Britney Spears pulls bra off eBay again

Britney_Takes_Back_Bra.jpgMidway through auctioning off a jewel-encrusted bra on eBay to raise money for the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund, Britney Spears decided to pull the listing off the site. This is the second time the item has bee pulled, the first being when eBay staffers felt it violated their policy of not selling used undergarments. Although the bidding had reached $47,000, Spears was concerned that the bra was “being sold as something it’s not,” citing that while it’s true she wore it for an HBO promotion, she did not wear it onstage during a “…Baby One More Time” performance.

Somehow, I don’t think that the people interested in this particular item care where she wore it, as long as they can just fantasize about her wearing it. When they tell their friends that they have Britney Spears’ bejeweled bra, I doubt that the first comment they get will be, “And in what venue did she bare it?” Chance are that the first comment would be closer to “Can I lick it?” or “Finally, our drag queen cabaret is complete!”

But hey, I’m in no place to give Britney Spears advice. I’m the Madonna of my drag queen cabaret. I mean… of my hockey pool. My manly hockey pool.