Britney Spears shows off her body

April 24th, 2007 // 220 Comments

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  1. DancingQueen

    Plastic Surgery – It does a body good.

    What is up w/those cowboy boots? She wears those tired things NON-STOP. Note to Brit: you’re rich, buy some nice shoes.

  2. Conky

    Those boots gotta reek.

    And I hope her “Inspector Gadget” hat doesn’t start a trend.

  3. YouRang

    Look at those legs. Is her comeback going to include becoming the kicker for the Patriots?

  4. Third!!! damn…

    guess money does a body good!

    (sorry dancing queen i thought that up when i was reading it!)

  5. herniated sphincter

    Maybe she could make a comeback after all. Lots of guys would go for the fantasy that Barbie could become a mom, twice, and then go back to being a blonde hooker with a biteable butt. I mean, look at all the guys who were lusting after that granny-tranny vulcan yesterday (Jennifer Tilly). It’s impossible to underestimate this audience.

  6. xavierh

    In the shots of her back (like no. 18), you can see she got a tattoo of a Kabbalistic healing word on the upper nape of her neck, right above her gold crucifix. I guess she’s covering all her bases!

  7. Sparkles13

    Cowboy hookers from hell!

    Pantera…no? Anyone? Anyone?

    I’ve made myself laugh. And goddamnit that’s enough.

  8. verania

    Wow. She still has jiggly chubby arms but sports a toned belly. Definitely quite a bit of lipo has occurred the last four months. Wish I had her money to go get some nip/tuck.

  9. verania

    Brit, what is up with the torn hosiery. Holes in your hooker fishnets is never cool. Come now.

  10. Fishstick

    Damn, Brit’s lookin’ ass-smackalicious.

  11. jrzmommy♠

    WHAT? Suri Cruise celebrates her first birthday and all we get are pictures of a has-been pop star and a story about one slut getting mad at two other sluts? the injustice.

  12. crewmancross

    i hate the fact that i’m mildly attracted to this.

  13. veggi

    Brit, we wanted you to wear panties, and by gawd, there they are.

  14. ivve

    You know, it seems like we see her really short hair kind of poking out from under the wig more often than not. I kinda feel like she either needs to shell out for better wigs that she can wear without hats, or just do a short haircut. What she

  15. D'arcy

    Ah, the slutty clothes are a sign that she is back in business.

  16. whitegold

    Can’t see down far enough to notice any abs. My eyes get stuck on those stupid hats covering those stop wigs covering that stupid bald head, and then I get too annoyed to look at her any longer and I move on. Maybe her abs are nice, maybe they aren’t, but until she fixes that face, I’ll never know for sure.

    Crazy bald fool.

  17. ph7

    Mother of the Year

  18. bungoone

    did she really wear the same shirt out clubbin that she did to work out in? i’m sure it smells as nice as her boots.

    plus, she looks like she’s stuck in a constant state of Flashdance.

    i think she’s sucking it in bigtime because her stomach doesn’t look so tight in some of the photos. or she just got those abs airbrushed on like janet jackson.

  19. ph7

    Still has thunder thighs.

    Her legs look like tree stumps.

  20. What an ass,
    what an ass,
    what an ass,
    what a mighty stupid ass.

  21. FRIST!!!

    # 9 No shit, huh???
    I have to do it the hard way

  22. itspat

    #8 better than her last song (Look at me now, I’m broken).

  23. lambman

    Its about time, cause if the world is going to insist on giving her attention all the time the least she can do is have an attractive body!

  24. FRIST!!!

    Gotta admit, the bod’s looking much better, but what’s with the trailor tramp clothes? Thought garbage sacks and mompants were in now…get a clue

    Least she’s sporting a little better wig these days.

  25. combustion8

    mother want another?

  26. Geddy McGowan

    Ah, what a way to start my day, looking at Britney’s hot ass….me wannee do her in that place that girls dread. (doggystyle of course)

  27. jrzabortion

    We might as well brace ourselves now. In less than a year, she’s be doing her choreographed jiggle-spazzing onstage, lip-syncing to her #1 hit on the pop charts, some bit of drivel about having “been to hell and back” but she’s “still standing” (yaaaaakkkk). And it’ll be a sellout crowd, packed with young girls who think she’s an icon. It’s just a matter of time.

  28. TaiTai

    Perfect outfit to wear to her child custody hearing. Nice to see she’s changing her ways.

  29. NicotineEyePatch

    27: “me wannee do her in that place that girls dread”.

    The bathroom at Applebee’s?

  30. i’d do her
    probably do her again and again and again after that.

  31. td

    Cocaine really burns the fat away!

  32. Superfish

    its good to see her back to her old self though i must admit. i didn’t think she was gonna make it without taking multiple trips back to rehab and then finally blowing her brains…well, killing herself.
    but who knows? she might just turn great

  33. jrzmommy♠

    27: The gyn’s office? The bathroom after a man uses it? Where?

  34. InvaderZim

    The clothes and work she had on her body do make her look pretty good. But remember — beneath all of that is a ugly snatch and trashy voice to go with it.

  35. …in other words: i’d still do her.

  36. Good to see she didn’t use Tara Reid’s doctor. Britney is still a train wreck….

  37. yolatengo

    HATE HATE this dumb bitch…i bet she thinks she’ll show everyone with her triumphant return to the good ol’ glory days of sexy bruteshit, her greedy handlers with their daily encouranging of their cash cow(punt intended) less they have to go get a real job. waste of fucking space.

  38. veggi

    She looks like she’s getting ready for her Latin Tour. “Una Mas Briney! Una Mas!”

  39. Wow Just Wow

    Same ripped fishnets from last week?

    Damn, she better get a job soon. Is 10th Avenue in Times Square still looking for streetwalkers?

  40. #37 Britney’s not the train wreck, it’s just her slutty clothes. but she’s better now. 26 days of rehab really paid off.

    So why is it possible for Britney Spears to look this good after two kids and fed-ex and Paris Hilton isn’t dead yet? somebody shoot the bitch already!

  41. bungoone

    41, how is she not a train wreck?

  42. Fishstick

    Bored and sleepy. I need a drink.

  43. YouRang

    Seriously, I’ll bet she could kick a football through a brick wall and still be accurate from forty yards.

  44. Cho Seung-Hui

    From Jessica Lynch’s congressional testimony today:

    “Following my rescue, the doctors in Landstuhl, Germany found in a physical exam that I had been sexually assaulted,” she said. “Today, I continue to deal with bladder, bowel and kidney problems as a result of my injuries. My left leg still has no feeling from the knee down and I am required to wear a brace so that I can stand and walk.”

    Gross. It’s so ugly when they survive.

  45. DrPhowstus

    Great… just when I thought I was done whacking off to her. My hand is so fucking confused…

  46. blondewithnobrain

    i’m not so sure she’s had work done because she doesn’t have that freaky “Tara Reid Lumpy Tummy”…she’s only in her mid-20s, it’s EASY to dump a lot of weight FAST at that age with diet and exercise. Plus you KNOW these Celebutards are all doing Clenbuterol and Steriod and every other damn illegal diet drug on the planet.

  47. HughJorganthethird

    Looks like someone finally sat Brit down and told her what she needed to hear. Namely, no one likes you for your, personality, talent or smarts, beacuse you have none of those. The only way your gonna be usefull again is if you look sexy and shut the fuck up. Now go out there and get your slut on.

  48. Sparkles13

    Do people here actually think she has musical talent? I mean, do any of you feel she can actually sing?

    If so, come find me, I’ll help put you out of your miserable exsistance.

  49. now if she can just get her hair back, she is jerk off material again!

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