Britney Spears shows her crotch again

November 29th, 2006 // 155 Comments





  1. Pavarottie


    First…hell yeah!

  2. BarbadoSlim

    Yet another chapter of the: Herpes Chronicles

  3. RavenHairedBeauty

    I just can’t understand. This girl can buy underwear made of pure gold and diamonds but she doesnt wear any. what is the point of it? I dont get it. There is no point NOT to wear underwear. Wear a nude color one at least. OMG i just dont understand

  4. polypam

    You know, I didn’t even click the photo this time to see the unblurred version since I already have the ones from yesterday burned into my brain.

    She should just hand her kids over to K-Fed at this point. Would save her the time and trouble of fighting in court.

  5. D'oh Eyes

    The Vagina Monologues. But the only thing it can say is, “Urrrrrp!

  6. hunnybee459

    What the hell is that on her leg in the closeup pic? It looks like a giant bruise! Yuck! Paris must like it rough.

  7. It’s sad when the boys and girls are being told to expect a vagina to look like this when the reality is much much scarier.

  8. Man, she is going insane.

    She used to be such a good girl. What happened?

  9. she needs to just go ahead and do porn already.

  10. natechip

    Looks like it’s time to shave again, AND PUT ON SOME PANTIES!

  11. Forbidden

    C’mon people CALM DOWN a little… it’s just a VAGINA, she hasn’t killed anyone or commited a crime, you all (women) have one between your legs too (or a dick if you’re males), just look at it, it’s there… oh my god what a crime, what a shame!! HAHA
    maybe she’s flashing it again because she wants to show you all how little she cares about what you say.

  12. LindaParson

    I feel bad for her kids. I mean she’s a whore and all, whoopee, but her kids are gonna have to grow up seeing pics of their mommas beaver. *shudders*


    Sorry I have no idea why I wrote that.

  13. Or maybe, just maybe, the she loves the geek who has never seen a vagina so much that she likes to give him something to photoshop. I’m assuming its a him cause I’ve watched my pubes grow back in and it never looks like that.

  14. 86

    At least she had her legs together this time. Our girl is learning!

  15. Just Some Girl

    booooorrrrinngggggg. give us something new that DOESN’T happen everyday

  16. Zegna

    There is nothing wrong with going about pantiless really. There just isn’t any.

    It is only a matter of personal choice that is applicable at certain times.

  17. They are so excited about filling up with petrol!

  18. Tha-Flash

    Why is there a mother fucking alien in her leg?

    Why does she keep showing her FANNY WADGE?


  19. mrs.t

    Yesterday’s looked believable to me. This set of pics, however, reek of Photoshop.

    And she looks like hell. Is she devolving into something lower than a backwoods hick? Puffy, bloated, bad weave, blotchy skin. And that’s just ABOVE the shoulders.

  20. BestNameEver

    Is it just me, or does it look like Britney’s been knee-deep in nose candy?

  21. I reckon she’s a ‘havin ta air it out ‘cus K-Fed
    gave her a case ah “panty crickets” the last
    time they wuz man ‘an wife.

  22. Kristin

    She’s so classy. Hehe.

  23. Kristin

    She looks like a coke addict.

  24. Saera

    britney, you suck.
    you even make porn stars look good!
    and brit, if you’re reading this, then i’m you’re number 1 crotch fan.

    and to the superfical: i love you guys. for the hilarious comments!

  25. BarbadoSlim

    @Mrs.T….see entries on Tara Reid

    it’s been called the de-evolution phenomena.

  26. SexyMothaFucka

    Ah, crotch rot at its finest. I can almost smell the fragrant stench right now.

  27. MargeAggedon

    If she keeps giving it away no one is going to want to buy it when she finally spreads for some skin mag in the last desperate attempt to save the career before doing skin cleanser infomercials with jessica “my daddy likes my boobies” simpson.

  28. Britney: ENOUGH! STOP IT! We get it — you have a shaved crotch! Your career is so over.

  29. Cre8majic

    Even JT can’t bring THAT sexy back!

  30. Jeremy1Esq

    Five O clock Shadow already. Il bet it looked like Sasquatch after 30 days and no razor.

  31. Doxes

    I wish she’d put that flappy old thing away. I grow weary of hearing about its public outings.

  32. ImaCracka

    Dont stars have a team of PR people that go … ” Uh.. Brit.. put some fucking panties on you skank?”

    I mean I do.. doesnt everyone? LOL

  33. deliciousdd

    Apparently Paris’ “fashion advice” is meant to make Brit look even worse. Good job Paris, you made yourself look better.

  34. Longer skirts or wear panties. Make a choice, babe.

  35. BigMember

    Is everyone blind or what? As amazingly impossible as it may seem, this time she actuall is wearing “nude” color panties. You can tell because the fabric is a bit sparkly plus the color is totally different than her legs.

  36. Ahh, the tight short skirt without panties. I remember those teased hair days well… 1988, only 18 years old and worrying about panty lines. Always keeping those legs crossed tightly so as not to pull a Sharon Stone.

    Now, had I worried about Paparazzi taking pictures as I exited a car, I would have put up with the panty lines. Seems to me Brit is into flashing.

    It’s just too Klassy for me.

  37. Nude-color panties. My image of her is much improved now.

  38. Tracy

    In two months she’ll be checking into the hospital for “exhaustion.” That’s what happens to girls who hang out with Paris. They get “exhausted.”

  39. Missallanpoe

    The problem is not britney showing off her downstairs. It’s that you keep posting about it. If you think it’s so disturbing, quit making stories about you..jesus tap dancing christ.

  40. Can’t you get arrested for that ?

  41. superficially

    that’s one ugly-looking queer poon… why does it look that color?

    i’ve seen quite a bit of poon in my lifetime but damn, something’s wrong with that one…

    either the poon is diseased or that’s a very tacky-colored panty

    i love saying the word poon…. :)

  42. Unabashed Liar

    Fuck you Charles Darwin, you lying prick.

  43. mela

    Yeah… actually, I think she *is* wearing panties, it’s just that the shade is pretty close to her own skin color. Looks like it’s some pattern on the material and not a pube shadow.

  44. sexybitch

    I’m seeing a lace design, too, unless she went and had her beav tattoed. Not that that isn’t a possibility at this point.

  45. superficially

    in the 3rd pic she looks like Nick Carter with bad hair extensions

    then in the 5th she looks like Nick’s drunkard sister BJ….

  46. TorontoMapleLeafs

    is she wearing no bra again, and that dress is hidious… shes just going all out.. in the wrong direction

  47. integridad

    I agree with BigMember:
    She is clearly wearing nude-colored panties.

    You are all a bunch of retards…

  48. superficially

    aha, i figured it out…Britney wore that ugly panty to make people think she hasn’t got on any…

    then in a few days she’ll say to the world “oh, no, i was wearing nude-color panties all along…you never saw my poon….”

    she’ll then conclude that the 1st set of pics showed the “C-section collection”: where the panties give the illusion of the labia and a C-section scar…

    that ho is smart…. fantastically brilliant

  49. gamerock

    Britney was just jealous of all the attention ‘FireCrotch’ was gettin ….

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