Britney Spears’ second cameo sticks it to Doogie Howser, but not the way he’d prefer

May 8th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Britney Spears is done filming her second appearance on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This time around her character Abby is dating Doogie Howser’s character Barney which must be really awkward for the Doog considering he publicly complained about stunt casting Britney. Apparently, the writers decided to send him the message to “Shut the hell up and stop rocking the gravy train.” Entertainment Tonight reports on Britney’s second go-round:

“I had such a great experience the last time I was on the show that I couldn’t wait to come back,” she said. “I was really looking forward to working with this cast and crew again. Everyone was so nice. Abby is going to have a lot of fun!”

I included a video clip after the jump which I’ll warn you will start playing automatically. So, brace yourself for some Britney Spears acting on the ASAP. If you can’t play videos at your work, don’t worry, I’ve got a way around your network admin: It’s called quitting. It’s real simple and all it takes is a well-timed middle finger to your boss after you tip over the water cooler and admit to eating everyone’s lunch. Damn, I should blog for I’ve got career skills out the anus!

EDIT: Okay, wow, so that video not only autoplays, but goes right into “Barbara Walters’ miscarriage.” Mmm, transition-y.

Photos: Splash News, Video: CBS

  1. Deva

    I wish someone would kill this bitch. Is the American people so fooled by this southern piece of shit?
    See, brothers and sisters having sex IS a bad thing.

  2. Jumpin_J

    FIRST! And I quit.

  3. mer

    Christ, is she good at anything?

  4. Harry Ballzack

    HAHAHAHA …………….. Shut The Fuck Up Doogie !!!
    It’s not your show !!

  5. woop

    i dont think shes that bad.

  6. doogie

    i would doogie her houser

  7. Doogie looks happy in his matching light blue outfit. I think it is great that she is showing a normal side for change.

  8. Quinn

    she surprisingly has good timing.

  9. Ted from LA

    Tell that to the 28 people she’s hit with her car over the last year.

  10. Grunion

    What the fuck is on her head? No seriously what the fuck is that? Hair? I think not..

  11. Bill Clinton

    Doogie is a fag!

  12. I hope they were wearing pretty matching panties too.

  13. Deva

    I wish she’s stick her head under a car tire a give the thumbs up….

  14. Sasha

    Those Primp sweats are so ugly. Only dumbass celebs like Britney would pay $100+ to look like that.

  15. Nice kitty sweatshirt. Where do I get a shirt that says “Hey I’m 37 but I have the mental capacity of a 12 year old”??
    Wait. Did she just refer to herself as Abbey?

  16. Linzi

    Britney Spears is actually good for this part and some fucking bitter ass people can’t accept that she’s doing well. Everyone is so used to ragging on the poor girl that people can’t even have the balls to admit when she’s good at something. Get off her damn back! She’s trying to do something good for herself? Can’t anyone give her a little credit?

  17. mimi



  18. Kennedy


    Very interesting. Thank you.

  19. abdo

    Keep on rockin Britney ..!!!!!

  20. LBJ

    Looks like the original #18 was assassinated.

  21. Jala

    I think her acting is good, actually. She’s funny and really gets into character well. Keep it up Britney, you’re awesome!

  22. Oooh! Ooooh! What did #18 say??

  23. Is it even The Superficial anymore?

    Britney is doing a good job acting.

    John Mayer is funny.

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is hot in a bikini.

    Why not just put in an automatic redirect to Although then you’d miss out on all the tortured Engrish in the dating site spam.

  24. Laura Jones

    the scene seemed kinda tepid and and lame. What a dull episode this is going to be, I do not think they will gather as much hype for the episode this time as they did last time for having Britney on it. I really think Britney seems sorta like a droid here and going thru the motions but for real, she looks cute. BORING.

  25. OMFG YAY

    britney looks uncomfortable and out of place.

  26. mamadough

    regardless of her attempting to be normal again, she still has this greasy, unwashed look to her compared to what, 7 years ago? when will THAT go away?

  27. Alice

    How is it possible that nobody mentioned how FAT she looked, especially her gut in the first shot as she’s walking in? If she’s not pregnant, it’s definitely time to go back on the stimulants and laxatives. Great big handfuls of them.

  28. Sid

    Doogie’s a professional, so he did the scene as best he could, even though the writers seemed to be trying to burn him for his earlier comments. Later he went to his dressing room and calmed himself down using the preferred method of his kind: watching John Travolta in “Hairspray” while rocking back and forth on his chair with a fist in his ass.

  29. jesus

    “i dont think shes that bad.”

    What high praise. Can we not do better than that?

  30. judas

    Don’t make me call 5-0 on you again.

  31. 10% less bitter

    “i dont think shes that bad.”

    What high praise. Can we not do better than that?”

    She’s one of the most successful performers ever in pop music. She’s already done better that you ever will.

  32. I’d still have sex with her. She could weigh 350 pounds and I’d love it just to say I fucked Britney Spears. That’s all that matters. All that matters in this entire world.

  33. yomomma

    i actually think she’s quite good. she was terrible on will & grace, but i think it was just the character. this “abby” is gonna be funny! good job, britney!

  34. CONCORD, N.H. – Since they first walked the planet, humans have either buried or burned their dead. Now a new option is generating interest – dissolving bodies in lye and flushing the brownish, syrupy residue down the drain.

    Don’t you love it when you sit down at your desk to eat your lunch and shit like that pops up on your homepage??

    Anybody want my club sandwich?

  35. meee

    ok i don’t get it…is everyone on that show SUPPOSED to act poorly?

  36. Vincin

    Britney will never approach the level of talent, dignity, and class displayed every day by the Superficial commenters while working at our jobs. We generate the finest coversheets (they’re new!) for our TPS reports, no matter how many “PC Load Letter” messages we encounter.

  37. Grunion

    #31 done better than I ever will?

    whatever at least I can see my kids whenever the fuck I want.

  38. The Hammer

    I almost threw up when i saw britney then i did when Barbara Walters started talking

  39. andie

    Wow, she really isn’t that pretty anymore. I mean, I look at this video and I don’t see any trace of the extremely hot chick she used to be.
    She just looks like a normal cute girl, not like a star.

    To be honest, I didn’t really watch the video that close, though, so I can’t comment on her comedic timing or anything.

    Oh, and I don’t get the title to this post. Doogie’s gay, yo! WTF?

  40. Chupacabra

    She actually looks better than Amy Winehouse. This is getting weird.

  41. mamadough

    lol @ #31. has she been more successful in the music industry compared to me? yes. in life? fuck no. im sorry to say that i’ve never been locked up for being fucking crazy, spoke in a fake accent, hit people with my car, lost custody of kids, have scabby skin, and shaved my hair in a mental breakdown (did i miss anything?). i am well educated, happily married, and financially secure. i would say mamadough – 1, britney- 0.

  42. kati

    that was actually amusing. i don’t think she’s a bad actress at all

  43. restingonlaurels

    canned laughter comes in handy here to bridge the awkward silence between each line…. horrible.

  44. BJ

    that was awful. the other cameo was better who writes this crap that doogie backs up?

  45. Randal

    Hey Britney, great work! I’ll certainly have to catch the episode as the clip was way too short. Your first appearance was gold and no doubt, you’ll do even better in your second appearance.

    Is this going to be your next step? When will you start touring for your latest album?

    Hope to read from you soon. Luv ya! xoxo


  46. T

    I think she did great. She’s got a cute smile. She’s a natural performer. Whether she’s acting on TV or performing on stage, dancing etc.she’s got dyamic presence. Hopefully she’ll continue geting her shit together, because this is her only chance for a comeback. She might as well pack it in if she loses it again.
    As far as the way she looks, she needs to hire a hair stylist pronto because her hair is awful. The camera adds weight which isn’t really a good thing for her, good thing she’s hitting the gym and drinking water and not a friggin frappuccino. She should lose another 10-12 lbs to be in form; if she wants to get serious about performing again.

  47. T

    Star Jones and Bawbwa Wawltews need to take the beef into the boxing ring.

  48. Anexio

    Their are signers and then there is brit who sings and dances the best pop and all the other girls are just copyists. Storys like this one are just a way to show that brit is human because we forget that somwetimes beacause we cant be like her at all ever. i know that I have striven to be like her but all I can do is try because if I did then I would be her and there can be only one brit and she the brit that is her.

    I am claping for her to be happy when she is actressing. She carrys so much gilt and tenshuns for us and its to much beer on her cross.

  49. Perfect Example!

    Do people comment here to be witty, or to criticize famous people so that they feel better about themselves? The answer is obvious:

    ” 41. mamadough – May 8, 2008 3:58 PM

    lol @ #31. has she been more successful in the music industry compared to me? yes. in life? fuck no. im sorry to say that i’ve never been locked up for being fucking crazy, spoke in a fake accent, hit people with my car, lost custody of kids, have scabby skin, and shaved my hair in a mental breakdown (did i miss anything?). i am well educated, happily married, and financially secure. i would say mamadough – 1, britney- 0.”

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