Britney Spears really doesn’t want to see her kids


Britney Spears has had all her visitation rights suspended because she won’t comply with court orders. Apparently she failed to give the drug testing people contact information so they could reach her for random tests, so the LA County Commissioner took away all her visitation rights. TMZ reports:

The order reads, “Petitioner’s (Britney’s) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner’s compliance with the court orders … The parenting coach is to submit a report to the court and counsel prior to October 26, 2007.”

It’s not like the judge is asking her to find Noah’s Ark. All Britney has to do to see her kids is basically give the drug testing people a name and a phone number. The only way they could make it any easier is if they required her not to murder anybody. And even then she’d probably still mess it up, showing up to court with a bloody knife and a bag filled with decapitated heads.

Photos: Splash News