Britney Spears pretends to be Madonna for a bunch of Germans

November 29th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears performing “Womanizer” at the 2008 Bambi Awards in Germany. It’s sort of trippy seeing a bunch of fancy Germans in tuxes talk about Britney, only to have her show up on stage and once again have the timing of a three-toed sloth. Don’t get me wrong; she looks way better than last year’s VMA debacle, but Jesus, I employ more dance rhythm making toast. (Read: I do jazz hands after buttering the bread. “Butter. Kazaam!“)

EDIT: Added pics of Madotney. Video after the jump.

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  1. hayley

    oh dear…

  2. Um. Where’s the choreography?

  3. hayley

    oh dear…

  4. Narcissist

    Modonna is not a remarkable dancer (singer, writer-hire fixers, etc.) either, but Britney used to be much better. I’ll be surprised if she gets back to “Slave 4 U” status.

    Looks like she at least let some pros help with wardrobe. Practice the dancing.

  5. Adrienne

    i love britney! she looks so much better i hope she continues keeping herself up to par looking great.

  6. Adrienne

    i love britney! she looks so much better i hope she continues keeping herself up to par looking great.

  7. Crap. Forgot to link that nifty Ann Coulter picture from Maxim in my name.

  8. The Lord

    Ninth! Yes! Get in!!

  9. Bill Clinton

    She could never dance, could not sing! All she had was her looks.
    She was and is a disney no talent creation.
    She doesnt look bad in leather though!

  10. Albatross

    Epic FAIL.

  11. Mrs. Satan

    Sad. I agree with Narcissist about Slave 4 U…I want her to get back to that, but at this point I’ve been disappointed too much to see it ever happening.
    Either she needs to fire her choreographer or just practice A LOT more (or both), The moves are easy and bland, but she’s still not nailing them with an ounce of the precision she used to have as a performer.
    She’s not even singing for christ’s sake! What’s with the stupid, akward arm dancing?
    I’ve seen high school talent shows with better choreography and execution. Like I said, SAD.
    At least she looks better…but she’ll never get the body she used to have back.

  12. Mimi will be rubbing herself all day!

  13. Urbanspaceman

    Who the hell is paying her for this no-talent crap?

  14. Mrs. Satan

    Okay…I just watched the end because I couldn’t take it all in at once…I retract my former statement of SAD and replace it with TRAGIC. I think you can see that deep down she feels the same way with that sad, forced smile on her face at the end of the performance. “Oh gawd they’re just staring at me like the last time…please clap, ya’ll…oh, thank gawd they’re clapping…why are they all frowning?…” *as she dies little more inside*

  15. hudd

    one word to describe that. PITIFUL!!!

  16. TJ

    Notice the less-than-enthusiastic applause? I guess poor Brit can’t even get no respect in a foreign country. Maybe she should try Japan?

  17. Jenn

    The choreography is lousy, and she isn’t comfortable enough with the moves. Or maybe she’s just not comfortable in those shoes. Either way, she looked nervous, and that song requires a lot of confidence.

    That video of her practicing in a studio a few weeks ago was much better. She’s just scared right now, and it shows.

    BTW, I’ve never been a fan, but she has got some skill, and I would like to see her doing well again, because I feel so sorry for her.

  18. desi

    read somewhere she’s puking everything she eats to look like that

  19. Madonna is a cunt

    Holy crap she has lost weight!!!

  20. Max Planck

    Already done…Marlene Dietrich was better.

  21. timmy the dying boy

    She’s looking less clumsy and lost than she did on the VMAs, but, by God, her singing is even worse than it’s ever been.

  22. laura q

    God, she use to be so good. What the hell happened? It seems like she has lost her confidence. Of course this was A LOT better than the VMA performance. I think she is slowly regaining some confidence and maybe she will be as good someday.

  23. She is musch bether than Mariah Charey who can kardly move and yet pretend to be the same age ash Birhthey.

  24. Not a Perv

    No shots of her from behind? wtf? I wanna see her nekkid butt bent over, that’s how she looks most pretty!

  25. You don’t deserve this, Britney!


  26. joe m

    Britney is still as gorgeous as ever.
    Her so-called ‘disaster’ over a year ago
    is probably the most famous event
    in entertainment history.
    Once again she has the last laugh.

  27. mimi

    I’m glad to see Britney doing so well,
    Rough Daddy can take his ass straight to hell.

  28. Dee

    Oh Shitney, oops u did it again.

  29. Joejam2845

    If somebody told me that Brittany would be able to recover from the gal who shaved her head, beating on cars with a stick, I would thought you were on Drugs!

  30. Richard McBeef

    No talent Mickey Mouse bullshit. She can’t sing, can’t dance, and can’t act. The curtains got pulled on the slutty barely legal virgin gig a long long time ago and it is time to move back to the Louisiana swamps to suck on alligator dick and reminisce about being famous.

    @25 – Agreed, if it isn’t a burger shot it isn’t worth a second of my time.

    Mimi – your BFF sucks it epically and will hopefully be found dead in a ditch soon.

  31. Britney looks great…though I don’t think she can breathe in that thing!!!

  32. Anon

    joejam, and you’d be right.

  33. sunshine

    #17 is right about the lukewarm applause and this coming from the country who made David Hasselhoff a recording star. “life in the fast lane will surely make you lose your mind” fits.


    Britney Spears

    There was a young singer named Spears
    Whose talent was left in arrears
    Her songs, if you’ve heard
    Are like polished up turds
    Causing listeners to slice off their ears

  35. Randal

    I’d like to congratulate you personally, Britney, for smashing your tune to the German masses! The back beat of the thumping bass went well with your quick and bolt jolting moves.

    The remix version, which got the crowd on their feet and finally excited, created a vibe that lasted for the remainder of the show.

    It’s no fluke that Womanizer has topped the charts, setting all before in flames and ashes.


  36. hahah get your mind out the gutter mimi! how you know i didnt mean for another reason? too much turkey can do that!!! i think

  37. Richard McBeef

    Limerick man can try but he’ll never win.
    Unfunny to the point of sin.
    You dumfucking twit
    you’re poems are shit
    And if it sucked once don’t use it again.

  38. Richard McBeef

    “It’s no fluke that Womanizer has topped the charts, setting all before in flames and ashes.”

    You fucking kill me, Randal!

  39. Amanda

    She dances like a white girl

  40. Amanda

    She dances like a white girl

  41. Amanda

    She dances like a white girl

  42. ehem

    fake smiles



    Doesn’t rhyme.


    Sir Richard McBeef

    There once was a sweetheart named Dick
    Who fancied himself a quick-wit
    But try as he might
    He could not learn to write
    ‘Cause he was born when his mom took a shit

  45. seo

    she’d better return to drugs, and probably she’s under their effect

  46. nastyjay

    holy shit – weenis salutes

  47. dianne

    That was so bad! she didn’t even dance…

  48. sarah

    I think she looks phenomenal and deserves so much credit for getting back up in front of audiences after everything that has been said about her.

    That being said, her singing was never the main act and it looks like she has lost the emphasis on dance that was her trademark. I’m afraid the interest of audiences has waned and “Circus” may just be too apt a name for this album.

    She would do better if she just released an honest musical effort and stopped trying to recapture the Pop Princess thing. She’s older and has two children and isn’t innovative enough to be another Madonna. (not that I would wish that for anyone either!)

  49. Angel

    HAHA I love the limerick battles!!

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