Britney Spears shooting for a third kid


Britney Spears’ friends are concerned she may be pregnant again. She was on Depo-Provera but kept skipping appointments for the monthly shot and claimed it was making her gain weight. (Oh, so that’s what it was. Silly me. Thinking it was Taco Bell.) In the meantime, Britney went on the birth-control pill, but she seems to have problems with that as well, according to Life & Style magazine:

“She’s constantly forgetting where she put them and to take them,” says the insider. “She seems to find it amusing — she laughs at how scattered she is.”
And making matters worse, Britney’s been taking a mild prescription stimulant, Provigil, which can decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

To make matters worse, Britney has surprisingly been finding guys willing to sleep with her:

She’s slept with pal Sam Lutfi, some friends believe, and her friend claims Britney and producer JR Rotem have been “hooking up.” “When her friends ask if she’s being safe, Britney says it’s just casual sex,” says the friend. “She seems to think that just because she isn’t in a formal relationship, she’s somehow immune to getting pregnant.”

It’s cute how Britney’s friends assume she’s somewhat familiar with the reproductive system. As far as Britney’s concerned, every once in a while, let’s say for about 8-9 months, she craves hamburgers and ice cream a little more than usual. She puts on a few pounds and then, hey, what do you know, there’s another kid running around. Did the stork bring it? She doesn’t know. Nor does she have the time to find out. Britney’s got a busy day not wearing clothes and driving her car aimlessly on the highway. Except where is she going to put a third car seat? Duh! The trunk.