Britney Spears figures ‘Eh, can’t a cartoon do it?’

Britney Spears decided to go animated for her latest music video. She came up with the idea herself to use a cartoon version of herself, according to The Sun:

The audacious promo to forthcoming single Break The Ice is set in a futuristic world, and sees Brit depicted as a pretty, slim line superhero.

I’m going to assume Britney was strung out on an original Sam Lutfi cocktail when she came up with this idea. The funny part is somebody actually went along with it. Can you imagine taking art direction from Britney Spears? I’m surprised she didn’t suggest the whole video be shot inside a bucket of KFC while she wears a cole slaw bikini.*

*Video concept copyright 2008 The Superficial Writer. Steal my idea, Heidi Montag, and I’ll sue your implants off. Unless you make me the director. Scene 1: We’re in a hot tub and Spencer just got eaten by a duck…

Photos: The Sun