Britney Spears’ second cameo sticks it to Doogie Howser, but not the way he’d prefer

May 8th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Britney Spears is done filming her second appearance on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This time around her character Abby is dating Doogie Howser’s character Barney which must be really awkward for the Doog considering he publicly complained about stunt casting Britney. Apparently, the writers decided to send him the message to “Shut the hell up and stop rocking the gravy train.” Entertainment Tonight reports on Britney’s second go-round:

“I had such a great experience the last time I was on the show that I couldn’t wait to come back,” she said. “I was really looking forward to working with this cast and crew again. Everyone was so nice. Abby is going to have a lot of fun!”

I included a video clip after the jump which I’ll warn you will start playing automatically. So, brace yourself for some Britney Spears acting on the ASAP. If you can’t play videos at your work, don’t worry, I’ve got a way around your network admin: It’s called quitting. It’s real simple and all it takes is a well-timed middle finger to your boss after you tip over the water cooler and admit to eating everyone’s lunch. Damn, I should blog for I’ve got career skills out the anus!

EDIT: Okay, wow, so that video not only autoplays, but goes right into “Barbara Walters’ miscarriage.” Mmm, transition-y.

Photos: Splash News, Video: CBS

  1. haley

    All of you are complaining about the media attention she gets and how annoying or old it is, and that you really don’t care anymore. BUT you are ALL posting on a Brittney related story!!! So the message you send is that you still care about her personal and “career” life….

  2. Anexio

    Hey Perfect Example! and haley, #50 and 51,

    This is The Superficial and everyone here, including FRIST! are superficial too.

    Except you two, you’re both assholes.

    So, in the future, don’t make fun of the people that post here unless you do it in a witty, filthy and derogatory fashion.

  3. Erica

    I love Randal.

    She is pretty good. But she looks a little heavy in that clip. That shirt isn’t very flattering. She does need a hair stylist too. She’s got enough money, so why not?! Her smile is cute though. Her acting is cute too. I like it. I may watch it, even though that show is boring and not funny.

  4. Ted from LA

    Randal is the best character here with Binky a close second. Inside job? I think Binky is just now hitting his best stride. I am sure with his personality, he will go a long way toward solving terrorism worldwide.

  5. misery bunny

    doogie seemed surprisingly gay in this episode. cute. also gay. brit makes a great beard.

  6. mamadough

    thank you Anexio, hey #50, i come here to be a total and complete asshole because i have to hold some of it back when i deal with dipshits like you in real life, face to face. don’t question my motives and don’t. fuck. with. my. therapy.

  7. Mousey Tongue

    Britney fans are always oh so BITTER – HEY! Put down that knife…and don’t pop a vein, especially not over Britney because she doesn’t give a flying zesty bowl about you or anyone else – I’m pretty sure somebody, somewhere is about to say something good about Britney, but it ain’t gonna be me!…the frickin’ title to this site explains what this site is about…now if you want to read nice, shiny things about that vapid fool, go someplace where Britney is admired, like her local Starbucks, or her bank and that place that can get her nasty crotch smell out of leather car seats and bar stools…the world is full of dumb asses who can’t decipher what they read, so no surprise here…one question though – Why does Britney always look like she smells bad? I wonder if she really smells as bad as she looks? Wait, I don’t really want to know how she smells.


    One day soon ole’ Brit is gonna be the size of a piano and stuck inside her trailer. Jamie Lynn will become hysterical five years later when she finds out Brit was dead in there for 2 weeks before she was found.

    One day soon, Jamie Lynne will be unable to leave her house because no one will watch her 9 ADD children, all born one right after another in an 7 to 8 year span of time. She is on bed rest with her 10th child because her muscles are all stretched out and useless.

    Casey is out field romping with no shirt or shoes and pissed that Jamie Lynn won’t go no more. “Allus went romping for every baby, but not this one. She says this one is “s p e c i a l” and gonna be smart, and look smart too!”

    One day soon, Jaime will have to come take Brit’s pink wig, and take charge of the money, for a second time. But this time he’ll take the boots too, and burn them!

    Lynn Spears will be deep in negotiations to have a musical done about her daughters’ lives where she gets to play the mother, a role she is nervous about so she is takes mothering classes because she has no experience playing that sort of part.

  9. prideofchucky

    Britney Spears’ second cameo sticks it to Doogie Howser, but not the way he’d prefer


  10. ..

    She looks GOOD

  11. jessica hudson

    i think she’s looking a lot better than she has in the past couple of years. She’s getting her life back on track and she’s doing it the right way (minus the redbull and laxatives).
    she’s on the front pages a hell of a lot less and she seems to be sorting out her mental state the right way.
    i say good on her. :]

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