Britney Spears shows off her new body again


Britney Spears was spotted at Millennium Dance Studio, once again wearing her dancing cowgirl outfit. Hard to imagine yesterday she looked like this. She looks way better when she doesn’t wear her lipstick, so it’s hard to figure out why she’s always putting it on. It’s like she goes out of her way to look bad. One of these days she’s gonna get plastic surgery and when the surgeon asks what she wants to look like she’ll reply, “George Costanza.”

britney-spears-millennium-dance-01-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-05-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-06-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-07-thumb.jpg britney-spears-millennium-dance-08-thumb.jpg