Britney Spears shaved her head completely bald

February 16th, 2007 // 737 Comments

Britney Spears showed up to a California tattoo parlor Friday night with a completely shaved head as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist. Jesus fucking Christ, what happened to her in rehab? I’d say she’s this close to a mental breakdown but I can’t get my fingers close enough to convey just how deeply in the middle of a breakdown she is. My fingers would have to actually meld into each other to be accurate. I’m guessing she was forced to shave her hair after it got so dirty a family of gophers made it their home.

UPDATE: Here’s some video footage of Britney with her shaved head at the tatoo parlor. Whee.


  1. Katie

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. Way to try and be Natalie portman… this is so last year. If she thinks this will clear her concious of badly raising her children and doing drugs… well.. shes fucked!

  2. You are fucking kidding. I’m speechless. This is the ugliest, funniest rock bottom I have ever seen.

  3. kencarlo

    she looks… fatter

  4. kellygirl57

    Note to self…Never to go rehab in the Caribbean

  5. licklick

    “Earth to Britney. Are you there?”

  6. sid


    Doesn’t remember me for two weeks, not even A DAY!

    It said “comments 0.” FUCK!


    Well, before I thought she was just a party hound, a lousy mother, but was gonna get over it and be a kazillionaire again, but this is a pretty good sign she’s losing it.

    I’m expecting a LOT more fun outta her in the coming weeks.

    At least this solves the filthy hair problem. Heh.

    But…blecccch >:P

  7. omelette ze roar

    Oh, Brit…joo so crazeh.

  8. geek_uk

    This is the best she’s looked in ages.

  9. Now she is completely hairless. (Can’t test her hair for coke)

  10. shakeitout

    endless amounts of shampoo could never have saved her hair, anyway. it was bound to happen.

  11. thehoch

    Out of control! This chick needs to get out of the public eye and hide out. The pressure of having every one of her moves made known to everyone is crushing her.

    Next floor: Rock bottom

  12. geek_uk

    no6 – what’s with the moaning? did you really want to be “First!” that much?

  13. WiseMan


  14. Holy mother of pearl keys…

  15. sid

    Did this fast to make up for the fact I missed being #1.

    Are you ready?

    I said, ARE YOU READY?

    Well, let’s GO!
    White Trash in the Wind

    Get lost Britney Spears
    Though I never dug you at all
    I can’t get away from you
    Thanks to the tabloids in the mall

    You make your bones with Mickey
    And then you lied to us at night
    And said you were a virgin
    While you got fucked every night

    And it seems to me you’re living your life
    Like white trash in the wind
    Your babies don’t know who to cling to
    Because you’re never in

    And they would have liked to have told you
    But they’re just little kids
    Your interest in them burned long before
    Their needs for you ever did

    You got a nose job early
    And bought yourself giant tits
    To be the center of attention
    A empty vessel we called Brit

    Your marriage was a joke
    You picked the biggest loser you could find
    Kevin Federline
    A wigger who couldn’t rhyme

    You made friends with Paris and Lindsay
    Somehow, you made them look good
    When you flashed your pussy
    And nobody got wood

    You’re gonna fucking die
    If you don’t slow down, y’see
    Barfing Cheetos and Stoli
    In a rented SUV

    Get lost Britney Spears
    From the young man in the Superfish thread
    Who now sees you as repulsive
    With your fucked-up, shaven head

  16. SaveBritney

    This seems like the end. I think she might kill herself. And it’s thanks to people like Perez and her so-called “friends” like Felicia who hope that she “hits rock bottom” as a solution to her problems. Announcement: Britney hit rock bottom right after her divorce from FedEx. What the hell kind of “reasoning” is it to say that she’ll inevitably get back on track once she’s truly hit rock bottom? Most people can’t get back up once that happens– and, newsflash: that has already happened for Britney. She’s destroyed herself and will definitely not get custody of her kids– which is the only good thing she got out of her marriage to FedEx. Justin won’t ever take her back, and she hates herself. NOTE to anyone who actually cares about Britney in the slightest who can actually communicate with her: Get her a book called “It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken”. She needs to read this, desperately. I’m a huge fan of hers and I honestly think that her getting ahold of that book is her one last hope for survival– not just career-wise (it might be too late for that) but as a human being. I am truly afraid for her. BRITNEY: If you ever read this, go straight to a bookstore and get that book. You have nothing to lose, here at the end– you might as well take this one last chance on yourself before you give up permanently.

  17. diamondprynzez

    This is as shocking as Lance Bass’s coming out.

  18. sid

    “Burned OUT long before,” and “AN empty vessel we called Brit.”


    Weird how I posted at the same time as a real fan of hers. I actually wrote it in the present tense, because I thought that if I wrote it in the past, she’d be dead within hours.

    She’s probably alone right now, looking at what she’s done to herself, and crying.

  19. dannielynn'sdaddy

    K-Fed wouldn’t even take her back at this point.

  20. dannielynn'sdaddy

    BTW, you need strong facial features to pull off bald. Her indescript eyes, hook nose, and soft chin are NOT rocking this do.

  21. FunkMasterYeliz

    this is ridiculous. She is ridiculous!

  22. boinsie

    How much does it matter? Half of the time she wore a wig anyway.
    Confusing wrist tattoos are always a good sign though, right?

  23. sid

    Telly Savalas…Yul Brenner…

    …the only good bald looks.


  24. meagan

    ummm what? really? is she ACTUALLY serious? there better be a damn press release explaining this shit because right now i’m making the assumption that she had to shave her head to sell her hair so she could buy more coke. and until that’s proven to not be the case, i stand by it.

  25. Pikachelsea

    I guess she’s trying to out-do Anna Nicole Smith “most rapid and hilarious descent into retardation after jumping the shark”.

  26. slutzilla

    I highly doubt this is real. It looks Photoshopped… Unless Britney happens to have a white “glow” around her head..

  27. logger

    She’e cleaning herself up! Started with the hair…probably she’d kill herself in the end! Things have gone too dirty for comfort.

  28. bellaparis

    Um I think the white glow is from the bars behind her. In that photo she looks like someones bitch in prison.

  29. no1justminda

    K-Fed is becoming more appealing by the second…

  30. no1justminda


  31. its better than bad its good

    this has to be photoshopped. please tell me its photoshop. good lord, this must be the next sign of the jihad holy war

  32. no1justminda

    Nope, not photoshopped. There are pics of her shaving her head and a video of the media asking her why afterwards. She says “Because of you”

  33. Wow, she’s completely lost it. Federline’s gonna have a field day. Can’t say I’m surprised, I can say I’m amused, ABSOLUTELY amused.

  34. Cookie V.

    How often history repeats itself.

    But did Sinead O’Connor shave her head before or after spawning (not one but two) white trash offspring with a D-list backup dancer from Modesto? I can’t remember.

  35. zEnAiDa

    how saaaad im gonna cry! what is she doin to herself?!!!

  36. serena

    i think she looks better bald than she does with hair.

    she actually looks pretty now. wtf?

  37. She looks pretty cute for a dude.

  38. Cookie V.

    definitely worth a stop over at

    (thx 30)

  39. Kate

    In all seriousness, she probably just took got sick of her over-processed, damaged hair and decided she’d rather go to extreme measures and shave it than wait for all the damage to grow out long enough to be cut. God only knows why she didn’t just cut it short, like a Halle Berry length haircut, but whatever..God only knows why Britney does a lot of things.

  40. Cookie V.

    Presto custody-chango!

  41. its better than bad its good

    no i refuse to believe it, she could not possibly be that dumb, its just not scientifically possible to be that career suicidal. she looks like shes ready to do a gi jane on osamas ass.

  42. Cookie V.

    New rumor: Britney has been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (2.17.07)

  43. crackerjack

    geez, even Michael jackson took longer to go insane after superstardom.

  44. Amy

    She has really lost it. Why doesn’t anyone close to her smack some sense into her?!

  45. The best she looked in a long time! But that’s maybe because I think Nathalie Portman’s hot :)

  46. Jack Sparrow

    It looks like The Superficial was right 11 months ago, and it finally happened!!!

    BTW, all we need is a scar on her forehead and she’s lookin’ exactly like her own fud.

  47. vingving

    I think britney is pretty confused with herself at the moment. If you look at her actions you see someone who is stumbling about trying to find something that is not going to crumble under her feet.

    Unfortunatly she cant see straight and therefore does a lot of stupid shit.

    I think she suits beeing bald. She has a decent head shape which is important. Even though drastic, I myself have shaved my head plenty of times (I?m a girl) and one feels almost reborn after doing so, I hope britney
    gets the same satisfaction.

    I think britney needs time to discover herself as a person. since her teenage years
    she has been told what to look like and who to be. Maybe her actions is a subconsious rebellion against that.

    I am no fan of her music or her life but I see someone who needs help and time to herself to find her own truth instead of following other peoples truth. And to be able to do that she needs peace and time to think.
    The press is not making it better and almost, enjoying themselves in other peoples misery.

    I hope she gets the time and peace to transform herself into who she truly is, for better or worse.

  48. cuesta_rey

    How long is this bullshit going to be news?

    All media should ignore this hick attention-whore from now on. She is sooooo done.

    Bald Britney! Tattoo Britney! Crying Britney! Stupid Britney! Horny Britney! Cellulite Britney! Poor Britney! Rich Britney! Pregnant Britney!


  49. FINALLY!

    The carpet matches the curtains.

  50. justsmartenough

    @49 – You took the words right outta my mouth! Maybe someone got tired of pushing her hair outta the way to *watch*

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