Britney Spears says Kevin smokes pot near her kids

Britney Spears is going on the offensive and wants her children tested for secondhand marijuana smoke. She’s convinced Kevin Federline smokes pot around the kids because she can smell it on their hair and clothes during her visitations, according to Life & Style magazine:

“She’s asked the court-appointed monitor and her lawyers if they can prove the kids have been exposed to environments in which drugs have been taken,” an insider says. They told her she should snip off a few strands of their hair right after they’ve returned from Kevin’s place and have them analyzed in a lab.

Here’s the major hole in this story: Britney smells pot on the kids’ clothes. This would suggest Britney interacts with her children like a normal mother and doesn’t shove them in plastic bubbles then kick them around her house. Which, let’s be real, is undeniably the case. However, should it turn out that Kevin does light up around the boys, it won’t change anything. Not even if Britney has photos of Sean and Jayden harvesting weed in their toy box. The judge would just comment on how precious they are then request for someone to get Anne Geddes and her stupid babies on the phone. They just got owned.