Britney Spears shows off her boob

June 26th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Britney Spears was spotted with her breast hanging out as she tried on clothes at Jill Roberts in Beverly Hills yesterday. Her assistant was handing her clothes to try on and she didn’t feel the need to keep her curtain closed, because, well, how else are people supposed to see her naked? Besides, who doesn’t try on clothes in the middle of the store? Sure, the salespeople are always yelling at me to get into a dressing room but that’s just because they don’t want me setting off all their fire alarms.

The first two pictures are slightly NSFW so click with caution.

Photos: Splash

  1. no1justminda

    The chick with the suspenders…yikes!

  2. Danklin24

    Someone fucked up that boob job. Her tits are like square on the bottom.

  3. Danklin24

    I cant wait until Jamie Lynn is of age. We’ll finally get to see the HOT Spears sister.

  4. Bobo

    Brit’s career is over. All that’s left is sad attempts for attention. It’s like she is still trying to be the person she was 5, 10 years ago. But that is so over. It’s a sad and public spectacle now.

  5. Mommiedearezt Brittney:
    yea, 2 lezbianz got arrezted
    in a bathroom in Datona lazt
    nite having zex on the counter, and
    a third girl waz taking picz of them
    while their children were in the hotel
    zwimming pool…
    zoundz like U, bitch..ztop zhowing
    uz your privatez, U zhould be one wantz to zee that
    zhit…your a fatt pig..

  6. Morticia

    You’re so right #35. #24 – go to Oprah.

  7. oh, zo now your
    fuckin Japaneze…
    comb that zhit, fuck

  8. She’s crying awfully hard for attention. I’m tired of seeing her everywhere. Her career is over: this is the only way she can stay in the public eye.

  9. Donkey

    What happened to her knee (pic 15)? She has a nice scare on it.

  10. BaldAsBritney

    I wanted to post something about how Britney has the facial expressions of a 5 yr old with downs syndrome but the the fact I’m going to be right after another post by everyones favourite hemaphrodite Kelli kinda ruined it for me.

  11. Donkey

    I mean scar.

  12. plops


  13. bungoone

    40, did you forget how she busted up her leg during her last tour. truth is, i think she just made that scar for people to think she got hurt because she really wanted to spend her time effing k-fed.

    14, you are way off base. sorry!

  14. nagger please

    It’s not easy for me either. It’s hard trying to hide my 12 inch weiner..

  15. Madonna

    The paparazzi should all get together and suddenly stop following Brit and stop photographing her. She’d freak out. Fix her ass right up. Skanky miserable disgusting smelly cesspool sewage bitch.

  16. catrina catteneo

    The meanness directed toward Britney is really over the top. From the pap’s taking pictures from the backroom (having paid off the sales girls, of course) to the people on this site who just want to flaunt their faux superiority, it’s all just use and abuse.

    If you don’t like her, fair enough. Don’t look at the pix, don’t buy the music…but don’t be so horrible. The cruelty diminishes all of us.

  17. miss oblivious

    # 47…If you disagree w/ the nasty comments, fair enough. But then don’t go to a site called the superficial. What did you expect? And what are YOU doing here?

  18. shanipie

    What The Fuck!!! seriously….who told her those boots looked good? WHO Damn it Who, if I ever find out I’ll run them over with my car. HOLY shit whata freakin TARD

  19. fu all

    Easy judging someone else, but I’m sure 99% of you are ugly fat people with no life who wear warm pajama to bed and suspenders to work.
    Pretty much like this:

  20. Kate

    #24—i feel the same way! i feel bad for her..the girl is just trying to shop.

  21. Kate

    #24—i feel the same way! i feel bad for her..the girl is just trying to shop.

  22. lalaland

    41 omigozh look at me i’m zo cool! i can make all my S’z into Z’z, becauze i’m juzt that talented!

    oh wait, i forgot to put it in poem form

  23. miss oblivious

    #53…oh, you must be new to the retarded zgirl . Its best just to ignore her, as she just likes the attention and only feeds off of it…”Don’t feed the Krazi”…and maybe she will go away.

  24. BaldAsBritney

    #43 Why in the fuck would someone bother to photoshop tits on Britney when she lets them spill out every other day? I mean all you have to do is follow her for a few hours and your bound to get some kind of “inadvertant” exposure of some kind.

  25. BaldAsBritney

    And close your mouth when you breathe Brit you fuckin hick

  26. lalaland

    #54 no im not new to her, i just though i’d be stupid like her, you can never have too many retarded zgirls can you?

  27. star69

    Why do the paparazzi stalk Shitney you ask.

    Because she’s a fuckup.
    They love to follow around fuckups.
    Lohan is a fuckup, Parasite is one and so on.
    They know if every 10 min these morons will do something stupid. They’re walking trainwrecks.

    The more someone is a stupid fuckup, the more publicity they get.
    Yep, and with Shitney, you get more than what you asked for. Paparazzi only needs to follow her around with a camera for 10 min or less and voila! They have a drooling fool who can’t dress herself, who doesn’t know what its like to be lady like when you wear short skirts and is a huge moronic klutz in general. Add booze and drugs to it, you almost feel sorry for the dumbass.

  28. Merk

    These must be a couple of those outfits she got to look like Katie Holmes. What’s beyond comprehension is that she trashed it up the best she could now didn’t she?
    Black bra under white lace-Check
    No Bra under airy dress-Check
    Too short making entry and exit exhibition-Check
    Pigeon Toed- Check
    Those ugly boots-Check
    Terrible weave-Check
    Ridiculous (unwashed)headband-Check, Check
    This girl just doesn’t get it, does she?

  29. Blah Blah

    I want to kiss and lick the soles of your feet and suck each of your sexy toes. I love you Brit. I want to cum on your feet and lick it all off for you. I love you I love you I love you.

  30. Blow Me Hard Bitch


    Awww, what’s the matter Lindsay, mad cause nobody wants to see your shaved beaver?

  31. mabbo

    Did anyone else notice when she is on her way to her car, there’s a Club Monaco behind her? Pllleeeeasssse Britney, please turn around and look at the Club Monaco with the nice, trendy, classy clothing. Turn away from the cheap trashy boutique, turn awayyyyyyyyyy.

  32. mabbo

    Let me say at least two positive things, just to be nice. At least she is carrying a black leather bag instead of that cheap gold thing she calls a purse. And although the hair extensions are still horrid, she had the smarts to pull out the fried blonde ones and had dark brunette ones put in to match her natural roots. It should be harder to see the nasty tracts in her scalp where the horse hair was woven in. She must have at least 3 to 4 inches of natural hair by now. Why doesn’t she get a good stylist to cut it into a cute trendy pixie cut? But this is Ms. Spears we’re talking about.

  33. KMG

    I have to say–this picture is photoshopped. There’s an inconsistency going on with the first two pictures and the ones with her dressed. And I can tell that no, she’s not wearing a push-up underneath that white dress. In fact, I’d wager she isn’t wearing a bra at all.

    From the pictures I’ve seen of Twitney, she seems to have saggy boobs. The milk’s gone out of them from her pregnancy and now sag is all that’s left. The square boobs you see in the first two pictures aren’t real.

    Fish, if you edited this, nice try. If not, you got taken!

  34. wedgeone

    Those boobies are so blurry and malformed that they can’t be real.

    Go to Bern’s blog for REAL … BIG … boobies!

  35. whatthe098

    Is it just me or does she kind of look like a dude

  36. miss oblivious

    I don’t think the pics are photoshopped. I think what you’re seeing here is a matter of hormonal fluctuations. Being a woman, I know that breasts change thru out the month. Sometimes they’re bigger (including pregnancy), sometimes smaller. I have a similar body type to Brit and experience different changes at different times of the month. I also experienced serious changes when I was on the pill years ago (=huemungo breasts). I haven’t had kids yet, but I’m sure that does all sorts of crazy things to a woman’s body. One of them being the obvious big old boobage thing. Anyways, went on a rampage there for a second abt boobs! Whoops!Just thought I would mention it for the guys that don’t get it… I’ll shut up now…

  37. George

    She looks like one of those Lustful Lisa blowup, fuck dolls.

  38. francesca winkle

    #36, you dumb fuck! You wrote “your a fatt….” It’s “you’re”!! What level of education did you complete? Zeventh? ZZZZZZZZZZZ You are pond scum!!

  39. Greatestntheworld

    Hmm, in high school, I thought I would absolutely pop a nut if I saw her tit. I hope for my libido that she is holding her tit and doesn’t have one of those floppy tits. I can’t stand flat and floppies.

  40. plops

    #67″I don’t think the pics are photoshopped. I think what you’re seeing here is a matter of hormonal fluctuations.”

    hmmm i too am a girlie but at no point in my cycle are my breasts square. *cough*photoshop*cough*


  41. Betz9

    It’s official. As of today, I’ve now seen Britney’s breasts more often than her babies did.

  42. #69=francezcafuckfacewinklez her pantz
    and peez in her bed every nite…

    fucker:: U R not my Englizh fucking
    teacher,,bitch…I like to fuck up
    the fucking zpelling, fucker…I like
    zpelling hott with 2 T=z, fucker…and
    I like uzing fuckin slang az much az
    fuckin pozzible..bitch….go eat your
    donkeydickface huzband….

    to uglybrittney:
    your new name iz

  43. watcher

    someone needs to get that girl some titties!!! #3, you’re a fucking DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

  44. Paula

    NOBODY has a wardrobe malfunction every single day. Is there a body part of hers we haven’t seen yet? There is something mentally wrong with her.

  45. of courze therez zomething
    wrong with her: zhez the

  46. JC

    then again… why is this news ?

  47. Italian Stallion

    I’ve seen better titties on other cows…….


  48. frenchie

    AAAAGHH! That high waisted suspender wearin’ soccer mom is so punk! Why the fuck is she hanging with Shitney!!!!? She could have almost made it on the cobrasnake.

  49. francesca winkle

    #73 I know what color you iZZZZZZ hahahaaaa!

  50. HR Smoke 'N' Stuff

    @19 Thank you. Bring ’99 back.

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