Britney Spears’ pregnancy rumors continue

The Britney Spears’ pregnancy rumors continue. Earlier in the week it was Star, now it’s Life & Style. No doubt the two have formed an alliance to grip the country in fear. An eyewitness for Life & Style claims Britney looks “totally pregnant.” (Direct quote. I shit you not.) However, if Britney isn’t pregnant it’s not for lack of trying with Adnan Ghalib:

“Britney’s still having sex with him,” an insider tells Life & Style. And Jamie, who has moved in with Britney to oversee her recovery, “can’t stand it,” says the insider. “He hates when Adnan comes over and the two of them disappear for a few hours. He knows they’re having sex. But Adnan makes Britney happy.”

Feel free to scope out the pics of the Brit-belly from last night. Does she look pregnant? I dunno. However I included some shots of Britney earlier in the day hauling around her daily giant Frappucino which is probably the cause of all this speculation. I don’t see why all these magazines want her to be pregnant anyway. It’s kind of sick really. That’s like hoping Michael Jackson is allowed to start his own day care. I mean, yeah, it’ll be adorable at first. But sooner or later somebody’s kid is getting run over by a giraffe. Which will suck after a rough night of Jesus Juice. In the meantime, Sean and Jayden can only dream of such a paradise.

Photos:, Splash News