Britney Spears should give driving lessons


Britney Spears has struck again. Last night she got behind the wheel of her car and accidentally ran over a photographer’s foot. Earlier in the day, Britney had just settled things financially with the driver of her first hit and run in August, only to have it happen all over again. People reports:

Spears, 25, driving her white Mercedes convertible, slowly exits the garage while a mob of paparazzi begin taking photos.

Bulbs flashing, a man in a camouflage jacket is seen falling to the ground near her front left tire while apparently shouting in pain.

Another photographer – “Michael” who works for the Web site Celebrity Babylon – told ABC7 that he witnessed the unnamed man’s foot get run over.

So how does Britney respond to the situation? Aw, you totally guessed it. She bolted:

Spears raises a hand to her mouth in shock and is then seen crying behind the wheel as she leaves the scene without checking on the man’s condition.

Everyone needs to realize that crying and driving away is Britney’s reaction to any type of accident. If she stubbed her toe, Britney would run to her car and drive away. Spill a Frappucino; cue the tears and screeching tires. Why did you think she was crying? Because this is just one more legal predicament to prevent Britney from getting her kid’s back? Ha! You’re funny! Seriously, you should be writing this. She was concerned for her kids. That’s adorable.