Britney Spears shaved her head completely bald

February 16th, 2007 // 737 Comments

Britney Spears showed up to a California tattoo parlor Friday night with a completely shaved head as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist. Jesus fucking Christ, what happened to her in rehab? I’d say she’s this close to a mental breakdown but I can’t get my fingers close enough to convey just how deeply in the middle of a breakdown she is. My fingers would have to actually meld into each other to be accurate. I’m guessing she was forced to shave her hair after it got so dirty a family of gophers made it their home.

UPDATE: Here’s some video footage of Britney with her shaved head at the tatoo parlor. Whee.


  1. TrannyGranny


  2. sexybitch

    Breaking news – Britney has stubble!

  3. RichPort

    I don’t know, I kinda like ball play, especially when my tongue “accidentally” brushes across his anus.

  4. doodee head

    See ya Tranny????????

  5. Dragulf

    Tranny! Stop PMing me on Yeeeeah! and go to bed m8!

  6. RichPort

    #650 & 653 – I knew you couldn’t resist. You’re a sad invdividual. You’re the kind of shut in that makes everyone slide all correspondence under your door, right? Maybe a small flap for packages… I bet the damn thing is sealed shut from caked-on dust stagnant musk. “Just slide it under the door…”, you sneer angrily. I always picture the “gluttony” scene in 7even when you post… especially the ending

  7. Dragulf

    #656 – What correspondance? Like he gets anything but bills. Frakking Trolls!

  8. RichPort

    ^ Possibly your lamest work yet, “are you even trying?” G’night Tea Bag ;o

  9. danielle


  10. yve


  11. Izzy

    Has anyone considered that Britney might have postpartum depression? Her behavior indicates that she definitely could be.

  12. sid

    Izzy, we’re 662 posts into this thing.

    Don’t try to spoil the party now.

    LOOK, PEOPLE, WE CAN DO 700 before the Super wipes this post off the main page!

  13. Caris

    LMAO RichPort are you single? Cos if yes I could be ;) I want you bad

  14. sid

    Hey, which one of you hipster doofuses wants the priviledge of the “666″ post.

    Come on…all those email addresses and internet chatroom handles with “666″ in them…

    You know you want it.

    I don’t, which is why I’m backing off until one of you goes for it.

    Not that I’m advocating it, mind you.

    But, if you’re into that thing, there it is.

  15. WiseMan

    She is a ugly whore.

  16. WiseMan

    Why did she produce those ugly sprogs?? Why couldnt this retarded slut keep those legs shut? Fucking nasty cum bucket.

  17. parochial school graduate

    I ain’t lettin this thing stay on no 666.

  18. GluttonySpears

    Do you think Britney Spears shaved her ass too??

  19. God Fearing Hombre

    Thank you so much parochial school graduate.

  20. sid

    Keep it going, people!!!!

    Look, the Super will likely post something new soon, but we gotta hit 700 before it slides off the main page.

    Somebody said they were fingering themselves while looking at this pic of Brit bald?

    Well, guess what I found. On a serious blog, some guy wrote a story called:

    Britney Shaves Her Head while Neocons Finger Iran on the Cheap

    There! You got Britney and “finger” in the same headline!

    Here’s the link, and the guy even is forced to write abut her bald cooter:

    Just do what you can, folks. Keep posting.

    Posting…posting from the HEART!

    Ohhhhh yeaaaaaah!

  21. sid

    Actually, she probably just does what I do:

    Inserts a butt plug and drowns the whole trunk with Nair.

    Keep on posting, people! Share the Britney experience :)

    Don’t let the terrorists win!

  22. RichPort


    But what if someone signs up and spoofs my identity?

    While we can not guarantee that people won’t go to great lengths to try to spoof identities, we believe that we have a number of solutions in place that will help verify identity. Considering that most commenting today allows you to easily enter any name or URL in commenting fields, we’re certain that TypeKey will provide a positive alternative.

    In addition, each TypeKey user gets his own TypeKey Profile Page, on which you can choose to provide as little or as much information as you wish.

  23. RichPort


    Why did you create the TypeKey service?

    We talked to a lot of webloggers who had been bombarded by spam comments, trolling comments and comment attacks. They’d turned off comments on their weblogs not only because of spammers but also because they felt that their weblogs (with these abusive comments) were becoming a territory beyond their control. These users wanted to stop spammers from using their weblogs to peddle their garbage, and wanted to create an environment that fostered positive communication.

    Then we started to think about how the whole process of commenting could be improved. In terms of our own tools, we knew that we had to offer better comment management. For weblogging as a whole, we realized that measures needed to be put in place to add accountability to weblog comments.

    Most of the email we received about comment spam and trolling expressed the frustration of not being able to control one

  24. sid

    I thought the butt plug thing surprised even myself. What do I get? Crickets.

    Doesn’t mean YOU can’t do better, chum!

    Come on, Superfish reader, roll up your sleeves and POST!

  25. sid

    I have to go drink beer, but I want the rest of you TO DO YOUR PART :)

    There’s POSTIN’ to be done!


  26. BarbadoSlim

    Wow, nice work people, just got up and checked the news, sadly Clitney’s not dead yet so we still have a ways to go.

    Hmmmm it also seems that I posted while I was sleeping, not my best material, severely lacking in nuance, by far.

  27. RichPort

    My troll is an insomniac. And a humorless bi-polar hack. I wonder if this is the same idiot:

  28. WiseMan

    You people are talking shit. You turds must have a lot of free time on your hands. Oh well carry on you fatties.

  29. WiseMan

    I forgot to say it must be true that American women are all easy whores.

  30. MrSemprini


    Please? I can’t take any more of Britney and her bald head. I’m having nightmares about my 10th grade Algebra teacher, Mr. Hines. He was bald and effeminate. She looks just like him! Now I’m doing differential calculations, polynomial theorems and *shudder* finding for “X”. Oh, the horrors…. All because some little tramp can’t keep her brains in her head. Ooops, gotta go, sirens.

  31. fergernauster

    Hundreds upon hundreds of posts…

    I cannot be bothered to read even a fifth of them (my time is precious); however, suffice it to say that she is succumbing to severe mental stress in the same manner many of us would, if put in similar iron vices. Admit it.

    I believe the absolute worst of her woes is the pap-smears who profit from her every move. I know… “Why doesn’t she just say home then?” Because she’s lost her youth and has a desperate need to recover it, even if by dysfunctional means such as drinking, drugging and now shaving her head. At present, she is merely beyond irrational.

    Addendum: Oh yeah… even in her “prime”, I maintained that she was never naturally attractive. No crime in that, of course. How naive of some of you to believe she was EVER beautiful. Let the truth now set your souls free…

  32. morningwood

    since nobody asked but we need to get to 700, i think only a heavily engrished schadenfreude variant would fit sadism. you really should dislike, envy, resent somebody and then feel schadenfreude when something bad – beyond your control – befalls them. so for example, i’m not experiencing schadenfreude re: britney’s current state, because i don’t resent special olympians. on the other hand, and because we need to bring in libraesque to reach 800, schadenfreude would certainly be on the menu if angelina were visiting africa on a typically camera-dense humanitarian mission, then suddenly discovered brad was still fucking jen on the side, then went into a classic borderline micropsychotic episode and got caught on camera saying “i don’t give a fuck about these monkeys.” so this is a sadistic fantasy but if it happened it wouldn’t be due to my own action. still, i’d enjoy it: schadenfreude.

  33. Jillblondie

    Sad, sad, sad.

  34. fearsarewishes


    I am experiencing schadenfreude at this very moment.

    For reasons that I cannot explain, I am happy that you, my good friend, have a broken shift key on your keyboard.

  35. MyGosh!

    I have to say that I found it very funny to make fun of her when she used to hang out with Paris-la-slut, and flash her poon in front of paparazzis.

    But today I feel sorry for her and somewhat scared too… She’s obviously going through some very tough time, and I hope she’ll find a way to overcome this. And who knows, maybe she needs this life experience to mature. She should use the anger and pain she’s going through to produce a self-reflective album.

    I know you guys will call me a loser for standing up for her, but I don’t mind.It would be terrible if we read tomorrow that she died of an overdose, or that she committed suicide. I sincerely hope she’ll get in touch with her inner strength, and find a way out of this mess. Comebacks are possible, look at Whitney…

  36. WiseMan

    Why doesnt britney feed her sprogs to the alligators in florida?? Thats 2 less baboons in the world. Then she should go swim in the swamps. Then again that would infect all the creatures in their.

  37. greenbean1982

    I actually feel sorry for Britney! What the hell is wrong with her???? I mean really come on!!! She needs to get to an inpatient clinic and stay there for a while! But worst of all her kids will eventually see all of these photos of their mother at her worst!!!

  38. jrzmommy

    Well, the Superfish guy did say we wouldn’t recognize her after 24 hours of rehab………..

    Someone throw a net over her.

  39. fergernauster

    **SICK O’ SPEARS**

    So… let’s change the subject.

    I just relieved myself in one of the public restrooms at my workplace. The toilet tissue dispenser was about 1″ ft from the floor, and I nearly broke my already-sore back wrestling to tear a long enough strip to do the job.

    ENOUGH, I SAY!! No more locating public dispensers, etc. so low that only wheelchair-bound persons can effectively and safely reach them. What about the majority of us erectophytes? Many of us need to bend and reach beyond comfort to access these necessities.


    Thank you.

  40. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, Tranny — why the hell are you callin me a stupid cunt???


  41. fergernauster


    I feel like a new, fresher woman.

  42. supafreak

    I couldn’t help but notice the resemblence of my freshly shaved testicles to that of the Brit-head. All she needs is to have a friend shave her head, apply lotion, and we’d have a pair.


  43. fergernauster


  44. Courtney

    Wow. I’m sorry to see that you all had such a boring weekend.

  45. fergernauster

    … inching along, closer and closer… like a shaved caterpillar in heat.


  46. twzzlrgirl

    Actually, I’ve seen a lot of people post on here that haven’t posted in a while. We all contributed to the marathon post.

    We should all be proud.

    Brit still looks like an old man in a rest home.

  47. whitegold

    Boo-fucking-hoo!!! A multi-millionaire, pampered, spoiled little celebrity brat is having a bullshit breakdown. Absolutely pathetic! He troubles are so trivial compared to most people, and yet most people just suck it up and live there lives. But not a spoiled little drama queen like BS, she has to make “statements” to the public by doing stupid things like this. The very fact that she was able to get a salon to open after hours and was able to wander freely and grab hold of a shaver shows how spoiled she is. If a normal person wanted to have a mental breakdown like this, do you think any salon would care enough to open up for them?! This girl has the money and fame to get pretty much whatever she wants in life. Most people bust there ass day in and day out to try and get a small portion of what she has. And does she use any of her vast resources to go good at all? No, she uses them to tend to her spoiled ego and insanity! What an ass!

  48. whitegold

    And seriously, she says she just wants to be left alone and gets mad at the media and public for harassing her? What a load of crap. Yeah Spears, you friggin genius, clearly the best way to be left alone is to go and shave your head! Such a media whore and so full of shit? Did she seriously think a stunt like this would help her in accomplishing her so called goal of being left alone and given some privacy?

  49. jrzmommy


  50. jrzmommy

    Oh, NOW it’s 700.

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