Britney Spears poses topless

May 2nd, 2007 // 183 Comments

Britney Spears posed topless at a friend’s house last month with some flowers covering her boobs. And, uh, here it is. Although I have no idea why anybody is asking Britney Spears to get topless. Six years ago this would’ve been amazing, but now they could’ve put a seal in a silly hat and thrown some flowers at it and it would’ve turned out hotter. If it weren’t for the outfit, I wouldn’t even have been able to tell this was a girl.

NOTE: Yes, this is real. Very real, and very horrifying. If you get aroused by this I think you’re required by law to turn in your penis.


  1. DancingQueen

    Sorry if it’s been said before but I am too damn lazy to read all the posts above but “Cocaine is a powerful drug.”

  2. PKClover

    This is a copycat Britney. Those are not the trash boots she thinks go with everything. Look closely. These boots are too light. Plus, Brits rack ain’t that tiny. Why the dark glasses? To cover the beady eyed poser. I am calling bullshit on these pics. Anyone can copy Britneys “look” and put up scandalous pics of themselves on the internet claiming they are Britney. Stop giving this poser their 10 seconds of fame.

  3. iamsosmrt

    Ug, I need a shower… even though I just had one.

    I always knew she had lame boobs and here’s the proof.

    Those poor flowers.

  4. jaffo

    Jesus fucking Christ now I have seen it all. A worn out scag in the SAME DAMN COWBOY BOOTS and a fucking wig showing off her withered fun bags for a ‘friend’. Those boots have got to REEK! Train wrecks just called and they want their schtick back. How in the hell does someone become this big of a loser in the space of like a year?!

  5. jaffo

    And as far as the pics being fake goes, what you are saying is that it makes more sense to think that someone shaved her head, bought scraggly old cowboy boots, a shitty wig, and then played retarded flasher for these pics just in the hopes that they would make their way here? That seems way more believable than to suppose that Shitney Spears has continued her slide into the pop culture dumpster…only not so much

  6. Jimbo ?

    @66 – WTC?? Those are fake pictures? WTC we have all just been wasting our time thinking these were the real britney Spear pictures when they have really been fake Britney Spears pictures.

    Let all log out and go about our normal lives and don’t post another thing until the Superfical post some real pictures of Britney.

    Thank you thank you thank you PKClover for setting us straight.

  7. johnnywad

    That makes my penis sad…

    But I’d still hit it.


  8. DrBob2607

    Ya know why she’s hanging on to those puppies so hard?
    Because if she let ‘em go, they’d be resting on her knees..

    @62 – Roy Orbison ! good one.. :)

  9. Someone should deflower her.

  10. FRIST!!!

    Notice how the new superfish writer guy never thanks the person who tipped him off on these? Remember that???

  11. justme

    I doubt it’s Britney.

  12. Jimbo ?

    Is there a new post yet? Or is this going to be like yesterday. And why did the dickward that makes the post put up one of Angelina and 30 minutes later put the Britney post up. Can you spread them out over the day please!….

  13. greeneyedcat

    god, her expression always looks so effing crazy

  14. mia

    Some guys here say she looks fat, she’s ugly, she dresses like a whore, she seems to be full of std, she’s a retard but they still do her. I ask : why??

  15. YouRang

    #78 Testosterone is a powerful drug.

  16. velvet

    WTF is wrong with this girl. Damn.

  17. They would do her just to say they have done Britney Spears — also, this is a celebrity gossip website, most of the dudes here would probably do whoever would let them (guilty).

  18. Jimbo ?

    Mia – How long have you been a female? Guys will screw the crack of dawn. She has two small boobs and a vagina. That is why they would do her. And I would bet they would do her even with out a vigina

  19. iamsosmrt

    I love how she has her shirt conveniently around her waist covering her fat blob tummy

  20. mia

    I’ve been a female for 25 years now, but i’ve never met such desperate beings…

    I’m sorry, I thought men were less animal then this… I thought they had self respect and some standards. I suppose it is important to impress other guys and when you say, i’ve done britney, you can enter some kind of primitive men’s club.

  21. Jimbo ?

    Mia – You must have been raised in a Convent. And the truth is when these desparte animals are in public or trying to impress you, they will act like perfect gentlemen. Just so they can get into your pants.

    You will learn that men have no self respect unless it will get them laid

  22. woodhorse

    #42 Frist, when you said “let’s all hold hands and sway” I thought of the Gremlins in the theatre watching Snow White and then I thought
    Hi! Ho
    Hi! Ho
    It’s Off to work we go- and then I couldn’t remember the rest because it is a fairly sucky song..

  23. mia

    Well, that one who lives in my appartment must be an exception. Or maybe he doesn’t want to leave me cause i’m to good…

    Convent?? You wish…
    You know, some guys are able to be civilized. But you have to be over 20… At 15, even a girl act like an animal.

  24. jamie

    this is great!!!!

  25. woodhorse

    and what’s with all the “peeing on”? – Go write your name in the snow and don’t come back till you say something romantic. Or, you can get some industrial strength floor tiles made into the likenesses of your choice.

  26. Lowlands

    There’s something seriously wrong with the nipples of BS.I know it’s spring and it looks like her nipples are coming out the bud.She needs to visit a doctor asap.

  27. TurdFerguson

    It almost looks like a man. A man with bitch tits.

  28. Jimbo ?

    Mia – They all can act like gentlemen. But that is only so they can get laid. Now if you are living or married to some guy, he will follow the rules so he can get some. Trust me, if you came home tonight and said that you meet another women and you wanted a 3-some with him and her, he would be all over it.

  29. PunjabPete

    I don’t even buy that is her… Huge ass glasses… Not nips… Teeth look wrong…

    Weird though…

  30. mia

    You’re are just desperate…
    Good luck.

  31. Jimbo ?

    Sorry I am not desperate. I am far from desperate. You are just naive

  32. redsonja1313

    Jeez I ask again ..HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE HAVE SUCH POOR TASTE!! Hell just playing the odds you would think she could get it right once in awhile. She wears that GD straw hat everywhere and yet here when the picture might actually turn out marginaly cute if she had the straw hat and boots on..but NOOOOOOOO Brit Brit thinks the Chicago Winter Fedro is a better choice for spring nudity shots !!! Christ just shoot her and leave the carcass out to pasture !!

  33. woodhorse

    92- So, Jimbo, what you are saying is that all men are the lowest of sluts and it is, therefore, men who give diseases to women, and not the other way around? For instance, Paris got her diseases from some slutty man…things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

  34. Nice Menstral Blood on her thigh

  35. Why does anyone still report on her? She’s DONE.

  36. Unabashed Liar

    I’d hit it.

    Not in a classy, or romantic way mind you. It’d be more like something out of a rabid Czechian snuff film with burning villagers, dead goats, cats walking on two legs, etc. but, yeah. And pretty much all women look the same bent over from behind anyway, no?

    Now afterwards I might feel a little ill and all, but with enough hard liquor you can forget anything.

  37. Here’s Saint Lowlands again and i think BS is playing an innocent virgin in the spring.Because one of her dyke friends told her so.

  38. Jaclynn

    wtf. ..I’m speechless. This actually kind of terrifies me.

  39. chaunceygardner

    Where the fuck are her kids while all this craziness is going on? They’re missing out!

  40. Jimbo ?

    @97 – Am I wrong? If it was not a man that gave Paris her rage case of crocth rot, then was it another female?

    And Yes, all men are the lowest form of slut. We can all deny it, but it is true

  41. LilRach

    If you are going to pose half naked then look good while you are doing it!

    There is nothing attractive about this pic at all. She looks like a dude.

    Yeah where the fuck are her children??????? Since she has been out of rehab i have seen her with them once – ONCE! She’s too busy walking around looking like an ugly whore and trying to make a comeback (ha ha) to even care. This bitch seriously is messed up and needs a reality check. I’ll give it three months and she’ll be having another mental breakdown and sent back to rehab.

  42. sooooooooooo crazy…she is a nudist now AFTER the kids…how goofy! She could be making money at it. Is she off her rockers? Hmmm flower boob shirts, I could design some of those good idea!

  43. here

    Jello bags, sarcasm and, apparently, a free spirit. I expect to be provided with beaver and cheetos.

  44. sweetnsnooty

    That retarded hat has got to go, puuulleeeeez!!! What is this, low budget photography to set her foot inside of PlayBoy? Redneck Hustler…maybe…

  45. Darksphere85

    gee, i never thought anyone could get a reverse erection from seeing stuff like this… guess i was wrong.

  46. KoRneY

    WHY…. are you doing this to… MEEEEE?!!? AGH!!!

  47. the new Ashlee Simpson with a bald head…ugly hat.

  48. Why did this move back up the list — between this and Scary Spice I’m going to have to carve out at least one eye, if not both. They are totally ruined …

  49. herbiefrog

    where have i been ?

    i feel like i’ve been missin out on life…

    i’d go watch that movie and just drink at home… : ))
    but what i’m trying say is…
    do you ever feel like you… like can some people… ?
    [have you ever seen back to the future... ?]
    “mmm hmmm”
    is that possible… ?
    to time travel… speed… ?
    yes it is kevin
    “ok but not that we know of”
    i think people can do that
    i think some people are ahead of us…

  50. FRIST!!!

    #86 LOL

    Hey, how did this get rearranged??? WTC is happening!!!

    #113 ??? Whatcha talking about? Sounds like a line from Donnie Darko or something.

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