Britney Spears shaved her head completely bald

February 16th, 2007 // 737 Comments

Britney Spears showed up to a California tattoo parlor Friday night with a completely shaved head as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist. Jesus fucking Christ, what happened to her in rehab? I’d say she’s this close to a mental breakdown but I can’t get my fingers close enough to convey just how deeply in the middle of a breakdown she is. My fingers would have to actually meld into each other to be accurate. I’m guessing she was forced to shave her hair after it got so dirty a family of gophers made it their home.

UPDATE: Here’s some video footage of Britney with her shaved head at the tatoo parlor. Whee.


  1. somethingoriginal

    @49 … that’s awesome. it almost made me type LOL. oh crap! what have i done?

  2. crazyotto

    Sinead O’Spears

  3. crazyotto

    doing a re-make of “nothing compares to you”

  4. NikkiLynn

    the sad thing is, this is the best she has looked in awhile.

    I don’t see the big deal. This was gonna happen anyways, seeing as though she bleaches her hair about every other week

  5. NikkiLynn

    oh, and I agree, #16. Would not be surprised at a suicide AT ALL.

    She’s always been a sad girl.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Yup, she seems about ready for a final solution.

    wait for it.

    My money is on alcohol and pills.

  7. sid

    My conscience is clear.

    My song was about her slowing down.

    49: Funny shit, man.

  8. Is the will ready yet?
    Stern, it’s time for you to get in the picture.

  9. parishaswarts

    Artist usually create a new look for their comebacks…even madonna never took this incarnation…BUTCH LESBIAN.

    I dig butches, I might actually put my feeling about genital warts aside and hit it

  10. Sweet Amber

    god damn. o.o and i thought the black hair looked like shit… i bet she got a couple lollipops stuck in there and that’s why it had to be shaved off… and wow, red lips on the wrist, huh? that totally doesn’t sound white trash at all!

  11. Stink

    Hey Moe! V for Vendetta! Nyuk nyuk nyuk…

  12. Awesome! My chances of banging her just went up ten-fold!

  13. diddleysquat

    She’s getting pumped up Rambo-style to go to Iraq and kick some ass

  14. kbduncan

    Maybe she didn’t feel good, and her hair was making her hot. She tried drinking some cold water, but then decided that she was going to just have to shave it off, so that she could cool down. You know, just like Pedro did.

  15. fritobandito

    Uncle Fester! That you??

  16. fritobandito

    She should have done the eyebrows too. That would have completed the look. Does K-fag even need to show up at the custody hearing???? At this point they could give custody to a monkey at those kids would be better taken care of.

  17. Alandra

    Number 1 got it right –

    What. The. Fuck.

  18. marie-jo

    Jayks, dykes!

  19. woodhorse

    Yeah Britney. Looks good. What’s next??

  20. slutzilla

    It’s actually pretty damn frightening how this woman’s completely fucked up her life.

  21. ~Toni~

    Hrm. I wonder when she’ll resort to wearing a wig.

  22. jonDoe

    She looks a lot better.

    That is so sad.

  23. kamihi

    Damn I feel sorry for her at the point, why does her mother or someone close not step in and say “Get a grip” I do feel that there must be some crazy shit going on inside that noggin.

  24. woodhorse

    THANKS #38 X17 does show some great pics. She looks super and more in control. Tell ‘em who you are, Britney!!

  25. slg6

    the funniest part is that she looks better with a shaved head than k. fed ever did….

  26. Dan

    She’s a dumb bitch. And number 44 is hott!

  27. twentytwelve

    oh brit, way to go and scream out for even more media attention than before.

    i wonder if this is her idea of fooling us into thinking she has a life threatening disease so we feel bad for her and blame that for her recent downward spiral instead of poor judgment.

  28. Kevin_FederSwine

    Time for a Tom Cruise intervention? Will Britney find hope and salvation in the arms of disgraced former Seinfeld star Michael Richards? Will bald Britney become the new fourth wheel on “The View” when Rosie’s contract expires? Will Britney replace 15 year old Wolfgang Van Halen on this summer’s Diamond Dave reunion tour? Will Britney seek another bald, chain-smoking alcoholic stripper-loving pal so they can put their heads together and say “Look, we make an ASS?” K-Fed must be laughing his ASS off right now.

  29. Mo

    R.I.P. Britney, R.I.P.

  30. Lindsay J

    Miss Brit did this for one reason and one reason alone-drug testing. Drugs are easily found in the hair follicles and she doesnt want to lose her boys. She didnt have a choice really. I bet her hair is gone in other places too. We’ll see. Crazy!

  31. cymbaline777

    “All you have to do is follow the worms”

  32. supafreak

    I wake up with a major woody and I have to see this Manson-ite alien looking beyotch? K-Fed’s credibility just went through the roof.

    My head is shaved and I got out of rehab 2 months ago. Brit, maybe we could hook up and hit some NA meetings. 90 in 90 babeee!

  33. cerisier

    Either she did it for Locks of Love or she had lice, but I’d rather go with the latter.

  34. abdomtv

    please..someone..tell me this is not britney spears!!!!.what da hell is going to her???….
    I never know that being a celebrity could ever leads to this???…could this be the end of britney spears musical career??and a start of a another one called ……..???????????

  35. Songster

    Lookin back on when I

    Was a little nappy headed boy


    she should have 30 guys cum on her head and let it drip down like that candle wax look that boy george had!!!!

  37. MissDior17

    I don’t care. I still love Britney Spears. Even if she decided to grow a penis and become a lesbian I’d love her. This is nothing.

  38. Mick

    I read an article that said before she went into the salon she was crying in her car. Either She had
    A. Head lice and was trying to get rid of them….. because you know, shampooing is obviously really hard for brit to do these days… Or
    B. she’s insane and has change her look to tattooed bald biker chick.

  39. shimmyshamster

    It’s pretty bad when K-Fed starts looking like the better parent!

  40. That…



  41. techclerk

    Kill da wabbit.
    Kill da wabbit!

    Wid my majic hewl-met….
    I goona kill da wabb-it….


  42. NikkiLynn

    you know, I was thinking, what if Britney literally comes out?

    Not that all bald females are gay, but at this point, I wouldn’t put anything past this girl.

    Mark my words, something bigger will follow this “haircut”, I say either she offs herself or comes out.

  43. techclerk

    How long now before the coke bust? I say less than 5 weeks

  44. thunderkat69

    Don’t celebrity deaths come in threes?

  45. thunderkat69

    Damm! Ah betta shave mah head cuz mah crabs done started movin northwards..

  46. Meritocrat

    So she’s purifying. I would probably do the same thing if I were as screwed up as she is. She pulls off the look quite well, actually. The girl’s crazy and she’s got balls, I give her credit.

  47. BSfan

    This was obviously caused by bad drugs and a non-stop cycle of V for Vendetta.

    Got. At least when she was fat it was fun to watch. This is just wrong.

  48. zena marie

    This is really “budget cut Britney style”… She’ll be saving THOUSANDS formerly spent on weaves and hair extensions.

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