Britney Spears really wants that comeback


Execs at Britney Spears’ record label, Jive, are pissed because Britney pulled out of recording a duet with Justin Timberlake at the last minute and it really would’ve helped her comeback. The duet was to be produced by Timbaland and was written specifically for Britney by him. An insider tells Page Six:

“Listen, everyone is worried. In her mind, her album is done and she’s done enough work … She’s an easy target right now, because she’s … sick. People like her are sick. It’s like an anorexic who’s sick in the head and needs help. She needs help. It’s sad because what she’s got – and we’ve heard it’s like bipolar disorder – can easily be treated with medication, but she won’t do it.”

I’d be surprised that anybody would turn down a guaranteed hit (and spit in the face of a mega-producer in the process), but this is Britney Spears we’re talking about. She’s not exactly known for her stellar decision making. She could yell out, “Look what I can do!” to her custody judge and kick her kids into a soccer goal and it’d still be the least retarded thing she’s done this year.