Britney Spears returning to sitcom

April 21st, 2008 // 72 Comments

Britney Spears (Looking abnormally fee-double-izz-ine in these pics. Good on you, Bally Fitness.) will reprise her role on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother in spite of Neil Patrick Harris’ cries against stunt casting. Britney’s cameo provided record ratings for CBS. People reports:

“The show is ecstatic and so is Britney,” a source said. “She had so much fun the first time around she really wanted to come back. It was a mutual decision to work together more.”
The singer/actress will do one episode, the source says.

What exciting events could unfold? Will Britney’s character find true love with Ted? Or will she flash her cooch further cementing Doogie Howser’s fear of the female vagina? All this and more on a very special episode of How I Met Your Mother Surprise She’s a Mail-Order Bride and You’re Adopted.

Photos: Flynet

  1. jacks

    I’m so proud of her

  2. You call it a crucifix, I call it a spooge target.

  3. prncezz

    I’m so proud of her too! :)

  4. They White Urkle

    Bra and panties! You are pulling your life back together!

  5. I am so proud of her toooo:0 Britney you rock..

  6. Grunion

    While the gunt may be smaller, it’s still a gunt.

  7. Anonymous

    Oh my God, she’s back, she’s back, oh my God!!! She’s gonna get her kids back next week and then go on a world tour and this time next month she’s gonna have the number one album in the wolrd, oh my God she’s back!!

  8. cathy

    wow,c’mon! she’s bad in acting now; i’d rather believe she’s great lover at _millionaireloves.com_ that wealthy people and celebs dating site!! she’s still been kinda popular there anyway…

  9. KneeKnockers

    Jesus those tits are gonna be around her knees soon

  10. Auntie Kryst

    I am so proud of Britard too. She’s hired a driver and getting into the passenger seat. Britney you ride!!

  11. nipolian

    Thems child birthin hips now…..aint no mount a Ballys gonna make em slim again.

  12. jackie OOOOO

    11- just like your mom.

  13. sherry

    Wow she is looking great again…Go girl Go…i might have to start watching the show just to check her out, its great to see her looking happy and relaxed

  14. BritsBox

    I never stopped wanting to munch on her box

  15. Amber Dextrose

    You gotta hand it to the kid; aint no one can turn it around like Britters. One week she’s looking bloated and terrible; Ping! She looks amazing. Good on her. I hope she’s feeling better in her head too.

  16. noneyobeezwax

    call me when she falls off the wagon and goes crazy again

  17. bro

    well umm… neil patrick harris IS actually gay. so, i don’t know if he fears the vagina as much as he loves the cock.

  18. Jackson

    Britt was never majorly overweight but it shows on petite people. She looks nice and casual in this pic. She could have worn a girdle like Kim Kardaskank to hide her flaws but girdles are uncomfortable.

  19. Male Superficial Commenter

    She’s not hot, she’s disgusting. For one thing, she’s fat – I bet you could kiss her and not taste any recent vomit at all. Total turnoff. Also she got pregnant, twice – a girl’s body is never the same, it’s completely wrecked and revolting to look at, all wide and stretched out and stretchmarked. Still, she has no excuse – some female celebs have kids and have the self-discipline to slim back down to a nice boyish figure, like Angelina after her first kid when she finally got rid of all the excess fat she’d been carrying around all her life. Now those were some arms! Not sausages, like Britney’s. Bleeck.

  20. drdanny

    she still carries about 10lbs too much. lookit those biceps.

  21. mildly concerned

    Ha! I love this site so much I just added it to Wikipedia’s definition of “superficial”.

    Thanks to all the comments reminding me that depth and logic are overrated.

    and @ 19, of course you can’t taste any vomit…all you can taste is marlboro residue. she *smokes* to keep her “girlish” figure (see how tightly she grips that pack?).

  22. janex

    One of my saucer husband’s drinking buddies asked what I did to keep my arms and shoulders in such great shape. I told him it was from carrying the kids everywhere. Plus all the crap that goes with kids. My husband laughed and said ‘Now if we could only get you to carry those kids with your ass we’d be all set!” A-Hole.

    Point being, Brit’s arms would look a whole lot better if she spent any time with her offspring.

  23. RENEE

    What, a Britney pic w/o her slurping on a big, ol’ Frapp??!! Sacrilegious! Anyways, not that I should talk; I’m slurpin’ on a Frapp right now; A homemade one, at that. I have to share the recipe, ‘cus sharings caring; friends. Seriously though, with gas & grocery prices the way they’re going…if you love Frapps but hate the prices, say screw you Starbucks & try this recipe…1 C. ice, 1/2 C. whole milk, 2 T. hershey’s chocolate syrup, 1 T. sugar, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, and 1/3 C. brewed coffee (I use Folgers Classic Roast singles & seep one coffeebag in hot water for 30 minutes). Then put it all in a blender (or magicbullet, if you’re like me & have one) and mix until smooth. Top with whip cream. And don’t say I never did anything for you, hehee. And yeah I know this isn’t a cooking website, I just had to share ‘cus its that good, so don’t give me no grief. (Oh yeh, and fish guy…Britney doesn’t look any more toned to me, she looks the same as she has for the last year).

  24. jellybean

    wTF is a saucer husband?

  25. tp

    FAT!! FAT!! FAT!! Who’s gonna call Britney fat today?!? Anyone?!?

  26. onesloopy

    i’ve got a salty taste in my mouth why? because i just licked a girdle , a girl named Britney gave it to me, she has big roses tittoos it smells like lard FTW!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gia


    Your husband has a lot of nerve talking about your ass. I recommend joining a health club like 24 Hour Fitness that offers child care while you work out. All you need to do is work out with light weights 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week to perk up your butt. They have great machines like The Butt Blaster and the Inclined Leg Press.

    Good Luck.

  28. janex

    @24 – Saucer = Heavy drinker. As in always on the sauce.

  29. havoc

    This ought to send the little rump ranger into a tailspin…..



  30. jellybean

    gotcha- thanks.

  31. kati

    good for her. at least she is finally looking a little better. that’s progress!

  32. Brit69SocksFan

    Finally the paps got a Brit tush angle. Don’t care how far her waistline expands or how far the boobs sag, all i know is that her hips and thighs have forever been my HEAVEN!

  33. mensa

    WTF, Superficial writer? the words “fine” and “Britney Spears” should never, EVER be together in the same sentence.

  34. mensa

    WTF, Superficial writer? the words “fine” and “Britney Spears” should never, EVER be together in the same sentence.

  35. hickery stick

    WTF, Superficial writer? It isn’t 4/20 anymore. Get your shit together and post a new fucking story already.

  36. Em

    Damn. I seriously had to sound out the whole ” fee-double-izz-ine” fiasco because I refused to believe that you referred to BS as “fine” (more or less). I’ll admit she’s looking better and I’m happy that she stopped being a Frap-through-a-CheetoStraw sucking hog – but, if that’s “fine,” then I think I oughta be able to knock your socks off. I mean, my hair and face are clean and my clothes don’t look like I slept in’em…but maybe girls with a complete disregard for personal hygiene are just your thing, hmmm Fish?

  37. mimi

    Ya’ll are just bitter!

    Doogie has to eat crow.

    Britney RULES!

  38. Randal's Rectum

    Bravo Britney. You truly are on your way to the superstar status that is so richly deserved. No more shenanigens with that hair clippers, young lady!

    And to Neil Patrick, whose acting genius is beyond comparison! May you find the true love that is due good sir. Remember. Nobody likes a worn out rectum.

    Oscars for everyone!

  39. ella

    Look at those dumbo ears, i’m sure she can hear me here in Canada. you suck!

  40. ella

    Look at those dumbo ears, i’m sure she can hear me here in Canada. you suck!

  41. Anonymous

    ” she spent any time with her offspring.”

    But that would take time away from herself, and that can never, ever happen.

  42. dude_on_a_wire

    Does this mean she won’t speak in the English accent any longer?

    “normal” Britney doesn’t work for me this quick – wasn’t it just weeks ago they were giving her a serial killer escort to the funny farm?

    Some may buy this “comeback” with “I’m so proud of you comments” but do we have to list every nutty episode she has had the last 12 months? I don’t think going a couple of weeks without flashing snatch and playing a secretary on a so-so sitcom makes for a comeback – that’s just me. Otherwise… her tits/ass actually do look good.

  43. Starla

    @ 19, you’re a piece of shit. I’ve had 2 kids, no stretchmarks or have gotten “stretched out.” It isn’t easy for all women, asshole, because we cannot control what pregnancy does to our bodies. Have a good look at your whore Angelina’s stomache after she pops out her twins ,then give us your useless opinion. She already has stretchmarks from Shiloh she was freaking out about. Now go stick your head back up your ass where it belongs. No one will miss you, dickhead.

  44. Male Superficial Commenter

    #43 VinegarVag- awww, don’t worry about looks, your personality wins everybody over.

  45. abdo

    Mmm..I see a hot one here..No more crazy stuff .It seems things are going back again..I wish her luck at least for her children
    @ 19
    You’re just a pathetic loser..Have some respect you idiot

  46. @43

    You want to know how you can control your body while pregnant? Try not burying your head in a tub of Ben and Jerry’s the whole fucking time you are knocked up. Also, you can exercise while pregnant. Oh. I have even a BETTER idea. BIRTH CONTROL! Then maybe we can be spared the hormonol rants. Settle down, fatass.

  47. Fat Tabby

    She’s looking better now with the all-over lightened hair, darker hair tends to show the grease more (I’m not just being facetious) and yay, she’s not setting her ponytail on the top of her head anymore ala Pebbles! She still could do with some soft bangs though, she’s always had bangs pre-crazyness and it was for a reason.

  48. hate you for no reason

    WTF?? You assholes think she looks hot? She has morphed into a big-hipped, fat ass skank who will NEVER get her shit back together. Sorry to burst your little rainbow bubble, but there it is.

  49. The Kilted Yaksman

    These pictures are proof that you really *CAN* shovel 10 pounds of lard into a 5 pound bag.

  50. I don't hate girls...

    So #48, I have to disagree with you. Also I’m not so bitter that I have to tear others down to feel good about myself. But by all means keep on ranting! (it burns calories)

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