, Whaty’s happenin?

    Good lord, too drunk to type.

    anyhoo, 228 get the fuck out of here, you piece of shit piss ball

  25. anil

    cant she buy a panty ?


  26. jamie

    Why would someone strip off in that state but not do it when their body was smokin’ hot??
    Where’s the logic in that ?

  27. jamie

    sorry wrong thread I was refering to her gimmie more video and the topless flower photos.
    But the same applies here.
    Her fame would be unbelievable and she would have been the most talked about thing ever (in a good way, amongst guys at least) if she looked how she did (hot) and upskirt pics like this were appearing (minus the fat and sagging of course)

  28. IWONKY

    Anyone who thinks I’m naughty for saying Brit is a skank can spank me.

  29. ***

    someone please explain to her, how to put on panties! she clearly doesn’t know that…

  30. Zapp

    Don’t know why this is news. I am tired of her doing this. She will only stop when people stop posting these pics of her.



  33. jga

    Photoshop is cool. :)

    This is going to be a new trend. :)

  34. not again???showing her crotch?? suggoku hidoi!

  35. Mary Coffins

    It’s totally not Friday if Britney doesn’t flash her curtains to the entire country. Frankly, I’d be more shocked if they got a photo of her in panties. Ooh, panties…scandalous.

  36. Patty

    “get the fuck out of here, you piece of shit piss ball”

    Weird. Most of the people I’ve met who have Tourette’s are pretty nice.

  37. boo

    Most celebs who have to appear in court seem to dress to create an impression of innocence. Think Paris in her grey suit or Winona in her headbands and flats. But not our Britney! Dress up to her ass, no undies, shirt unbuttoned to show braless boobs. Keepin’ it real, Brit!

  38. George Best

    Atleast I dont have the job of following her around with a camera trying to get pictures of her dropping her kids or spreading her legs. I dont care how much they get for a picture, her whore behavior isnt even rare to the prices have to go down. That has to be one of the worst jobs ever.

  39. Auntie Kryst

    *YAWN* ahh morning, what’s the blog doi…Holy fuck the “e ending name” tards returned. I’ve come to a new conclusion, mothers if you name your daughter with a name that ends in an e sound, you have doomed her to Nouvo Skankium Infernum. The Devil is building a new circle in hell for you fuckups. Actually you might like it, he’s putting in a Wal-Mart and they’ll have NASCAR on closed circuit.

    So to conclude: 197,199,203,207, and 216 you are all fucktards. Britney doesn’t know you, and if she did she wouldn’t like you. Find a new fake friend to pray for. She’s completely responsible for her actions and rightly deserves scorn for pissing away her opportunities. Fuckheads the whole lot of ya!

  40. Auntie Kryst

    Oh and one other goddamn thing 197. So if another celebrity thinks Britney has post-partum depression then it must be true? Stupid twat, that doesn’t validate anything. How about an actual doctor’s opinion?

    You know Ed Ansner once thought my car was running a little funny. He was wrong because the engine was actually off. Stil he had heart, and I appreciated his input.

  41. Britney Crotch Juice

    believe me…those leather seats will never be the same again.

  42. IWONKY

    The air in her car must smell like rancid fish.

  43. someone

    Why does her va-jay jay look like that?

    If that is not photoshopped, then what is wrong with it?

    Why does she look like “Ken-doll”?

  44. mary

    i want to be a half-ass dressed slob’
    but i WOULD GET ARRESTED for dressing like that
    i’m moving to california

  45. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    Yeah britney’s rehab worked fucking wonders.

    She’s a freak and you idiots pitying her for being bulimic come on. Wether she is or not it is not a viable illness compared to cancer, m.S. Lupus and the long list of illnesses people have no control over. You can’t go to therapy and talk about your feelings and overcome cancer. Of course bullemia is a very difficult affliction but I can’t comprend why with all the tragedy in the world some of you feel so sorry for this loser.

    I would have compassion if she took some fucking responsibilty and I mean some actual responsibilty, not actually finally getting her drug test done and actually showing up to court. * CLAP CLAP . What a model fucking citizen. BULLSHIT. Let me know when she actually does something above the bare fucking minimum. Her lawyer constantly had to make excuses because Brit wasn’t showing up in court. News flash retard it’s not a choice, it’s not like oh I did want to go to court, you fucking go to court you pathetic retard. What a fucking moron.

  46. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day


  47. Her vagina looks like a sea monster. Can’t the judge order her to wear panties? Please?

  48. Just Me In CA

    Tell me this ISN’T what she wore to court!
    Holy cow, she has no idea what propriety and respect is, does she? Where is her lawyer–good lawyers will at least tell you how to dress before a JUDGE!
    She is just showing that she is definitely NOT mom material. Sad.

  49. Asswipe


  50. Ann from Montreal

    Again, again, again, and again. Tony Baretto said that he actually saw her buying underwear at times. Why in God’s name does she keep doing this!

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