Britney Spears showing her affection for the F-bomb


Britney Spears has been dropping the F-bomb a lot lately while out and about. Now she’s stepped it up a bit with a new jacket that reads “Fuck Off Lover Boy.” Not exactly sure who Britney’s targeting, but I’ll assume it involves a fast-food employee and a lack of extra pickles. US Weekly reports:

On October 11, she was overheard dropping an f-bomb at the upscale Beverly Hills department store Neiman Marcus.
The singer asked for her dog, London, only to be told that he was at her home in Malibu. “Fuck that,” she replied. “That will take us an hour to drive there. Can’t we have the dog messengered over?”

Of course, the article left out that the kids were also at home with the dog – alone. To which Britney replied, “Fuck! Those kids will totally mess that dog up. Somebody call the police and have them tasered. Particularly the older one, what’s his name? Simon? Harold? Doesn’t matter. Just save my fucking dog! Hey, is this top stain resistant? Sometimes those Frap lids aren’t on tight enough because that creepy guy at Starbucks keeps looking at me. It’s like he’s never seen a vagina before. Ooh, that’s a pretty dress…”