Britney Spears wears see through outfit

April 30th, 2007 // 140 Comments

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  1. chiris

    What the hell is wrong with her? She looks like a drag queen. And what about her children? Today was the nannies day-off so they could not carry them around Britch???

  2. aydien

    #11, in response to the firing driver comment:

    Obviously she had to because she couldn’t afford the $10/hour she was paying them.

    Please note how long it’s been since she’s driven a car, she had to crawl in from the PASSENGER side in order to find the driver’s side.
    And she took her shoes off to climb over the seat, all she needs is her one kid to act as her seat belt and off she goes into the night! or lamp post… or killing pedestrians on the side walk..

  3. TexasTranny

    #57 I know several drag queens that would be upset with your comment. I’m one of them.

  4. culinaryprincess

    she looks good…..outfit…not so much…but the body looks good! i do like the style of her bikini….and the sheer thing is nice as like a cover up to the beach…but the boots…ugh

  5. Ruby

    Jimbo: are you seriously beefing with schack or are you guys just being trolled? I’m confused (normal for Mondays).

  6. TexasTranny

    Must have been a Lezbo cop that pulled her over, either that or a panty-wearing fag cop.

  7. It’s sad when hookers are looking at her going “Grrrrrl, you need ta take yo ass to a better store”

  8. ph7

    Her kids nowhere in sight – again!

  9. meee

    she’s so embarrassing, goddamn. she doesn’t even have her torn up old fishnets on straight. GAAAAHH.

    why doesn’t ANYONE in hollywood tell her what the fuck she looks like before she walks out the door?

  10. anothershityear

    many of us wish she was invisible and we could see through her instead
    that is one hideous heifer

  11. HoboChic

    I repeat from my post last week: I believe a decoy is afoot. I mean, it’s not just the same boots and the hats–those are the same fishnets from last week. AND, most tellingly, she has two different sets of boobs–seemingly real ones and a set of fake ones. I’m not really sure why I care, but that’s not really the point.

  12. Just when you think she can’t be any more of an attention whore she breaks out the see-thru clothing to add to the Inspector Gadget hat.

    And those boots have to smell terrible as we know this poor drunk attention whore has hygiene issues. yuck, ya’ll.

  13. veggi

    I wish she would wear stirup pants and a tweedy bird t-shirt that says “waaaaaning, mood swing in pwogwesss”.

    Nothing says “I’m an adult” like disney logos.

  14. If you think about it, how is this worse than when Lilo was running down the street in her bikini smoking a cigarette like a crazy cracked out whore? At least Britney’s covering herslf up in see through clothes…hmmm…..nevermind.

  15. NicotineEyePatch

    But check out her own hair poking out under the wig in the last pic. Gross. The whole package is disturbing. All these crystal-clear signs of her mental instability, and nobody’s doing a goddamned thing to intervene.
    Hey, Lindsay, put down the pipe and read some of these to Britney.

  16. If you think about it, how is this worse than when Lilo was running down the street in her bikini smoking a cigarette like a crazy cracked out whore? At least Britney’s covering herslf up in see through clothes…hmmm…..nevermind.

  17. So it was Britney that I saw fellating a homeless guy by that underpass near the Kennedy Center …

  18. No Bern, that was me.

  19. jamie

    I just don’t get it. WTF is wrong with this bitch???

  20. redsonja1313

    GOOD LORD !!!!! She is out in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon dressed like this… I might cut her some slack if she was headed in to a Goth club in Hollywood or even 40 Duce at 2 am. But not shopping in Encino at 2 pm on a Saturday. For Christ sake at this point she is scaring lil kids. No wonder we never see her kids with her they must think it is trick or treat every day.

    How is possible for ANYONE to have this bad taste in clothes!! Hell truly the homeless of Santa Monica and hollywood hookers dress better then her

  21. bungoone

    60, that coverup is not nice for anywhere, especially the beach. if i saw someone with a lace tuxedo wanna be shirt on at the beach, i’d use them as shark food.

  22. bungoone

    poll: which smells worse, the boots or the crotch of the fishnets?

  23. 75 ~ Good times. Next time you are that close to the Kennedy Center — whether fellating a hobo, or not — try to take in a showing of Corilianus.

  24. julyper

    I kinda feel sorry for her, trying to look sexy but only making a fool of herself.

  25. TexasTranny

    #78 the boots have to smell worse than her fishnets.

  26. cantstoplaughing

    Why why why Britney??? I agree with 80,
    trying to be something sexy when all she looks like is trailer trash.. someone who has all the money in the world and has to dress like a superscank? 25 year old disaster of a mother/singer/actress.. get rid of the wig already! you must have SOME hair by now!! no wonder Paris dumped her, some dogs you just can’t teach new tricks!!

  27. Jimbo ?

    Ruby – It is a long story. I am amused by it all.

  28. whoneedsenemies

    #78 I say it’s the fishnets that smell worse…

  29. StoneRose

    You know how they say, in the spirit of human equality, “we all pull our pants on, one leg at a time”? Well, in this case, its, “we all pull our pantyhose on one leg at a time, but then Britney fucks up the right leg and has the seam winding around her leg like a drunken snake”.

    That, my dears, is proof of her insanity: whoever puts on *seamed* pantyhose incorrectly and then doesn’t even notice a winding, black line where there shouldn’t actually be one, is certifiable.

  30. veggi

    Is that like a fishnet onsey?

  31. NicotineEyePatch

    85, this is my point, the evidence of her stark raving madness just keeps piling up.
    She is not a well woman.

  32. JaeMae

    Hey Lindsay,
    (since we know you read this)

    Your post before this has almost 1/3 less comments and has been up longer. Your star is falling, heads up!

  33. Dureagonfly

    I am holding my breathe waiting for the Brit’s “BIG CUM BACK”…..
    ****Not really*****
    As for the poll::::::The fishnets got to win by a nose…hehehe

  34. fergernauster

    #85 – Yeah. Bingo.

    Kinda like when she underwent her 1st “rehab” stint (or was it the second…? third?…) and was photographed wearing cargo pants with the long, clear-plastic size-sticker still on the leg.

    It just ain’t fit. She’s loco.

  35. Wow Just Wow

    Look closely. This is Shiloh’s future.

  36. DrPhowstus

    @90 — That wasn’t a size sticker. It was there to measure how long her dick is.

  37. TexasTranny

    @92– Stop teasing me, I wish she had a dick.

  38. bungoone

    85, she probably sleeps in the fishnets, so they’re bound to get all twisted up & we know she doesn’t look in the mirror, so how would she even notice?

  39. me0w

    Gothic Redneck. I love that style.

  40. jaffo

    Well sure, now we know what retarded LOOKS like, but what does it SMELL like? Other than K-Fed’s man chowder of course…

  41. Ruby

    LMAO @95!!
    Jim, one day ya gotta tell me about it.

  42. Plastic Sturgeon

    @Frist: Hey. I remember Lohan running in a bikini but she was poolside at the Delano hotel in South Beach. Quite different to what this ‘tard is doing.

    I am angry with myself. I had a shred of sympathy for this messed up tramp. What was I thinking? Apparently I wasn’t…

  43. trashyandclassy

    My first thought was she looks like a lady of the night who had been roughed up a little. My second thought was TexasTranny,Jesus Christ I LOVE THAT NAME!!

    It describes two of my favorite things in one word: 1. Texas and 2. Trannys. Now if only you somehow worked peanut butter in there, we would be friends for-ever!!


  44. julyper

    “Gothic Redneck” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  45. wow,what she’s wearing must look familiar to everyone on the fish. she’s already worn that pink bikini top with those black undies a couple of months ago. i wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t clean them….. most likely she didn’t.

  46. Depraved22

    Good God, does the skank ever change out of those fishnets?

  47. me0w

    I’ve seen Gothic Hippie, but not Gothic Redneck. Britney is so unique.

  48. wedge1

    I wonder how many cops she fellated in order to get out of her speeding offense. I’m also curious as to why no one has run over her with a truck yet & put us all out of our misery.
    Glad to see that my troll has moved on. I can live in peace again.

  49. ptprez

    …why is she wearing the fake nose and glasses in the first picture???…

    i can tell it’s her, why the disguise???…

  50. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    63,69 & 71–POTD!! I had tears, you ppl crack my ass up.

    Someone else said it last week-can’t remember who-but I swear the girl has some kind of monitor on her ankle. If it were a crazy monitor, the fucker woulda done broke.

    I hope this flooz performs @HOB. I can’t wait to see the pix of her when she chokes.

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