Britney Spears shaved her head completely bald

February 16th, 2007 // 737 Comments

Britney Spears showed up to a California tattoo parlor Friday night with a completely shaved head as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist. Jesus fucking Christ, what happened to her in rehab? I’d say she’s this close to a mental breakdown but I can’t get my fingers close enough to convey just how deeply in the middle of a breakdown she is. My fingers would have to actually meld into each other to be accurate. I’m guessing she was forced to shave her hair after it got so dirty a family of gophers made it their home.

UPDATE: Here’s some video footage of Britney with her shaved head at the tatoo parlor. Whee.


  1. Michael1

    Good call #97. I agree her new look is a result of her ignorant reaction to a bad case of crabs, except it was shaving her pubes first that did it — no surprise that the little critters migrated to the next hairy spot on her body.. *woops* “Wayl hayl. Ahl jus shayve awf these hayrs too!”

  2. Melvin Gibsons

    JT sold that stock at its absolute peak.

  3. CPR

    I myself was thinking of shaving my head just yesterday. It’s a cleansing ritual. This might be a good start for her.

  4. you look fabulous britney!!
    (fabulously awful)

  5. Carda

    Congrats Ms. Spears!!

    You have managed to pull off the following:

    -school girl
    -gorgeous super star
    -fat ass

    and now!! The “Convict” look!

    Well done Britney, well done…….

  6. #102 – Justin Timberlake’s initials followed by those seven words are the complete and total epitome of truth.

  7. aleahondemand

    I like who most of you are treating this as something weird. I work in a hair salon, and women DO shave their heads. Didn’t anyone notice that her hair color changed every other week? That results in extreme damage; her hair was probably falling off by itself!! Plenty of people shave their heads and wear wigs. Its just starting over, thats all.

    But the tattoo…yeah, kind of trashy.

  8. fearsarewishes

    Travis Bickle: June twenty-ninth. I gotta get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. From now on there will be 50 pushups each morning, 50 pullups. There will be no more pills, no more bad food, no more destroyers of my body. From now on will be total organization. Every muscle must be tight.

    Britney has dragged her NYC inspired plan to LA. Please stay tuned…

  9. BarbadoSlim


    kudos on your mastery of Bugs Bunny cartoon esoterica.

  10. RooneyPunch

    We got off to such a good start with the demise of Mom Of The Year: Anna Nicole Smith. That’s one down, three more to go… Britney, Paris, and J-Lo. These are worthless sacks of assholes and should be removed. If aliens captured any one of these three, the human race would be obliterated. And I can’t say I would blame the aliens, either. These…. people…. are a blight on humanity.

    Also, they suck.

  11. parishaswarts

    anyone consider the fact that people addicted to meth or coke often have delusions that they are covered in bugs? LICE MAYBE? could that have prompted this radical act?

  12. You can’t deny though that sure she is purdy.

  13. Tracy

    So now when the Family Court judge wants a hair sample to see how long she’s been clean, she won’t have to comply. Nice.

  14. her hair was too far gone; maybe her stylist decided it was best to just start from scratch

  15. Virgil

    It’s a chain reaction. You can’t deny it. All the “once” stars are going down the toilet hole. First it’s Anna Nicole, Britney looks like she’s coming close, who’s next?

  16. fearsarewishes

    FYI to the pinheads that are suggesting this shaving is a bid to circumvent a drug test:

    The drug cops will just collect the sample from elsewhere…hair from eyebrows or arms works just fine, thank you very much. 3mm to 5mm tells the tale for the last ninety days. If she waxes her body clean they will just assume she is dirty. Or crazy. Or both.

  17. twzzlrgirl

    I’ve said it before: her poor kids. And has anyone seen the baby anywhere? Gotta wonder if all this nonsense is coming from something being wrong with the second child (?) Maybe he was born deformed or something and she went over the edge.

    As soon as I read this, my first thought was she’s gonna kill herself next. My God, what a wreck of a female…where is her mother?????

  18. twzzlrgirl

    Oh, and who shaves their head when they have ears like something out of Lord of the Rings??? Her ears are bizarre. Bad move, Brit.

  19. greatestntheworld

    Cheaper than a regular haircut for sure. I have been shaving my head for over a year now and saved a crapload. Of course, I am a guy.
    Personally, I think it’s good for a change. Her head is too lumpy though.
    I think she is going to the “other team” guys. What do you think?

  20. pabena6

    Nobly stepping into the vacuum left by Anna Nicole…

  21. twzzlrgirl

    The other team…hmmmmm…that would explain the pair of pink and red lips on her wrist (if i’m reading that right)…two females together….

  22. fame is funny

    what the hell? hahahahahahaha. this chick has done everything people do to get attention. the problem is, she’s doing at at a daily rate instead of yearly.

  23. my opinion

    Can her mother with Kevin declare Britney incompetent and then slam her into a first class no nonsense mental facility? She is just pitiful and worthless as a woman, mother, entertainer and human being.

  24. greatestntheworld

    Well, the good news is that she shaves everything. Nothing worse than a girl with a forest. What is the likelyhood that a girl who shaves their head would shave their nether regions? I think it is a pretty good chance.

  25. katzie

    i bet she browsed the internet and saw all the bashing of her greasy hair, so instead of being a normal person and washing it, she just shaved it all off.

  26. baker

    Poor Britney—-someone needs to help her—

  27. mybella

    SID – lol, that’s a great song. Sad but true.

    I’m so over Britney but I have to agree that this girl is having a major meltdown and I hope she gets help before it’s too late.

    But ya know, if you hate the paps so much and the public eye, and you’ve got gazillions of dollars, buy yourself an estate in Colorado or somewhere away from the crowds and let yourself heal in a healthy way.

    She’d be better off watching the sunsets at night with her kids that killing herself in clubs.

  28. em167

    You know, this really does nothing to help dispell those lesbian rumors…

  29. justme

    She’s still pretty. When white chicks shave their heads they still look like chicks.

    When female niggers take off their 10 dollar wigs they look like men..

  30. urwrong

    Maybe she will go “GI Jane” and get her ass back into shape. God only hopes.

  31. fearsarewishes


    What happened to the TNB site?

  32. Lobo

    Rehab advised her to have an EEG to check for any brain actvity. Head shaving seems a little overkill in an attempt to get the electrodes to stick though. The upside to all this is that her 24/7 protective helmet she’s been prescribed will fit securely.
    Downside is that the EEG results show that ANS has more brain activity than BS.

  33. pus-eater

    Holy fuck; she looks like Curly Howard only fatter and a little more low-brow!

  34. hilaroushillary

    New rumor: Britney has been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I will post more information once I get it.

    She’s scaring me. That video is terrifying. The paparazzi ask her “Why you cut your hair like that” and first She says: “GO FUCK YOURSELF.” and then he asks again and she says: “Because of you.” and then tells the camera: “I know your face. Who are you?” I’m speechless. February 16, 2007. –


  35. oh, you sly boots.

    i just hope she doesn’t drown her kids in a bathtub. zzzomfg.

  36. biatcho

    She is all sorts of a dyke now.

  37. mybella

    “justme” – seriously, shut up.
    I’m a white woman and I am embarrassed by your assinine comment.

  38. Wow, she reminds me of Belladonna… Not that I know who Belladonna is, I’m just saying…

  39. BarbadoSlim

    I feel no pity, and no compassion for this loser. She has it all, financial security, her health and a family to think about. Yet, she voluntarily neglects it for….what? exactly?
    She either needs to shut the fuck up and leave the spotlight with the little dignity she has left, or leave the human race feet first. I really don’t care which.

  40. LookatYourself

    How can somebody possibly have fun seeing somebody else disgrace???

  41. twzzlrgirl

    #141 — excuse me? She is not like me. I take care of my family, don’t do drugs, wear underwear in public, AND I have hair.

    As for being in disgrace, i would never have fun if someone was disgraced through no fault of their own. But this woman has asked for everything she’s getting. Case in point: if i want the press to leave me alone, I’m not going to make a constant ass of myself for all to see.

    If Brit doesn’t want to be thought of as a lowlife whore, she shouldn’t act like one.

  42. fearsarewishes


    justme is an ignorant racist that strolls by here on occasion to provoke fucktards like you.

    I would suggest that in the future should you care to insult someone by using a word that means silly, stupid or ignorant that you spell it correctly: asinine, not ASSinine.

    It will help your case.

  43. pus-eater

    #141; is this your first time on this website? What the hell did you expect the comments to be like? Now, go finish popping your zits and shut the fuck up.

  44. niner11

    fuck peta

  45. BarbadoSlim

    @141….nope you are wrong, I am now,and always have been better then Britney Spears, and you, and so are the rest of everyone here.

  46. twzzlrgirl

    Yep, #146 — we are all better than Brit :)

  47. RichPort

    #49 – Excellent.

    I don’t have an issue with the bald head so much as the cry for help. As Slim said, this chick has everything anyone could ask for. This idiotic cry for attention makes me wanna shave the skin of her buzz cut. She looks like she’s auditioning for American History X. I’d like to do to her (and #141) what landed Ed Norton’s character in jail… that’s right sweetie… chew on the curb. There is no fucking reason, other than stupidity, that this woman is not hot. The VMAs must seem like a lifetime ago to this wannabe skinhead. I take back ever bit of ejaculate I ever wasted on her.

  48. LookatYourself

    I just think you all should take care of your own lives!!!
    Go clean your bathroom for exemple!
    Or maybe if you’re lucky enough FIND SOMEBODY TO HAVE SEX WITH!!
    And let her live her life! You’re not paying her bills…so WHAT DO YOU CARE!!!

  49. whodatiz

    You guys are all just jealous. Stop being haterz. She is beyootiful. Go Brit.


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