Britney Spears shaved her head completely bald

February 16th, 2007 // 737 Comments

Britney Spears showed up to a California tattoo parlor Friday night with a completely shaved head as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist. Jesus fucking Christ, what happened to her in rehab? I’d say she’s this close to a mental breakdown but I can’t get my fingers close enough to convey just how deeply in the middle of a breakdown she is. My fingers would have to actually meld into each other to be accurate. I’m guessing she was forced to shave her hair after it got so dirty a family of gophers made it their home.

UPDATE: Here’s some video footage of Britney with her shaved head at the tatoo parlor. Whee.


  1. Britney wants attention ofocused on her again. SHe’s jealous of all the Anna Nicole coverage.

  2. Saera

    i actually thought this was eminem but in a britney spears look.
    this whole story doesn’t make sense.
    she wanted to get a tattoo, she couldn’t but she shaved her head. wtf?

  3. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    OK, maybe she just damaged her hair so bad what with dying it from blonde to dark brown and then blonde to dark brown and then gawd knows, so she shaved it off.

    But man…I wish she’d just stay at home, love her kids, enjoy her private gym, and eat some salads. Just disappear for a year or two and come back looking like someone who has a clue.

  4. kathleen170

    Poor Britney needs attention. Too bad she’s a fat ass whore… is this what she wants? I’m pretty sure the majority of the population is done feeling sorry for her.

  5. RichPort

    #150 – BOYootiful is more like it…

  6. tomdeleteseverypageimake

    apparently this is what happens when you eat some of that tainted peanut butter that Peter Pan peanut butter shipped out a few days back. maybe britney has salmonella….but seriously, if someone doesnt do an intervention sometime soon, her depression is gunna get the best of her and she’ll end up like anna nicole

  7. twzzlrgirl

    #149 — omg — i was just cleaning my bathroom a second ago! You are amazing….

    Sarcasm, of course. What the hell does paying her bills have to do with anything? I don’t have to pay her bills or not pay or bills to know she is worthless. Why? Because she chooses to be worthless. Why should I pity her? And why will cleaning my bathroom help?

    You speak like you are under the age of 20, me thinks.

  8. twzzlrgirl

    oh, and methinks “me thinks” should have been all one word.


  9. Stink

    Methinks a mutant strain of herpes made her hair fall out.

  10. tomdeleteseverypageimake

    who else thinks that K-FED is laughing his ass off right about now?

  11. BarbadoSlim

    @149…nah nah see, that’s the problem, YOU are the one who cares. We are just making fun of her. Kicking her while she’s down, ’cause that’s how we roll. And I have sex every night,with anything, hookers, cows, midgets, you need to get out more.

  12. RichPort

    When Earl looks like the bigger man, the Apocalypse is nigh. The seventh seal has been revealed… thank God I’m agnostic…

  13. twzzlrgirl

    Go to this site for some funny commentary on this. One comment: that she was a difficult tattoo customer because she kept screaming and wiggling her body from the pain. rotflmao.

  14. LookatYourself

    twzzlrgirl my Dear:
    Find yourself a man! You will feel less frustrated!
    It’s nobody’s fault you’ve born with a fucking ugly face and a funny body =)
    If you at least had a brain….



  15. Stink

    “She was very scatterbrained,” she said.

    Hughes said that when someone asked the singer and mother of two why her head was shaved, Spears replied: “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.”

    bwahahahaha! – kudos to #163!

  16. fame is funny

    I guess that solves her ratty hair problem…

  17. tomdeleteseverypageimake

    actually, she is starting to resemble k-fed…i cant wait for her fantastic rap album to come out

  18. drowningfool

    Her children are going to be so confused. This pretty much guarantees that both her children will be gay.

    “Daddy? Where’s Mommy?”

  19. shanonorato

    I CAME.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    Unfortunately for Britney, the delousing procedure and lice shaving will not cure her of her many venereal diseases.

  21. The Jenny

    No Britney, the “I’ve got cancer” trick won’t save you now.

  22. sexybitch

    #164 You mean, a brain like yours? Unimaginative and puerile, just like yours? No thanks. Classic mewling retort, BTW – everyone here needs to get laid/a life and we’re all fatass ugly people. So what do YOU care? Spears lives in the public eye – HER CHOICE. She wants fame, money and attention – no one who flashes her vag in public wants to be “left alone”. If you act like that, you not only invite commentary, you fucking beg for it.

    Now, go clean your bathroom – you missed that nasty spot behind the toilet AGAIN.

  23. CatherineB

    How do you DARE judging her now? YOU all caused this collectively by stalking her, trashing her and judging every single one of her moves!
    Britney made one mistake: Marrying Kevin. That guy is a narcissistic jerk who lied to her, cheated on her and belittled her to the point that she lost her confidence and sense of self as a result. Narcissists are incapable of love, but she interpreted her inability to make Kevin love her and be faithful to her as the worst rejection possible. She stopped feeling worthy of love and started to self-destruct. Going through all of this in the public eye and being constantly trashed by the media made all of it worse.
    We feel for you Britney! We love you, and we are certain that you can bounce back. Even if it?s not easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you must force yourself to believe that it?s all going to get better with time. It ALWAYS does. Don?t give up Britney! Reach out to those who really love you for you. Keep a low profile. Take time for yourself. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. And don?t forget. You are loved.

  24. fritobandito

    #173, OMG!! You should probably go back to lip syncing to your britney cd’s and talking to your many posters of her! P.S. I believe you were looking for the site. Man or woman, gay or straight you seriously need to get a life! Or maybe you could just have Britney’s, it’s not worth much anymore!

  25. BarbadoSlim

    @173, shhhhhh, STOP….listen…do you hear it? Yeah, that. Know what that is?

    That’s the sound of no one giving a rat’s ass.

    Clitney fansite —————————>


  26. RichPort

    #173 – By ‘we’, do you mean you and your competing personalities or everyone still bitter at the closing of her fan sites? You are destined to grow old alone in a houseful of cats.

  27. sexybitch

    #173 So marrying Jason Alexander on a 48 hour drunk in Vegas wasn’t a mistake? Whew, so glad to know she’s just made one.

    FYI, no matter how you try to spin the mess that is her life, SHE WON’T BE HIRING YOU AS HER PERSONAL ASSISTANT.

  28. Danklin

    Next step is shooting H, and then suicide.

  29. bedbugsandballyhoo

    The Smiths “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” keeps running through my head.
    By the way, her parents must be worthless pieces of shit.
    And all you so-called Britney Luvers, you’re a bunch of enablers. Stop blaming Kevin Federline for everything; after all she took him away from the mother of his children while she was pregnant. She knew he was a dog. The girl is off the rails; stop making excuses for her.

  30. healthdog

    Drink the kool aid, Britney. Drink it!

  31. RichPort

    #179 – Dear God, please adorn Danklin with the ability to predict the future. And get me a pony. Amen

  32. fearsarewishes


    For both you and Britney, the light at the end of the tunnel is the train. And she is coming down fast and hard.

    I know, Beavis. I said fast and hard.

    Thank you.

  33. Hey #141

    You can F yourself … just because someone isnt in the spotlight doesnt mean theyre a piece of shit… some people dont need atention from everyone 24/7 … some people were raised right .. with self confidence …

  34. twzzlrgirl

    #172, thanks, sexybitch!!! I had gone away from my computer and saw that you had defended me. Luv ya :)

    And 164 — i have a man, thanks. as for funny face and body, no one else happens to think so, but i don’t really care if you do. Frankly, if you are defending Brit and think her body and facee are o.k., i don’t happen to think much of your taste.

    As for a brain, I have a master’s degree in English/SS/Education. My brain works just fine. But since you can’t defend your comments, by all means call me fat/ugly/and stupid. My seventh graders come up with better retorts than that.

  35. MamaK

    *attention I mean …

  36. twzzlrgirl

    don’t feel bad mamaK…after touting my English MA, i spelled face with a second “e.”


  37. BarbadoSlim

    The sad thing folks is that drone #173 is representative of the future, Generation Douchebag, shallow, easily distracted by shiny things, loves TRL. The future of estern civilization can be summed up in one word:


    It’s not your fault Catherine, I blame your parents.

  38. RichPort

    #187 – Catherine’s parents hugged her too much and told her mean people only existed in the Bible.

  39. BarbadoSlim



  40. fearsarewishes


    twzzlrgirl, I don’t know WTF you are talking about and I don’t care to scroll up to read whatever trifling bullshit about which you are whining.

    I am directing this to you because I am so fucking tired of douche bags like you who cite their “achievements” as evidence of intelligence or resoucefulness or some other bit that makes them feel superior. That master’s degree is as soft as it gets. BFD…you earn that as long as your checks clear.

    Now, please go fuck yourself.

  41. sexybitch

    #184 More than welcome, twzzlr, you make me laugh a lot. I also know you’re a lot smarter and keep a cleaner bathroom than LookatYourself.

  42. sexybitch

    #187 Maybe if Catherine is a very, very good girl and loves Britney will all her little heart, Britney will puke a perfect circle in the back of her car someday.

  43. Missallanpoe

    Can you say attention whore? God she fuckin looks worse than before. Whoever said bald was beautiful has obviously never pictures Britney Spears with no hair on her head.

  44. dsolman

    Is that Eminem?

  45. twzzlrgirl

    Excuse me, 190 — i was responding solely to someone above who suggested that i was fat/ugly/stupid for saying Brit deserved what she got. I don’t feel superior in the least — i was responding to an attack.

    If you don’t feel like scrolling up, don’t make comments about which you know nothing. If someone calls me stupid, I’m going to say my education suggests otherwise.

    Get a life.

  46. Do Freebird

    #24 You forgot the King of the hirsutial impaired, and a member of the probably most cerebral (not) comedy trios ever. I speak of course of the one and only Curly Howard.

    And don’t forget Queen Elizabeth I of England. She lost all her hair, not to mention her teeth, probably due to the constant use of a White Lead solution to cover her smallpox scars.

    As far as Brit is concerned, I think it’s an improvement. She was never going to be able to get that straggly, dirty, jism soaked, ant colonized, knotted like a bondaged slut hair into anything resembling something human. At least it’s a fresh start….look what it did for Demi Moore.

    Besides, they always shave your head when your getting a lobotomy.

  47. wert890

    I think she looks hot.


    she needs a huge expandable dildo in her ass, while she is hogtied and whipped……..oh, and nipple clamps with weights on them

  49. RichPort

    She’s got the death camp look with out the death. As usual, she’s doing everything half-assed.

  50. doodee head

    For Brits next trick…

    Her head will spin around.

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