Britney Spears shows off her belly

June 27th, 2007 // 186 Comments

Britney Spears was spotted running around town yesterday dressed in what I guess is her everyday normal clothes now. Her entire outfit looks like it’s three sizes too small, and I’m pretty sure her shirt was designed to fit a 12-year-old. I could go to a store, close my eyes, and randomly throw things at a mannequin and put together a better outfit. It wouldn’t even have to be a clothing store. I could be at Home Depot and I’d still end up with something better than this.

Photos: X17online

  1. shawnte


  2. Robert

    She needs more clothes. Or table clothes.

  3. RichPort

    I’ll take everything from just below the C section scar.

  4. liz


  5. lalaland

    actually i like the shorts

    the top…no not so much…

  6. She is so unattractive right now. Her body looks like that of a cows and she has double chins. I’m still rooting for her though.

  7. Guy

    not news, and nothing bad to look at too

  8. Man, those buttons are really straining to keep the top on. Britney needs to realize that her body is no longer that of a 12 year old.

  9. Mia

    Fucking hat.

  10. charm

    she looks pregnant.

  11. Hayleee_UK

    Why does she never wear a bra.. she so needs to wear a bra!

  12. lalaland

    well look at it this way, at least shes wearing the same clothes she started off with…

  13. Does she ever brush her hair anymore?

  14. Wonky

    Would love to drop a load on her sidekick friend. Would love to drop a piano from a tall building on brit.

  15. She’d fit right in at the Wal-Mart in rural Louisiana … which is where she was born, so it makes sense … I don’t really know if she was born in a Wal-Mart, but she should have been …

  16. Superevil

    To: Brit Brit
    From: Superevil
    Subject: Your Kids

    Go Home And Take Care Of Your Damn Kids Before They Rob Me In 10 Years.

  17. go for kate

    could that possibly be…no, it cant food in the carrige?? i thought they lived off doritos and diet pepsi

  18. theredsnapper

    i’ve seen roadkill better looking than her..

  19. wastedOne

    Alli, I love you!

  20. Chauncey Gardner

    Much like Paris, there is really nothing about Britney that is genuinely sexy. Even if she had Jessica Biel’s body full-time, it would still be like fucking a retard or something.

    And I bet she would come up with all kinds of embarrassingly awkward dirty talk that she’s cobbled together from different phrases she only half-remembers from some shit that Federline made her watch when they were both drunk or stoned.

  21. What a fucking fat-assed, dimwitted slut.

    I know her gene pool could have used some chlorine!!!

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    “Do you want your cock? I want you to cock in my mouth like a baby!”

  23. Aislinn O'Shaunnessy

    Look at her face in the second to the last pic — it looks like she’s got some kind of skin disease (or really bad acne).

    How is someone not making sure that she doesn’t look like crap when she goes out in public? What makes a person look in the mirror (if she owns one) and think, “Yes, I look good today! This outfit is awesome!” ????

    These are the questions that haunt me.

  24. Jimbo

    @16 Bern – She would fit into the Walmarts in California too. Did you get copies of the pictures from the last post for your DMBS?

  25. Hey everybody it’s lunch time!!! Gotta go to Burger King and get fat like Britney, so that my buttons start popping off like hers. It’s all the rage…BYE Y’ALL

  26. Antonia


  27. Italian Stallion

    The Superficial – Because She’s Ugly…….

  28. amy cole

    This is just ridiculous! With all her money, she desperately needs to hire a stylist; I am aghast that someone with her resources leaves her home looking like this. Her cousin seems to get it, though. Friends don’t let friends dress like whores OR clowns!

  29. As always she looks like 20 pounds of shit squeezed into a 10 pound bag.

    She LOVES to rock the Baby Huey look!

  30. Chauncey Gardner

    Or, as Brit waggles your dick from side to side instead of stroking up and down, and stares blankly through you with her uneven dead shark eyes, she says:

    “My mouth is like a pussy for your dick. Put your dick in my pussy mouth.”

  31. domingoflores

    i think that top used to have more than 2 buttons.

  32. Kelly K

    at least shes not wearing freakin boots!!

    that is all.

  33. wiinja

    that cunt is classy

  34. you guys are ALL LOSERS on this site. britney is gorgeous and is a good role model for girls unlike PARIS who just got out of jail!!



  35. maeby

    It took me a few minutes, but I’ve figured out whats going on here. Britney clearly steals clothing from little children, and then when they are least expecting it…she eats them (hence the bloated tummy) Its not cheeseburgers Y’all, its fucking kids!

  36. HoboChic

    Hit me baby one more time.

    With a 2×4
    or a bus
    or a train

    you get the idea…

  37. #35 – In what FUCKING way is a washed up 26 year old, with an IQ of 75, who has let herself go to shit, physically, and alienated everyone in her life who ever gave a damn about her — not to mention who still gets wasted every night just weeks after “rehab” — and who seems to have absolutely no presence in the life of her two young children any kind of role model to anyone but an aspiring street prostitute from Jersey?

  38. Jimbo

    Yeah Bern you are just a STUPIDHEAD. YOU KNOW YOU WANT HER

  39. you mean i could be a prostitute in Jersey!?! thanks Brit, now i have hope…

  40. BERN wow i sense some jealousy idiotface. britney was performing on stage and showed young girls how to be confident! whats so wrong with that!? drugs aren’t bad people are PRESCRIBED them and if u don’t drive it’s no ones business loser!

  41. Jimbo

    How much Fish? Can I be your first customer?

  42. yeah, idiotface. im telling mom. theres nothing wrong with ignoring your children if you’re rich. duh.

  43. Billy Lather

    Her assistant is pretty hot.

  44. $5 handjobs, Jumbo – but ya gots to get to da east coast!

  45. Now was the “Jumbo” a typo or Freudian slip?

  46. Ooba Gooba

    #41: Get off your Mother’s computer NOW. You idiothead.

    You can sure tell school is out for the summer with these damn kids on here…….

  47. CHA

    @35 go away, retard. i hope my daughter’s role model is someone closer to mother theresa than this lost soul who can’t take care of her own kids and dances in front of the paparazzi for a living.

  48. Lucie

    Hey guys, isn’t it that time of the day when Brit-brit shows off something?

  49. Freudian!!! only handjobs??? Not a problem to get to the east coast.

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