Britney Spears says Kevin smokes pot near her kids

December 20th, 2007 // 59 Comments

Britney Spears is going on the offensive and wants her children tested for secondhand marijuana smoke. She’s convinced Kevin Federline smokes pot around the kids because she can smell it on their hair and clothes during her visitations, according to Life & Style magazine:

“She’s asked the court-appointed monitor and her lawyers if they can prove the kids have been exposed to environments in which drugs have been taken,” an insider says. They told her she should snip off a few strands of their hair right after they’ve returned from Kevin’s place and have them analyzed in a lab.

Here’s the major hole in this story: Britney smells pot on the kids’ clothes. This would suggest Britney interacts with her children like a normal mother and doesn’t shove them in plastic bubbles then kick them around her house. Which, let’s be real, is undeniably the case. However, should it turn out that Kevin does light up around the boys, it won’t change anything. Not even if Britney has photos of Sean and Jayden harvesting weed in their toy box. The judge would just comment on how precious they are then request for someone to get Anne Geddes and her stupid babies on the phone. They just got owned.


  1. mkell

    He has the perfect defense: “I know YOU are, but what am I?” Her legal team would collapse.

  2. Gerald_Tarrant

    Headline: Britney Spears will say anything to steal attention from Jamie Lynn.

  3. D4P

    How does Britney know what pot smells like…?

  4. Ascil

    Damn you Kevin, n Britney is going dooooown the rooooooad

  5. Ascil

    Damn you Kevin, n Britney is going dooooown the rooooooad

  6. kedhater

    She is really stunning.. I am expecting her new music video. She looks so hot in that pictures. BTW, have u guys seen her on a millionaire site MEETRICH.COM? I heard of this around some famous gossip sites.

  7. Mo

    #3 –

    I don’t smoke pot, but I know what it smells like. That said, she doesn’t have a whole lot of legal room to work with when she won’t even show up to court.

  8. ffgfdfg

    hahaha no shit

  9. (I live inside Amy Winehouse's head)

    So…if the Brit-tots did test positive for secondhand marijuana smoke (what a dumb bitch) how will she prove it’s K-fed’s and not hers?????????????

    Now she’s going to see to it that they both lose the kids….but first, because the Shitney is so dumb, I nominate K-fed for FATHER OF THE FUCKING YEAR!!!!!!

  10. David J.

    Couldn’t that prove just as easily Britney was smoking and the kids got the residue from visiting her? I can just see her lighting up and blowing smoke on the poor creatures.

  11. IWONKY

    Nobody from this site is ever going to visit your site, #6, you fuck.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    What the hell is up with the LA court system suggesting Britney use a scissors, near her kids’ heads no less?

  13. redsonja1313

    WTF …………………….. IS UP WITH THAT OUTFIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus this is an all time low…. How the fuck do you screw up jeans and t-shirt. I think someone should put a bounty out on those smelly ugly boots.

  14. Lamuella

    He smokes pot around the kids?

    bitch, you snort coke OFF your children.

  15. Ript1&0

    Wait. You can’t smoke pot and have kids anymore??

    Damn man, that 6 footer isn’t going to light itself. And Junior’s grown to exactly bowl height now!!

  16. Gerald_Tarrant

    @12 – Once Jamie Lynn pops you have to retire that name because BritBrit will officially be the Auntie Kryst.

  17. LindaP

    Wow Brit, that’s terrible. So anyway, how is your sister? Have you talked to her today? Does she have morning sickness? Is it true that she is no longer in a relationship with the father?

    Brit, why are you in a fetal position on the ground saying “Loooooooove me” over and over?

  18. p0nk

    but i bet he doesn’t steal their clothes and wear them in public.

  19. Conscience Found

    ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~







    ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~

  20. IWONKY

    K-fed expose the kids to pot smoke but Brit exposes the world to her twat smell. Trust me, even skunk weed smells way better.

  21. Racer X

    Second hand Marijuana smoke?


  22. Superevil

    19 you’re the second biggest douche here next to the spambot.

  23. spears family is so pathetic. not to forget the gross federline’s too.

  24. LadyJane

    Pffft. My 6 year old can roll the BEST fatties.

  25. frogexaggerator

    Remember: sometimes the best defense is a good offense. As a lawyer, I’m thinking she knows EXACTLY where they got that pot smell, and has figured out that it’s probably only a matter of time before kfed had the kids drug tested anyway. So this way, she’s grabbing the initial advantage. It’s actually not a terrible strategy, though of course I’m sure it wasn’t Britney’s idea to do it. I just think her lawyers discovered her pot use and realized they had to spin it first.

  26. Gerald_Tarrant

    I’m sure that K_fed smoking out is no surprise to anyone, even the judge. He made Popozao for fucks sake. You’d have to be stoned to make that shit.

  27. Auntie Kryst

    @16 Damn G T you’re right, I didn’t think about that. Also I guess the lie is Jamie is farther along than she told the press. I’ll start coming up with some new names. Thanks for the head’s up.

  28. Dee

    Just when you think she can’t get any lower she’s gotta use the kids…if it was the other way around, she would have already shaved their heads.

  29. ThePope

    Fedreline smokes dope in front of the kids. Britney has sex with strangers while coked up in front of them. Which is worse? Hell I don’t know. Let’s get Kevin, Britney and the Roman Catholic Pope (yes from Rome) all on Larry King Live to talk about it . Maybe Britney will finally flash her beaver on national TV and make it ok for that kind of thing to happen on shows like Heroes (are you reading this Hayden?) Just a thought.

  30. shanipie

    LoL I’m sorry but Pot is a lot better to be around than lines of coke and dildos Britney, Geez!

  31. MindRiot

    Wow nice save Brit. Way to fire back hard. That’s why they call it expert legal council.

  32. Matthew

    hey brit congrads your the new winner of the biggest douch of the universe from john edwards way to go douche

  33. I live inside Amy Winehouse's Head

    K-fed IS gross, but I have yet to see him in out in public sans underwear or driving around like a fucking asshat to get to Starschmucks.

  34. Shitney

    She is going to blow pot smoke and those poor kids while they sleep to make sure she wins this. Deport her back to the poor trailer park she crawled out from

  35. veggi

    I’ll smoke it with ya brit, we’ll go to the loony bin together. I don’t give a fuck!..

  36. RichPort

    Wait… since when has it been illegal to smoke pot in front of kids? Did the laws change?

  37. ....

    what a mess this whole family is.

  38. veggi

    37- RichPort… I KNOW, right? But I always prefered it in brownie form as a child..

  39. El-Coyote

    LOL – I SOOO hope she does this. A childs hair would prove one thing only.
    The child had been around pot smoke. The only way to prove which parent was the culprit is for both to submit hair samples. How do you think she would do with that? Even if he IS dumb enough to smoke weed still she has to have at least 3 drugs in her system these days.

    Do it Brit! End the custody battle once and for all…

  40. steve dawkins


  41. STD


    Hi Steve, That is the video of me taking a dump in your mom’s mouth! She liked it a lot.

  42. nick

    @35, play my head monkey

  43. Go Away Loser

    @ 19………………………..Why thank you …………..I do have a perfect life with money and a beautiful home and man. There are multiple motorcycles (mine) in the drive way and 3+ cars. My ass is smaller then Brit’s and my abs look like hers did before kids, I live adjacent to Conseco and K-Fed…. and OH WAIT I DID NOT HAVE TO WHORE OUT ANYTHING to obtain it, I worked hard and earned it. Hmmmm and I got to Starbucks, nobu and pretty much anywhere on sunset unencumbered by anything other then the friends I have had for 20+ years. But I do so appreciate your sentimental and caring thoughts and ……….. YES I AM QUIETLY JUDGING YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. tc

    She looks quite hot in this pic.

    (Except for the crack-whore scabs around her mouth)


    And I say that Britney wears no panties while out shopping with her children. And that’s a goddamn felony.

    Besides… at least when Kevin’s lighting up around the children he’s putting them in a happier place that doesn’t consist of their mom’s saggy tits and cone head. Let’s rejoice.

  46. latty

    He could be passing them the pipe for all I care – it’s less toxic than what Bitchney has been subjecting them to.
    Hell, with her for a Momma, they probably NEED a toke or two.

  47. AreYouSingle

    excuse me #44 do you need a boy toy?

  48. fizz

    i love those guitar panties sticking out of her jeans, so hot!

  49. Chuck

    You would think if they did smell like pot, Shitney would want to see them more. Maybe the kids are desperately trying to get there anti-mom to pay more attention to them. I don’t know, did they already try dressing up like a latte?

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