Britney Spears should see a doctor

April 24th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Here’s a clip from Britney Spears’ Circus concert in Oakland last night. As a dancer descends from the ceiling and uses Herculean strength to pull Britney off a bed, her hair falls out. A large chunk. At first I thought, “The Frappucinos are taking their toll.” But then someone explained to me women wear these things called “extensions.” Who knew? Anyway, enjoy the choreography which is executed with all the natural grace of a manatee.


  1. beeb

    oh NOOO!!

  2. Que

    Que prescription.

  3. Well, that certainly moved me.. No wait, I just have to take a shit….

  4. Carolyn

    What a dignified act. What was that supposed to be?

  5. She should just let the music play while she sits in the middle of the stage eating Cheetos.

  6. Carolyn

    What a dignified act. What was that supposed to be?

  7. Anon

    #6 a dance interpretation of the first attempt to raise the Titanic.

  8. mafme

    Cirque de Toilet.

  9. Ananana


  10. Anyone who pays to go see this retard in concert should have their head examined.

    Seriously, unless she is doing a live nude show – why would you go see her?

  11. will

    Manatees are actually very graceful creatures. At least in water. Please stop insulting manatees on this internet website.

    Cheers and regards,


  12. Mary

    damn, that must have hurt like hell… those things are literally GLUED or sometimes even sewn into your head… it’s pretty hard to pull them out…

  13. Tessa

    What a stupid cunt.

    Between her Frappucino swilling, her chain smoking, her K-Fed fucking, her child endangering, and her Cheetos scarfing, this cow needs to mooo alllll the way home!

  14. michelle

    her body confuses me. i don’t think the side is her best angle (maybe any angle).

  15. pappy smeary

    the fish must be hungover, only one post so far today… fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son

  16. pappy smeary

    the fish must be hungover, only one post so far today… fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son

  17. I have to agree. Britney spears is so sloppy.

  18. Okay, I feel the need to say this. “Women” do not wear extensions. Tacky, trashy cows who imprudently shave their heads in fits of drug-addled rage wear extensions. Also, spoiled LA brats with Barbie complexes.

  19. Funeral Guy

    Speaking as an old baby boomer who has seen all the greats…Boy, that is rock and roll at its best.

  20. beautiful

    i don’t understand what the problem is: medieval tortures like this were common.
    this dramatic reenactment of the suffering of the tortured should be treated with respect.

  21. a sanderson

    wow. SHOCK. she wears extensions…!

  22. DJ

    I want to see what her real hair looks like…

  23. it is

    a shame. During the years 2000-2002 she had the hottest combination of fit body and gorgeous angelic face in the world.

  24. Anon

    Er Grace I’ll have you know Women do wear extensions.
    Even classy respectable society Women wear extensions.

    I dated this high society Women in Dudley once and she had extensions.
    She also had a large collection of wigs and the biggest Adams apple I’d seen.

    So try telling me that “real Women” don’t wear extensions now.

  25. Kristina Tupas

    It’s that stupid guy’s fault for laying his hand on it.

  26. lisa

    this “amazing” show is exactly what her kids are supposed to watch

  27. Darth

    Is she still wearing that wig?

  28. EuroNeckPain

    #24: “she had the hottest combination of fit body and gorgeous angelic face in the world”
    How do you know ? For sure there’s a girl somewhere in Sweden or Russia or Japan who has a better body/face combination. American TV is not the world.

  29. person

    even if that is a romanian orphan’s hair, wouldn’t someone yanking it out still hurt?

  30. Galtacticus

    Her hair extensions fell out because the guy had trouble with lifting her up.

  31. Gando

    The guy looks pretty fit and strong to me.And still having trouble? *Gasp*

  32. Nero

    How heavy are these hair extensions? He just dropped some extra weight.

  33. Rhialto

    Maybe he was trying to lift her by her hair and then he noticed he just grapped her by her hair extension?

  34. errr..

    as they dude was being lifted away with B in tow, looks like he pushed off the couch thing with his hand at the same time as being lifted with her hair tangled up in his fingers…so ouch….

  35. Anon

    Maybe she told him to do that after she could see the strain on his face.

    Yes Britters, it’s the hair extensions that are heavy.
    More akin to throwing a few deck chairs of the Titanic.

    I wonder why I suddenly have the Titanic on my mind.

  36. Rachell

    omg #7 LMFAO haha :) You made me choke on my water. Thanks :P lol

  37. JW

    Am I imagining it, or is that guy like a totally buff dwarf? He looks shorter then Brit.

  38. Randal

    Hope you’re not in too much pain Britney for it looks like you screamed as your hair was ripped out of your scalp. Massage that and apply warm water.

    Thanks for a great show last night!


  39. Anon

    If she did scream then thank god she lip syncs or the crowd would have heard it and they paid to hear her sing, and call them motherfuckers.

  40. Carmelita Spats


    Does it really hurt to have extensions pulled out? I hope so!

  41. friendlyfires

    Manatees are graceful
    Britney Spears Circus Act is NOT!

  42. LPB

    reminds me of Sean Penn’s “crescent moon” scene in “Sweet and Lowdown”

  43. Errol Flynn

    # 8 – Very Funny.

  44. Fuck U

    Oh My God! That was fuckin hilarious!!!
    And you commenters cracked me the fuck up!! Good job guys.
    I was just glad that pussy Randal didn’t comment and make me puke.Wait…to late. That fucking cocksucker did post.What a fucking douche.
    Kudos to #’s 8 , 11,14, 30,40.

  45. Boo

    Barely noticeable. Not interesting. Next.

  46. meh

    i know a dancer that got fired yesterday….

  47. Naive & dumb americans are really thinking a doctor can cure her, folks?

  48. Grace #19 and Anon #25…plenty of REAL women wear hair extensions, it’s just that when they’re done right, you CAN’T TELL

    Take it from a hairdresser who does extensions on actresses and real women on a regular basis, and everyone believes it is their own hair.

    Check it:

  49. Anon

    1) when ever a woman has to use the phrase REAL woman she means fat and not that attractive. (and she’s jealous)
    I only bring this up because it implies that an attractive woman at a sensible weight is not a REAL woman and I find that a bit disrespectful.
    Then what is she? Paper Mache?

    And before you say they aren’t real because they have plastic surgery to make them look more attractive remember the vast majority of women wear makeup and push up bras, tummy toners, those arse bra things, too much make up and hair extensions so they are not only as fake but hypocrites.

    Why aren’t actresses real women?

    anyway learn to read.

    I said she had lots of wigs and an ADAMS APPLE!
    women real or jealous don’t have Adams apples Men do.
    I even stole it from Friends which I guess is only watched by paper mache women.

    Are you starting to understand now.
    The joke was about dating a woman that was really a man.
    You can’t hide an Adams apple with a bit of blusher.

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