Britney Spears displays her coochie

October 11th, 2007 // 310 Comments

  1. tanya

    Those pics are photoshoped, or else someone call 9-1-1, her clitoris has been stolen

  2. Because Brit is sharing!

    Look at this

    She has a lot like this, showing off her most tempted part…!!!

    she makes people happy specially for men.

    She’s Britney! the one makes man happy !


    Keep it up Britney! if you have time send me more pics of yours….

  3. luvbritney

    She’s hot! Look at her tits and rest of body.

  4. Faggoty Faggot McFag

    Mmmk tards, I’m gay, I love cock, big, thick, juicy cocks. I love older hairy masculine men. I love watching them shoot thick white loads as their balls jiggle up and down.

    I was turned on by the second pic of Britney’s cooch and got a boner. Mmmk? I think Britney is as pathetic as they come, but come ON people, just cause she’s Britney doesn’t mean you have to pretend to hate her pusseh! I mean, I’m even thinking of stroking myself while looking at it. Mmmk?

  5. mookie

    #144 don’t be such a party pooper. This place recycles “stories” about the same handful of celebs (now, just Britney). Without various whackjobs here to stir things up, it’d be unbearably boring. Plus in this case it’s funny to watch people respond to psychobabble by STILL getting all worked up. “Lesley” probably just watched Silence of the Lambs last night and is trying out “her” Hannibal Lecter. LMAO.

  6. ack

    y’know, if this shit is photoshopped, then all crotchney has to do is start wearing shorts or pants. pretty hard to photoshop a cooch onto some pants and make it look real.

    the end.

  7. ack

    oh, and why hasn’t anyone commented on the bizarre fact that she appears to be unbuttoned on purpose? i mean, is that to attract attention upwards? huh? what?

  8. 30notes

    How the hell did she age 15 yrs just by having two kids? She’s all saggy, flabby, stretched, and nasty. Please put that thing away before someone gets hurt. *GAG*

  9. 1MILF Hunter

    #116 – thank you Dr. Freud.

    Face it, she likes flashing her cooch since it keeps her name in circulation.

    Brittney, Brittney quite contrary. Shave that coochie, it’s too damn hairy.

  10. jacknasty

    and now I’m gay and blind

  11. cb1150

    I enjoy your exhibitionism.
    Lets see some ass next time.

  12. JoeysAngyl

    @71… at least you’ll get a well rounded meal with those lips…. crabs AND yeast….mmmmmm

  13. me

    Don’t you mean pervert camera men take picture of Britney up her skirt as she slightly opens her legs without thinking someone will be zooming in on her crotch?

    From headings like that one would expect to see Britney lying on her back with her legs spread wide apart

  14. gotmilk?

    166, because everyone did on the last post of her in this horrendous outfit.

  15. porky


  16. Meggan

    Seriously? Brit could you please just buy some panties, we’re tired of seeing your Va-J-J!

  17. Nickypoo

    Okay Seriously. What is wrong with her? She really needs to up the dose on whatever medication they’re giving her. Whats with the dark hair too? Does she not understand that it doesnt suit her? Not that I like blondes that much but it just doesnt suit her at all.

  18. ScottL

    Well as long as she keeps doing what she is doing, we will not have to be subjected to photos of Amy Winehouse. And thats a good thing. Brit, i love ya, keep it up with the public display of your bits and pieces.

  19. aussie

    that can’t be real, ain’t no fuckin’ way.

  20. missywissy

    The day Britney gets herself together is the same day we have peace in Iraq. She so does not want her kids. She’s following somebody’s advice trying to get more custody again., but the real her kicks in and she goes and does nasty stuff. I just saw her video today and I was disappointed. When will this girl go away????????

  21. missywissy

    #116- FUCK OFF!!!! I don’t know anyone with Postpartum that forgets underwear and then hikes up their dresses. #116 YOU ARE THE PROBLEM> PEOPLE LIKE YOU WILL DRIVE PEOPLE LIKE BRIT TO DO STUPID SHIT YOU NEED TO GET IN THE REAL WORLD YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!!! I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that’s what you do after you have a baby. #116 SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND STAY OUT OF THE MENTAL FIELD

  22. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    Sometimes me and my hubby play Britney and paprazzi photog. Role playing is fun, especially when your not fat, not a loser, not white trash and don’t even have children to neglect.

    I wonder if Britney and Kevin used to role play that they were smart, successful, good looking, people in great shape having sex after a hard days work. Nah….

  23. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    *paparazzi and anything else I spelled wrong

  24. Buck

    Oh Gawd. She’s disgusting. And rancid. And…and….and…OH GAWD.

  25. Jen

    Jesus Christ on a cracker, Britney. You can’t cover yourself up for two fucking seconds put together??? Argghhhh. Why can’t she pull it together? Why? It’s just… I don’t get it.

  26. Italian Stallion

    Why are there dead flies on her dashboard?

    Because she drives with her legs spread open…………..

  27. schadenfreudelicious

    For the love of all things holy….enough of your cooch…please…we beg you…make it stop..if you are unable to wear panties in public..I dunno… just slap a piece of duct tape over it ….its cheap, widely available and idiot proof….it could also serve to give you a quick yet effective trailer park wax job upon removal……millions of retinas the world over are depending on it….just consider it….

  28. George

    Well, I certainly hope the next time we see her panty-less that she does a spread eagle. This pose really doesn’t show anything interesting.

  29. George


    If you click on the star, as it states in the directions, it will disappear. If that is what you mean, or if you mean remove her as a Star, well, that happened a long, long time ago. You must be living under a rock not to know that.

  30. someone who understands clothing

    get a fucking grip
    since when was it a fucking law to wear underwear?
    I don’t like Britney Spears and I can’t even see what all the fuss is about.
    Out of all the stuff you can use against a person, why does choosing (for whatever reason) not to wear underwear make you the scum of the earth?
    How does it reflect your mental state or ability to bring up children?

    #44 she does that because if you don’t then the skirt would rip.
    Common sense would tell you that, as would having worn a dress or ever seeing women wearing dresses in real life (and not just on pictures LOL)

    #181 this answer is for you too. You need to get a grip. Please, for the love of god seek help yourself. You actually have a child?!! Please, don’t let that be true, you fucking retarded maniac.

  31. Shitney is a LOSER

    #21 – Don’t bother explaining logically why Shitney has to display her cooch a day before her custody court date. These britaloonies can’t even understand your sentences. They only hear things like …. leave her alone, she has post-partum depression…oh, it’s the paps fault. It’s because they follow her and point cameras at her from every angle…Give her a break, she’s still getting over being married to KFed….She was five hours late because she overslept because the new sleeping pills she was prescribed were too strong and ad infinitum. It’s never her fault. According to her fans, Shitney bears no responsability and sufers no consecuence. It’s quite pathetic that they believe their own desperate attempts to maintain their misguided idolatry of such a miserable excuse of a human being.

  32. That’s funny, #57, cause you are a troll. Everybody knows my twin loves Britney even though I beat her upside the head singing “Ooops I did it again”.

    Sisters are fun to punch

  33. sicasso

    simply put: is it that hard to remember to slip on some undies? even just a g-string or something? something? hello? sure, no laws were broken, but there is that old “common sense” thing that seems to have escaped the poor fucktard’s world.

    someone put this white trash Louisiana swamp slut back out to pasture.

  34. What, I’ve gone commando from time to time, not a big deal.


    Which I am not.

    Plus at least I was wearing pants and not a dress or skirt at the time.

  35. LL

    I agree with Bunny Butt and also whoever said Britney is basically an attention whore. Showing the twat and the tits is how women who have nothing else get attention, from everyone, but especially from men. If you need an ego boost, just spread ‘em. Works every time. We really should be encouraging a mother of two to show her vag every chance she gets, that makes perfect sense. And people wonder where criminals come from. With K-Fed as a dad and basically a stripper for a mom, those kids have a pretty good shot at ending up in some sort of facility by the time they’re teenagers. One of them will be sent away for murdering blonde hookers and the other one will be arrested in an airport bathroom for soliciting. And he’ll be the really accomplished one in the family.

  36. Karen

    Just to cleanse the palette before more bashing, here’ somebody with a heart:

    ” Brooks Shields, who suffered postpartum depression following the birth of her first daughter Rowan Francis, is concerned tabloid media focus could be aggravating Britney’s condition.

    In a been there, done that talk with Access Hollywood at an event in New York last night, Brook was asked if she felt Britney Spears was suffering from postpartum.

    Before responding Brooke first chose to emphasize the possible adverse impact of tabloid media focus on Britney’s condition.

    “She’s followed every moment of her life and she’s documented every minute of her life…If I had been when I was going through postpartum, you probably would have more to talk about… So if that is in fact the case, I don’t doubt it,” Shields noted.

    If Britney is suffering from postpartum Brooke said, “then it really needs to be reckoned with and it’s very common and she’ll get through it.”

    “I hope she’s fine, but I believe she’s going to be fine and she just needs the support and her kids, she’s their only mom and she’ll earn that back in her own mind,” she added,

    Britney Spears has reportedly been reading Brooke Shield’s book “Down Came the Rain,” to cope with her postpartum depression.

    “If she’s reading my book, I hope it’s helping her. If it’s not and she wants to talk to someone, I’m available,” Shields said. “

  37. Carly .

    Here’s an idea—-

    If you don’t want to be disgusted, don’t click on the bigger, NSFW picture.
    Is that so hard? It’s not as if you open an internet page to look for a lamp or something and her uncensored vagina is suddenly staring you in face.

    If someone says here is a picture of a mauled animal, it’s gory, there are guts everywhere. It will shock and offend you… do I click on it? No.
    If I did I would it make sense for me to complain afterwards about the fact that I didn’t like the picture?
    Animals get mauled, fact of life. Britney doesn’t wear panties, fact of life. If you don’t want to see it, do not click on the pictures… simple.

  38. Katie

    I think Britney should go into rehab for a long time so she can get away from all the Media…it’s enough to make anyone go a little crazy at times…imagine being followed everyday and every move…that’s just insane…i wish for her they would JUST LEAVE HER ALONE! Britney is a great girl you could say she is still an innocent girl, she seems genuinely kind and it seems she has been taken advantage of because of this.

    My message to Britney…it’s okay she’s not alone their are so many people in her shoes it’s just too bad that the world needs to be there when she is trying to recover. We love you Britney and pray for you to get stronger everyday so that you can be the best Mom that you are to your children again.

    Have faith Britney…we’re counting on you!!!!

  39. ha8ter

    # 197
    “I hope she’s fine, but I believe she’s going to be fine and she just needs the support and her kids, she’s their only mom and she’ll earn that back in her own mind,” she added.

    HUH???????????????? Uh, Brooke, you might want to just keep your mouth shut and let your ghostwriter do the talking.

  40. hausfrau

    #198 Uh, I was just looking for a lamp.

  41. britney spears

    Dear Katie:
    Wow, thanks for writing! But just to let you know, I’m fine. Things are great with me and the kids, even though I can hardly ever find them anymore, and I am shopping now MORE THAN EVER!!!! I love my dog. I drink and do coke and pop some pills on occasion, but hey- who doesn’t?? I do feel bad about stealing my grandma’s clothes and wearing them all over town, but I put them right back after I’m done, and she never notices all the stains, because, well, let’s just say she’s not the neatest eater! Oh, and I HATE UNDERWEAR!!! The body is a beautiful thing, and since I’ve had kids, I feel much more womanly and curvy, and I want to really show the world that I feel fantastic about who I really am. So keep sending out those great fan vibes, cause I can really feel them!! And don’t worry about the paparazzi- I am the one who calls THEM, and stupid idiots- they come running just to WATCH ME BUY A CUP OF COFFEE!! LOL!!! Luv ya, Britney Spears

  42. jannie

    Just because someone becomes famous doesn’t mean they aren’t human, don’t make mistakes, don’t lose their cool and decide that’s it, I’ll really offend them if that’s what they want. I bet you never flip off people that cut you off on the road. You probably never used an expletive against someone either. Not one sexual indiscretion in your entire life. Yea right. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  43. Carly .

    Please note that “looking for a lamp” was used for comedic effect and should not be taken seriously. Before anyone else mentions it ..

  44. Katie

    Thanks Britney! I didn’t expect you to respond so quickly! But then again, my friend said you spend all night here because you have no life. I’m glad you found something important to fill the void!

  45. Ript1&0

    Yes! YES! I knew my prayers would be answered! I left this morning with only the Hoff to laugh at and now Brit has made my day. Thank you, Britney, thank you. You are the awesomest no panty wearing Southerner ever. Who could be confused with British royalty. I saw Prince William’s pussy the other day, didn’t you?

  46. Kimmy

    Let’s see (1)Mrs. B.Spears is not perfect we all have flaws.We as fans forget that (2)She is not the first or last woman to experience some kind of drama (3) Stop looking for a man the right one will find you.You first, have to remember what Kevin was and about when they met.Mrs. Spears what i have to say to you is Be patient ;love comes to those who wait.You already have the greatest blessings of all… your children what greater joy can a person have, your family; see you are already a winner!!! There is one person greater than yourself. Give thanks for everything and everyone postive in your life.If you put pray in your daily rountine watch how things will change for you.This is just a drop in the bucket there are many more to fill.

  47. thanks for feeding the beast

    Multiple 200+ comment “stories” about Britney in one week. Or as she calls it, multiple orgasms. Way to go, folks. You’re getting exactly what you deserve.

  48. drfreudhimself

    Or she could just be a self centered spoiled little sociopath narcissist with a borderline personality disorder. She has the world’s best psychiatric facilities available to her and yet she persists in running around town with her boobs and cooch hanging out at every opportunity. That is not a typical manifestation of depression. Depressed people usually don’t seek attention, and usually they just stay home.
    Let’s hope she follows in the footsteps of Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling (I’d kill myself too if I had that name) and Melanie Stokes.

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