Britney Spears puts K-Fed on a budget

*britney_spears_budget.jpgInsiders say that Britney Spears has put her husband Kevin Federline on a budget. “Each month, he will be allotted a certain amount of money for personal use – i.e., clothing, nightclubs, booze and day-to-day activities. Any big items – cars, or trips that go over allowance – need to be approved by Brit herself,” said one source. “She acknowledges she has made a great deal of money. However, she is trying to show Kevin that he needs to be responsible and curb his out-of-control spending habits.”

Wow, he has to ask his wife for clothes and booze – and he’s not even irish. I don’t know where “begging wife for money” ranks on the list of life achievements. Probably somewhere between “becoming world’s dirtiest circus groupie” and “writing homo-erotic Andy Griffith fanfic.” Maybe lower.