Britney Spears releasing new album in December

After sweeping the VMAs, Britney Spears is taking the next step in her comeback by releasing her new album Circus in December. Of course, to the jaded observer such as myself, this is nowhere near as impressive as the fact that’s she been consistently wearing a bra. How’d they do that?! E! Online reports:

Jiva/Zomba, announced today that the disc will now be released Dec. 2–which, as all Britniacs know, also happens to be her 27th birthday.
“Womanizer,” the first single off Circus, will hit radio airwaves Sept. 22.

Jesus, didn’t she just release an album? This proves my long-held theory that it takes no more than five minutes to produce one of Britney’s songs. And four of those are spent telling her to stop eating the microphone. Except in the case of her next single “Crunch Crunch Nom Nom Nom This Weird Hot Dog Just Electrocuted Me, Y’all.”

EDIT: Just got a leaked sample of Brtiney’s “Womanizer” from what looks like a dance rehearsal after the jump.