Britney Spears probably isn’t pregnant


In Touch Weekly ran a pretty ridiculous story speculating that Britney Spears could be pregnant again and Britney’s manager responded by saying:, “Britney is not pregnant,” calling the story “absurd.”

Rudolph tells Us that he believes that the “ridiculous” report came from an incident last week in which Spears’ new boyfriend, Isaac Cohen, accidentally wiped peanut butter on his t-shirt while in the company of Spears. Observers wrongly concluded she had vomited, and thus was experiencing morning sickness. “Because Isaac didn’t lick the peanut butter off his fingers, someone decided that it must not be peanut butter, but must instead be Britney’s vomit,” Rudolph joked. “Ridiculous.”

That’s too bad, because I’ve always felt that Britney Spears really needs another child to take of. The first two just don’t seem like enough of a challenge for her. Sure, she probably confused the last one for a cupcake and ate it, but that’s the kind of thing you do when you’re a natural mother. That, and topping your salads with whipped cream and chocolate.