Britney Spears displays her coochie

October 11th, 2007 // 310 Comments

  1. The Listener

    #97 Looking at it is like driving by a car accident. You know it’s going to be graphic and maybe a little nasty, but you just HAVE TO see it anyway. Call it human curiosity.

  2. McQueen

    I think she should just skip the BS and start going places naked. She is so oibviously doing this on purpose. She should just hop up on the counter at Starbucks and shove her latte up her ass… that would be something new for her.

  3. Patrick


  4. LL

    The Britney cooch fans don’t need to tell us that you’d bang her or whatever. We already know some dudes will jump anything that looks even vaguely like a cooz. Not really a ringing endorsement of Britney’s hotness. I just think that if you’re trying to demonstrate that you’re a responsible, respectable adult and that you’re more than an overpaid go-go dancer, you should probably, you know, put on underwear when you know a bunch of photographers are going to be aiming right up your too-short skirt.

  5. Zing!

    Talk about a gash. Looks like Freddy Krueger gotta hold of that thing.

    P.S. Patrick is a fag.

  6. Tara

    That poor car seat…
    Her assistants need to spray down that car with rubbing alcohol when she gets out. Must smell like a strip club in that car

    blah! no class!

  7. Lesley

    Because ignorance makes people callous (for example, #77), here is some information that you folks obviously don’t know:

    Britney Spears is clearly wigging out in a very public way, but she may be suffering from a mental health issue that many women struggle with in private: postpartum depression.

    At this point you’re probably saying Spears can’t have PPD because her youngest son, Jayden James, is already a year old. And how can you be depressed when you’re out clubbing in a borrowed bikini, busboy jacket and fishnet stockings?

    But postpartum depression can begin to develop anytime around the first year of birth.

    The disorder can be triggered in vulnerable women by the enormous physiological changes of pregnancy and birth along with excessive fatigue and exhaustion that comes with getting up all night with a newborn, or partying into the wee hours with Paris Hilton.

    Add a failed marriage, two pregnancies and children within 17 months and the loss of your figure (when that’s largely what you’re known for) and you’re a prime candidate for PPD.

    About 80 percent of new mothers get the baby blues, a mild form of depression. Brooke Shields can tell you about the more severe condition of postpartum depression that strikes twenty percent of new mothers, and leaves them feeling empty, sad or anxious, crying more than usual and having strange thoughts or fantasies.

    Then there is the rare disorder of postpartum psychosis. Spears probably doesn’t have this because it usually strikes mothers within a few weeks of giving birth, but the symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, rapid mood swings, hyperactivity, incoherent statements and losing touch with reality.

    And of course, the worst one: thoughts of harming oneself or the baby. Tragically, many women take drastic measures to avoid harming their children. In 2001, Melanie Stokes jumped from a hotel on Chicago’s North Side.

    Several months later, Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling, also suffering from postpartum depression, committed suicide.

    Let’s hope Spears’ erratic behavior stops at the ridiculous: getting in and out of limos sans panties and shaving her head.

    And let’s try to be humane about this. Although you might feel bigger and better by putting her down, you’re merely revealing the ignorance at the foundation of a cold bitter heart.

  8. Fed UP

    Oops she did it again.

  9. justcurious

    look at how enormous her left thigh is in the 2nd photo compared to her other one. It’s like twice as big. Too bad it wasn’t any bigger and would cover up the whole crotch shot.

  10. linnea

    hahaha whyyyy doesnt she wear underwear! IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! This happens ALL the time to SOO many idiots, WHY can’t anyone learrrrrrn!

    this is just proof that history repeats itself.

  11. OK FINE!!!! I’ll click on the picture. FUCK!!!!!

  12. Kiwi

    Good Lord. Learn how to get out of the car without flashing your naughty bits, or stop wearing f’ing skirts!!!!

  13. shesafreak

    Im so sick of britney. wanna see something funny. Addicted to your Iphone, or do you just the idea of it. Watch this commercial. Its so funny!

  14. Nikky Raney

    you think she would have learned by now.

  15. Annie Rexia

    16? Then how do you explain her behavior a year BEFORE she was even pregnant? Pre pardum depression? Don’t tell the medical industry. Too late, here comes another mental health issue! Really, shitbags like you are the reason people are running to Doctors, thinking they are fucked up all of the time. Never, ever taking responsibility for thier actions. Whatever happened to TAKING SOME FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS! Oh, I forgot ENABLER! None of it is her fault because you have assigned a mental condition to her that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW FOR A FACT SHE HAS! Fucking asshole.

  16. spencelovesbrit

    this hick is nasty, p-nasty. what a ho, smelly. i can’t imagine the scent with the combo of her puss and leg hair. the timing is so smart, wonder if the judge saw her snatch as well. what a pig

  17. Lexoka

    Doesn’t she ever wear underwear? I mean there are several pussy shots of her, but no panty shots that I know of…

  18. Lesley

    #125 – sorry, I can’t reply directly to what you said, because there’s so much underlying pain and anguish. I hope you have somebody in real life you can talk to, and try to feel a little bit better, so that you don’t have to spend all your time spraying venom at others. I feel sorry for you. Feel better soon!

  19. Annie Rexia

    Whatever, Lesley. Why don’t you go to another site and try to convince people they are sick in the head. You obviously work in the mental health industry. Business good? Get enough suckers in the office to finally afford that new benz?

    P.S. Your husband is fucking the maid.

  20. Lesley

    I’m sorry you’re so resentful that I can afford a maid.

  21. BunnyButt

    #116, clearly you haven’t been around here very long. As several of us have been pointing out to Britney’s supporters who want to attribute her bad behavior to post-partum depression, the bad behavior started BEFORE she ever had children. She and her supporters can’t use post-partum depression as an excuse. This all started a long time ago. Stop using a legitimate mental health issue to avoid placing responsibility for Britney’s behavior on Britney.

    Keeping in mind that I worked in psych services for 15+ years before, thankfully, changing fields, in my opinion, she’s not wigging out. Now that she’s no longer 17 and has had a bad marriage and a couple of kids, she’s not the hot commodity she used to be, so she no longer has the huge team of handlers that kept all this white trash shit hidden from the public. This is the real Britney, just as she always has been, we’re just being allowed to see it all now. No pun intended.

  22. Annie Rexia

    130. Your husband isn’t.

  23. Sarah

    You know I was really rooting for Britney, not because she’s a celebrity, cause I don’t give a crap who the hell she is, but because of her children, they deserve to have a mother who is going to act like one, who is going to make them priority number one, even with her kids taken away she’s stil pulling shit like this!! Her children being taken away should’ve been a wake up call, whatever little bit of respect and hope I had for her is now gone, PULL IT TOGETHER BRITNEY! Stop being a screw up, everyone is sick of you and this crap you’re pulling, someone please put her ass in jail or a mental institute, where the paps can’t find her and we can stop hearing and seeing shit about her!

  24. Lesley

    BunnyButt, I’m sorry that Annie Rexia believes you were a fraud for 15+ years.

  25. Annie Rexia

    Lesley. Could we be cracking just a bit? Have to drag someone else in for support? What’s wrong honey? You don’t seem to be as sure of yourself.

  26. Lesley

    Annie – can I call you Annie? I feel like I know you already! unfortunately – I’m an anonymous internet commenter, so what you say is your own projection onto a blank slate (look! the text box is white, even!). But in fairness, if I were you, I’d be a little worried my husband was looking elsewhere. Anger can be confused for passion for awhile, but eventually even a blind man (hubby?) can see that the core is cold, not hot.

  27. Annie Rexia

    Huh? The shit you are talking flew right over my head. You HAVE to be a PhD. PhD’s do that alot. If they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about the intellectual shit starts flying

  28. Lesley

    Excellent point! I forgot to include “reversal” with “projection.” You worded it very cleverly, via illustration. Nicely done.

  29. Annie Rexia

    You also know alot about one thing (psych). That is also a big clue. PhD’s will know a lot about one subject, but jack shit about anything else. You also have 0 passion. You are very flat. Emotionless.

  30. Annie Rexia

    I knew a Doctor that used to piss himself all the time. Tragic.

  31. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    #131 Thank you bunny butt. Agreed. Britney is not suffering from Post Pardum she is suffering from POST STARDUM.

    Look around folks a lot of spoilt loser celeb brats suffer from it and it expresses itself in the following forms;

    marriage failure
    weight fluctuation like annorexia or major fatness
    drug alchohol and substance abuse
    DUI’s and other driving infractions
    popping out babies too young
    being the shitiest parents imaginable
    dressing like a slut/freak
    becoming horribly ugly
    pathetically attemping rehab
    hating ones parents and blaming everyone else
    jail sentences
    breaking the law
    the loss of dignity
    a shit tanking career
    expecting pity when none is deserved
    trying to attract negative attention
    being a big useless whore

    You see this is what happens to the pathetic losers who sell their souls and their lives for something as worthless and vapid as fame. They have no friends because no one in hollywood is real or sincere and everything in their lives is meanless. This is KARMA for making more money than god in a world where the hardest working people who truely make a difference make less in one year than these whore celebs make in one day or one hour. What has Britney added to the world what valuable contribution has she made? she’s done NOTHING valuable.

    I have no fucking pity for these losers. Next time you feel sorry for some idiot celeb and their greedy pathetic existence go to a childrens hospital or hop on a plane and go to Africa or stay in your own countriy and vist one of the poorest neighboorhoods there where loving parents would do anything for their children and struggle everday to put food on the table and this rich biotch has all the money in the world and can’t get her life in order for her children.
    She makes me fucking SICK.

    She knows nothing about the struggles of the real world she has two healthy children and all the means to take care of them. So many people would give anything for that and look how she pisses it away.

    What a wasted life she leads.

  32. princess patricia

    why are the pics of britney so drastically different from day to day. She looks good in these pics, some pics of her she looks 40 pounds heavier, and a mess. How do you change so drastically from day to day. I think these are fake.

  33. BritneyIsn'tDepressed

    Britney isn’t depressed. She likes flashing her pussy. She thinks it makes men she’s never met hard. That thought makes her wanna get laid. It’s called foreplay. The only way Britney’s getting depressed is by not getting laid after she got herself in the mood for tube. And Lesley, yes your husband fucks the maid.

  34. Jesus Fucking Christ ARE YOU NEW HERE OR JUST DUMB?

    What if — now just bear with me here —what if “Lesley” is trolling? Why do people always have to take the bait? No true Britney fans would hang out here, but it’s pretty obvious what you’d have to write to throw a bomb into the hate-Britney mix. Smarten up, people, and lay off the knee-jerk reactions to every comment. We have some well-fed trolls on this site.

  35. Annie Rexia

    Uh, 144? It’s fun and I’m bored. Knee-jerk reaction! Woo hoo!

  36. Chad

    Bitch, put that thing away.

  37. Annie Rexia

    P.S. Lesley hasn’t responded yet. I bet it is going to be a LONG post.

  38. @147

    Or her troll?

  39. meee


  40. jh631477

    Seriously, what is wrong with her??? i have seen her crotch more than i have seen my own! She must have a serious hatred for panties!

  41. vomit

    Nothing sexier than white trash vagina in cowboy boots dripping with the odor of parentel leadership qualities.

    Go Scuzzy Spears! You Rock Girlfriend! And too think, Ben Affleck supposedly hooked up with her in a bathroom at a party before they were both married? Never would believe it.

  42. Brucey

    “I’m having fish tonight”

  43. Thinking

    Note to self, when life gets you down and your about to lose the kids, a record label(job) and any possibility of being taken serious as a “performer”, TAKE OFF PANTIES OPEN CAR DOOR IN FRONT OF THE IVY AND GET A FRIEND TO TAKE SOME PICTURES OF MY CROTCH….

    Ahh, fame….

  44. Auntie Kryst

    I have to remind myself to skip more meetings, I missed all that mudslinging. That was some good shit. Knee jerk reactions are the best.

    Lesley that semester when you took a pysch class in junior college has really paid off. You silly twat.

    PS @141, you summed it all up perfectly.

  45. Biggie

    OMG, its one of those mirage pictures! Quickly turn the picture upside down, its the same as right side up!

  46. iburl

    I think she is being paid by the gay mafia to turn straight guys off of pussy. It’s so boring now to see her crotch, it’s like trying to get excited about a bowl of cheerios.

  47. Biggie

    How long before she is just wearing a towel a la Mike Tyson?

  48. Igottabemeee

    #93 – I lol’d

  49. BunnyButt

    Auntie, I don’t think Lesley took a semester of psych in college. I think she read a few chapters from a psych book once, which gave her a few big words to throw around.

    Lesley, did it occur to you that some people just don’t care about their children or want to be responsible? I used to see parents – male and female – who didn’t give a rat’s ass about their kids, their jobs, what other people thought because, once they had all of that, they realized it interfered with their fun. Hard to party and hang out with your friends when you’ve got those damn kids tying you down. A lot of people live this way. The difference between Britney and these deadbeats is that she’s got 1. the world watching and 2. more money than they do. The difference between you and me is that I’m a realist.

    FREE KATIE HOLMES! (My new slogan, btw. Soon to be available on t-shirts and bumper stickers at a dollar store near you.)

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